Julia Roberts’ Sister Nancy Motes Dead From Drug Overdose: Will Julia Regret Making Nasty Comments About Weight?

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Julia Roberts' Sister Nancy Motes Dead From Drug Overdose: Will Julia Regret Making nasty Comments About Weight?

Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy Motes has died from an apparent drug overdose and news of her death has sent her family and friends into a state of complete shock and devastation.

Nancy Motes, half-sister of Julia and Eric Roberts, was 37 at the time of her death on Sunday. The family released a statement which confirms the troubled Motes had died from an overdose, “It is with deep sadness that the family of Nancy Motes confirms that she was found dead in Los Angeles yesterday of an apparent drug overdose.”

Just last August, Motes gave a personal interview in which she provided a very intimate look at the relationship between her and her famous half-sibling.  In the interview, Motes explained that the Pretty Woman star often teased her because of her weight. This ignited a disturbing loss of confidence in Motes, and her life had suffered as a result of her insecurities brought on by Julia, she laments. Sadly, even after she tells the tale of how her famous half-sis was very mean-spirited when talking to her about her weight, she said she’d hoped the gastric bypass surgery she had in 2010 would help repair their relationship. That speaks volumes about Julia and the basis she uses for establishing or maintaining a relationship.  Her own half-sister believed the only way to repair the relationship with the Ocean’s Eleven star is to be skinny! Julia obviously gave her a warped sense of a healthy relationship and of the way she views herself. Nancy also infuriated Julia after she apparently attempted to snap pics of Julia’s twins shortly after their birth.

That isn’t the only burn from Julia in Nancy’s past. As several media outlets reported in May 2013, Julia started a family feud after refusing to be a part of Nancy’s wedding to John Dilbeck, because she didn’t like him and felt he was using Nancy. Dilbeck reportedly worked for Panda Express. Despite her earnings, the Enquirer reported that Julia was worried that she’d be the one stuck paying for the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, family members shouldn’t rely on their famous siblings for money, but when a close family member gets married, assuming a request for money will follow should not be the first of Julia’s concerns.

The type of drugs Nancy was using at the time of her death has not yet been released.

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