Tori Spelling Stuck Paying off Husband Dean McDermott’s $70,000 a Month Rehab

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Tori Spelling Stuck Paying off Husband Dean McDermott's $70,000 a Month Rehab

These two barely have a place to call home and now Tori Spelling has to come up with $70,000 a month just so her husband can get treatment for his alleged sex addiction? No, I’ve heard all the reason why Tori should stay with her husband and I don’t believe he’s worth it in generally much less this amount of money. The only thing Dean McDermott is worth is a nice good kick in the backside. Because any man that would bankrupt his family for his own problems doesn’t deserve to have them.

And I’m not exaggerating by using the word bankrupt. Both Tori and Dean have admitted to cash flow problems in the recent years. They also had to give up their dream home when it became obvious they couldn’t afford it. So having Dean doing such expensive treatments really isn’t helping anyone. That’s not in any way saying sexual addiction isn’t a disease like every other addiction but if everyday people can find less expensive means to overcome then why couldn’t he?

“He’s promised her he’ll do anything to keep their family together, so he might have to be there longer than the average 30-day stint,” says the friend. “

That doesn’t sound like getting help. It’s more like Dean is hiding from his problems rather than confronting them. He cheated on his wife (even while she was going through a medical emergency) and now its time to go home and face the music.




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