Christina Aguilera Engaged to Matt Rutler

Christina Aguilera Engaged to Matt Rutler

Christina Aguilera is finally making an honest man out of her long-time boyfriend Matt Rutler. Christina, 33, famously began dating Rutler in 2010 after meeting on the set of the flop Burlesque, in which the Dirrty singer starred. This will be Xtina’s second marriage, as the singer married to Jordan Bratman in 2005, and later divorced him in 2010, very shortly before she went public with Rutler, a production assistant on the movie set.

Jordan and Christina share custody of son Max, 6. Matt had long taken the role of caretaker for the high-maintenance diva, carrying her out of clubs, pubs, bars, and house-parties when she’s get too drunk. Christina ballooned up within a couple years of dating Matt, likely in part to her excessive drinking. In fact, in March 2011, the couple was arrested after a night of heavy drinking; Matt for DUI and Christina for public intoxication. She seemed to have since calmed down a bit, and slimmed down a LOT before returning to The Voice this past season.

Perhaps she knew she and Matt would plan to marry soon. Christina announced via Twitter, “He asked and I said…” coupled with a picture of the couple’s hands together, with Christina wearing her sparkler, and a disturbing orange fake tan. At least we know Matt will be well taken care of…Christina bought a new $10 million mansion for the couple in April of last year. Gee, wonder who ought that huge rock she’s sporting? Tell us what you think about Xina and her enabler-fiance Matt tying the knot!


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