The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis Is a Famewhore – Doesn’t Care About The Bachelorettes

The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis Is a Famewhore - Doesn't Care About The Bachelorettes

The current season of ABC’s The Bachelor has been airing for several weeks now and it’s sort of hard to figure out who should win Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart because well, he kind of doesn’t seem emotionally invested in the notion. The girls have already said that they don’t bring any problems from behind-the-scenes to him because he doesn’t care to hear anything. If this guy really was looking for a wife and a step-mother for his daughter then he would be open to hearing everything and anything.He also isn’t declaring that he found the love of his life in any interviews. Usually by now we start to hear those kinds of teasers. Instead, Juan Pablo really “likes” the woman he gave his final rose to. Rumor has it that it could very well be Nikki Ferrell who has tried to make herself memorable by being the villain of this season.  I wonder if Juan Pablo also likes her sharing his naked photos with all of her friends.

Anyway, sure Juan Pablo may walk away with a new bed buddy and a decent friend, but my guess is that pretty early on he set his sites elsewhere. Once he realized that the magical connection of a lifetime wasn’t pre-selected for him by ABC he likely started playing the game in order to grab a spot on Dancing With the Stars or something comparable. If he can’t find the woman of his dreams then surely he can extend his 15 minutes of fame, right? Is Juan Pablo going to really find love on The Bachelor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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