The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 REVIEW “Is Sargent Abraham Ford Friend or Enemy”

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 REVIEW “Is Sargent Abraham Ford Friend or Enemy”

On last night’s season 4 episode 10 of THE WALKING DEAD called, “Inmates,” the show opened with Darryl and Beth. We here a voiceover of Beth’s thoughts as she wrote them into her diary. She talks about how they found a prison and they can make it a home, how loris baby is almost due and she will have a safe place. During all this her and Darryl are running from a group if Walkers, Beth is out of ammo so Darryl sends a bow through a Walkers head, pushes Beth out of the way, and pulls it out and takes off running with her. Beth again in a voice over says they just need a safe place to be. Darryl and Beth are running for what seems like forever, they stop to catch their breath and then take off again. They finally collapse in the middle of a field, above them in the sky are vultures.

It’s night now and Beth and Darryl are sitting in front of a fire. Beth is all guns ho to get up and look for the others, Darryl is just looking into the fire completely defeated and lost. Beth tries the pep talk approach and she that doesn’t work she stalks off, Darryl puts out the fire and follows her. It’s a new day and they come across some footprints. Beth says that means whoever it is alive, Darryl tells her they were alive four or five hours ago, Beth is having none of that defeatist attitude and insist they are alive. They come across another area and Darryl tells whoever was there took off in a hurry. Beth tells him he needs to have a little faith, Darryl responds with what can only be called a dick move and tells Beth faith hasn’t done shit for them, just like hell didn’t do anything for her father. Darryl looks at Beth and you can tell he regrets saying it but he doesn’t apologize which I assume is because that’s how he honestly feels. Beth looks away and starts to pick grapes, Darryl gives her his handkerchief to put the in and then they continue to walk. They come up on two dead Walkers, Darryl finds blood but he says it doesn’t belong to a Walker, Beth hears something and Walker sneaks up on her from behind. Darryl can’t shoot it so he takes it down and Beth stabs it in the head. The continue walking and come up to some train tracks and some dead bodies being eaten by Walkers. Darryl kills them all. Beth sees a child’s shoe and stands there and cries completely helpless. Darryl starts walking but stops when she sees she needs a minute. It’s night again and she is ripping pages out of her diary and burning them. In her voiceover she says we aren’t going to die, none of us, I believe now, I believe for daddy. If this doesn’t work I don’t know how I could keep going.

Lizzie and Mika are walking through the woods. Mika is crying and Lizzie is telling her not to. Mika tells Lizzie she wants Carol. Lizzie in her always charming attitude informs Mika that Carol isn’t there and then gives her a knife to carry. Up ahead of them is Tyreese, Lizzie ask him where they are going. Tyreese turns around and he has little ass kicker in his arms, so Judith is safe and sound, for now. Tyreese tells them that are going further. It’s night time and Lizzie sees two bunnies she takes out her knife to kill and dissect them, it’s amazing know one notices what she is doing, she probably would have pulled them out in triumph but she gets distracted when Judith starts crying. Mika tells Tyreese the Walkers are going to hear her. Lizzie,gives him a bottle so he can feed her. Walkers start coming and Tyreese makes the girls get up and they leave. He next morning they are walking where Darryl and Beth were, so I guess it’s backtracking and explaining what Beth and Darryl saw. Judith is getting a diaper change and crying the whole time. Mika hears a noise and grabs Tyreese on his hurt arm. Her and Lizzie start arguing over who understand a Walkers. Tyreese tells them to keep quiet and watch the baby. Tyreese walks towards the tree and a bird comes flying out, it scares Mika and she takes off running, and Tyreese and Lizzie follow. Eventually they find her hiding behind a tree, Tyreese doesn’t scold her but instead tries to build her up, they go to leave when he hears some screams, he says he is going to go see if it’s people from the prison.

