The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 REVIEW “After”

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 REVIEW “After”

On last night’s season 4 episode 9 of THE WALKING DEAD called, “After,” the show opened there are Walkers everywhere, inside the prison, outside the prison, by the tank. Cheap shot of the dead Governor, I can say honestly I’m not going to miss that guy. Remember how at the end of the last episode we didn’t see Michonne? We do now and unfortunately she doesn’t have baby Judith with her. Michonne is standing there just taking all the destruction in, she looks to be going to turn around and walk away but something inside catches her eye and she stops. Michonne starts walking towards whatever it is she saw taking down any Walker stupid enough do get in the direct swing of her katana. Two Walkers get caught and Michonne walks over to them,she hacks off their arms and jaws, puts ropes around their necks and just like that she has two new pets, because that’s how Michonne rolls, speaking of things that roll and a incident that we couldn’t foresee possibly getting any worse, we are treated to the now Walker head of Hershel you know just doing what a bodiless Walker head does. Michonne does what needs to be done and stabs it. Michonne looks shell shocked for a moment, but gets it together, and takes off with her pets.

Carl and Rick are walking, Carl is ahead and Rick keeps asking him to slow down, Rick finally gets his attention by telling him to stop, Rick looks like hell. Rick tells Carl they are going to be fine, Carl just looks at him and starts walking, whatever Rick has to say he doesn’t have the time for. They come up to a bar and bicker about who is going in first, Carl wants the honor but Rick takes it. They come across a Walker stuck behind some chairs and bar stools. Carl finds a note that says “Please do what I couldn’t. Joe Jr.” Rick tells Carl it’s weak and he will draw it out. Rick shoves the chairs out of the way and the walker is on him pretty quickly, he takes the axe and puts it in its head. Carl in a attempt to be useful shoots it. Carl gets the old I told you not to do that speech from Rick who reminds him that every bullet counts. Rick tells Carl to see what he can find so they can get a move on, Rick pulls the axe out of the Walkers head and him and Carl start stocking up on food. Carl is not pleased with Rick.

Michonne and her two pets are walking in the woods when she sees some footprints in the mud. Which you can tell from the look of them they are either Carl’s or Ricks’. Does she follow them? Not our girl, Michonne prefers the path less traveled thank you very much, and goes in the opposite direction and over the little hill and through the woods to no telling where.

Again Carl and Rick are walking and honestly it’s a repeat of the earlier slow down scene, with the exception of this time Rick is pointing out a house to Carl for them to stay in for the night. They go in, Rick goes one way and Carl goes another. Rick tells him to stop, and because Carl has some aggression he needs to handle he starts hitting the wall and using some choice words. Rick tell him to shut it. Carl tells him if there were any around they would have showed up already. Rick is downstairs going through the drawers in the kitchen while Carl heads upstairs and hits the mother load for any gamers who would want a tv, a xbox and crap load of games in the apocalypse. It just occurs to me that in the scenario in which these characters live they will never see a xbox one or a PS4, how depressing. Carl snaps back to the reality of the situation and pulls the cable out of the back of the tv to seal the doors with to keep the Walkers out. Rick is moving a couch, Carl tells him he tied the door shut, Rick tells him he they don’t need to take any chances. Carl tells him he used a not called a clove hitch? That Shane taught him, you remember him. Wow low blow, not sure what the point is he is trying to make either, that his death is Rick’s fault or that Carl is the one that killed him and thus can take care of himself. Rick tells him he remembers Shane everyday. He ask Carl if he has anything he would like to add. Carl helps him move the couch. Rick is wheezing horribly. Rick and Carl argue over food and then Rick heads into the bathroom takes off his shirt and checks out what a whooping the Governor put on him. It’s upon seeing his back the wheezing makes sense.

We see Michonne in what is clearly a dream sequence standing behind the counter in a kitchen of a very nice apartment. She is with two men,the one named Mike is her boyfriend, he is also Hardison from Leverage. They are arguing over a art exhibit they went to. Mike agrees with Michonne. Michonne starts to clean off her butcher knife, it turns into her katana which she still manages to fit in the knife block. A little boy comes running out and she picks him up calling him peanut. Then it flashes to Mike and his friend discussing whether or not they should leave the apartment, Mike doesn’t want to take his son out there. We now know Michonne was a mother and why she had such a strong reaction to Judith and has bonded with Carl. His friend tells Michonne how valuable she is know that she can use a sword, she just stand a there holding her son and smiling. Mike tells her he wants her to answer the question why. Michonne ask her own question who is going to open the wine. She looks up and sees they have no arms and her son is no longer in her arms. She starts screaming. Michonne walks up in a car.

