Justin Bieber’s Team Trying To Block More Damaging Video from Being Released

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Justin Bieber has made a career out of embarrassing acts, but a leaked police video of Justin showing him, following his DUI arrest in Miami, being patted down in jail. While that video surfaced last week and likely embarrassed the wanna-be bad boy, JB’s now desperately trying to make sure no more videos leak and we know why!

It seems another video exists that, if released, will not bode well for Mr. B. Now Justin’ team is trying to block police from releasing any more footage because, as TMZ reports, there is footage that shows the troubled singer in “various states of undress, which show intimate personal parts” of his body.  Those personal parts being referred to were revealed in the video, as law enforcement told TMZ, as Bieber urinated in his cell.

Damaging to his case, the video is also said to show JB stumbling around in his cell with an obvious lack of balance while. His attorneys are doing what they can to block the release of any footage without their prior consent.

Between the egging video, the bucket-peeing video, the hooker video of JB sleeping…Oh this can go on for a while….this kid really needs to be a little more careful of the things he does in public, and the people he surrounds himself with!


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