Miranda Lambert Gives Blake Shelton Ultimatum: Stop Drinking Or It’s Over!

Miranda Lambert Gives Blake Shelton Ultimatum: Stop Drinking Or It’s Over!

Country singer Miranda Lambert has put her foot down, and is giving her boozing hubby Blake Shelton an ultimatum.  Miranda recently shocked fans when she revealed her new slim figure, and apparently part of her diet included giving up drinking.  Now that Lambert is alcohol-free, she wants Blake Shelton to follow in her foot-steps.  Anyone who is familiar with Blake Shelton, can already imagine what a serious problem he will have giving up alcohol.  Shelton’s issues with sobriety have been well documented over the years in tabloids, and he has even joked about his drinking on NBC’s The Voice.

According to OK! Magazine’s inside source, “Miranda told Blake that he’s almost 40 years old and needs to stop with his all-night frat-boy lifestyle.  Miranda finally declared that he needs to either grow and mature with her, or she’s leaving him behind.  She seriously wants them to lead a sober life now because it’s working so well with her.”

Getting healthy and losing weight is a great reason to cut alcohol out of your diet, but there is no doubt that isn’t the only reasoning behind Miranda’s ultimatum.  Shelton and Lambert’s marriage has been on the rocks multiple times since they said their “I Dos” because of Blake’s alleged affairs.  And, most of those alleged affairs never would have occurred if Blake Shelton had been sober and aware of what he was doing.  His drinking has put a lot of stress on the country singers’ marriage.

Do you think Blake Shelton will finally get sober to save his marriage?  Or, do you think he will choose booze over his beautiful bride Miranda Lambert?

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