Carl wakes up from what I’m guessing was not a good nights sleep. Rick is still asleep. Carl gets some cereal out of the bag and heads to the kitchen for a bowl. Before I can find out where in the world he would have gotten milk from we see him sitting in a bed with a empty bowl reading a book. Rick is still not up. Carl puts the book down making sure to leave it open so he doesn’t lose his place. Carl tells his dad to wake up, kicks his boot, shakes him and yells at him, Rick doesn’t move but the Walkers outside the door do. Carl goes around the back way and gets their attention, he gets them to follow him, talking to them all the way. I like this new take charge Carl. He leads them down a road and towards some woods. It happens to be Carl’s luck that another Walker blind side’s him.

The Walker grabs him and they fight for a bit and then the other two decide to get in in the action, so it’s now three against one. Carl falls and scoots with the power of his legs. Carl kicks one knocking it down, he shoots the other two who fall on top of him, he shoots the third and it falls on him as well. Carl is struggling to get out from underneath them and he eventually does, and then he does exactly what I would do, he throws up. Carl then wipes his face, puts on his hat, picks up his gun and tells the Walkers he won.
Carl heads down the street.
Michonne is in the woods with her two pets, she is in a daze and doesn’t notice all the Walkers around her at first, in fact she kind of looks like one herself. Michonne then notices a Walker that kind of resembles her you can tell she is uneasy, but she keeps walking with them.

Carl is back at the house, Rick is still not awake. Carl starts talking to him and telling him he lured the Walkers away and saved him, how he doesn’t need Rick anymore because he can protect himself, Carl goes down the list of people Rick couldn’t protect Judith, Hershel, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne , Darryl or his mom. Carl tells him he just hid behind the fence and now they are all gone because of him. Carl tells him he is nothing. Carl empties a bag and tells Rick he would be fine if he died. Carl leaves, Rick is still out.

Carl is walking down the road when he comes to a house, he pulls stake light out of the ground and heads in. Well tries to anyway he tries to rush the door and he gets knocked down, lol. Carl uses the stake to break it open, once inside he heads to the kitchen and starts collecting food. Carl sees a can on top of the cabinets and climbs to get it. After a bit he heads upstairs and starts opening the doors one by one. One door has a Walker behind it. It gets in and he fires two shots and misses, he gets it with one but it doesn’t kill it, he fires again but is out of bullets. Guess Carl realizes Rick was right. Carl manages to shove it out the door and he heads for the window, before he can get it open the Walker is back so he hits it with a lamp. The Walker takes him down and he almost gets bit, he looses his shoe in the process, he gets out the door and shuts it, then he takes a piece of chalk and writes “Walker inside. Got my shoe.” He laughs a little and then walks away. You see at the bottom he wrote “Didn’t get me.”

Carl is sitting on top of the house with his large can of chocolate pudding, eating it and looking around.

Michonne looks around and finally begins to realize she would rather be among the land of the living and does what she does best, she gets her katana and starts chopping heads, starting with the Walker that looked like her and ending with her two pets. Michonne finally can’t take it,she stands there and cries.

Michonne comes out of the woods and goes back to the footprints this time she follows them.

It’s night and Carl is attempting to sleep, Rick meanwhile is still out like a light. Carl looks over at Rick who finally makes noise p. Carl thinks he is a Walker and gets a gun and starts crying, he thinks he is going to have to kill Rick. Carl drops the gun and says he can’t do it. Rick talks and tells him to stay inside and stay safe. He crawls over to his dad and lays his head on his and tells him he is scared.

Michonne is at the bar, she sees the dead Walker and the note. Michonne sinks to the floor. She says Mike and says she misses him, back at the camp it want him who did “it”, he was wrong because she is still here and he could be to she says she knows the answer, she knows why. More back story please. Michonne comes out the bar mans heads down the road chops a Walkers head without stopping like it ain’t know thing.

Rick is finally awake. Carl tells him he ate all the pudding. Rick tells Carl he knows things won’t be like they used to be. He tells Carl that he is a man and that he is sorry. Carl tells him he doesn’t need to be. Rick takes a drink of water.

Michonne sees the pudding can on the ground and heads toward the house hand on her katana , she pulls it and sees Rick and Carl and starts to cry, she takes minute to get it together and. Knocks at the door. Rick looks through the door and tells Carl it’s for him.

Next week it looks like we check in with everybody else.

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