Mika is terrified. He hands Judith to Lizzie and has the girls stand with their backs to each other. He hands Micha a gun and tells her to only shoot if they need help. Tyreese takes off in the direction of the screams. Tyreese comes upon to two men trying to fight off Walkers by the train tracks, Tyreese and his hammer put on quite the show but one of the men still gets taken down and snacked on, the other one gets bit in the neck. While all this is going on Walkers are coming from all directions and closing in on the girls. Mika again complains about Judith’s crying and Lizzie puts her hand over her face to keep her quiet but then that slowly starts to take a darker turn when she continues to press her hand over Judith’s nose. Mika keeps trying to get her attention but Lizzie is to interested in seeing how long it takes Judith to suffocate. It’s disturbing to the point to where someone needs to jump out and slap her,then shake her while asking her what in the hell she thinks she is doing. Before Tyreese can get back to the girls, Carol calls his name, he runs to her and hugs her. The girls are with her. The man who got bitten tells them to follow the tracks there is a safe place they can take the children that way. He cries and they walk away. Carol tells them there is some food and water in her bag pack. Tyreese tells her he didn’t see her get out of the prison. Carol tells him she want there, that she was out getting supplies and didn’t get back till the prison was in flames. So she isn’t up to the challenge either, but at this point in the game can you blame her, she knows the kids are the most important. They find the sign in the tracks just as the man told them they would.

Maggie is sharpening her knife in a rock. Sasha is helping Bob bandage up his shot arm. Bob is all smiles, till he sees Sasha isn’t. Bob apologizes she says it’s ok he is alive she gets it. Sasha is also not at her most optimistic either. She wants to stay out, Maggie tells her she is going to look for Glenn, Sasha tells her they can’t split up, Maggie says to hell with that. Sasha and Bob follow her. Bob seems to be the wisest at this point talking about how everything doesn’t have to mean something but they make it mean something and he is down with that. They come to the bus, Maggie stops for a,second and the starts running towards it, Bob and Sasha trying to get her to stop before she runs in it. Maggie starts looking in windows and some Walkers pop up,in them. Maggie goes to the back of he bus to open the door, they try to stop her. Maggie tells them she has to know if Glenn is in there, Bob says fine and they devise a plan, they will let one out at a time and Maggie will stand far enough away to where she can see if it is Glenn. It works at first but them the Walkers end up in a hers leaning in the door and Sasha can’t hold it and they all come falling out. Bob and Sasha are killing them, Maggie seems a little lost for a minute but when she sees one go down that Bob shoots she snaps out of it, she grabs a Walker and slams her head into the bus over and over and the stabs her. Maggie apologizes as she backs away. Maggie the. Decides she needs to go in the bus and get a look around. Blood and empty clothes are everywhere she gets to the front and opens the door so a dead body can fall out. The Walker underneath comes at her and she stabs him in the head. Maggie sits on one of the seats and starts to cry and hug the seat in front of her relieved that Glenn wasn’t in the bus.

We end with Glenn’s day, he wakes up on a bridge in the prison to hundreds of Walkers below him. Glenn stands up and starts yelling Maggie’s name. When he doesn’t get a answer he heads inside, he grabs a lantern and turns it on. He walks down the hall and to the cells and sees the place is completely deserted. Glenn goes in the cell he shared with Maggie and pulls out some riot gear. Glenn lays on the bed and has his moment of despair, he sees a picture of Maggie sleeping and picks it up, he holds it and cries. Glenn pulls himself together and starts collecting supplies, including a bottle of liquor which belonged to Bob no doubt. For anybody who had their doubts about just how bad ass Glenn is that’s about to change, he runs head first into the Walkers in his riot gear to get out of the prison. Glenn has a clear shot to the outside but stops when he sees Tara shut up in a caged area.

Glenn goes onto the cage and takes Tara’s gun and checks it, all the bullets are there. Glen tells her to get up so they can go. When she doesn’t get up he ask her if she is just going to stay there and die, Tara tells him she was part of this. Glenn tells her he knows, Tara ask him what he is doing. Glenn tells her without hesitation that he needs her help. Glenn puts a rag inside the liquor bottle, and hands her knife and her gun, Glenn lights the bottle on fire and throws it in a car which gets the Walkers attention. Glenn tells Tara to stay ahead of him and he will cover her. Tara shoots a few Walkers but they make it out safe. They come up on the road, Tara is despondent, she tells Glenn about the Walkers killing her sister, and the. About Herschel being killed. Tara apologizes and then ask Glenn why he would want her help, Glenn tells her he doesn’t want it he needs it. Glenn tells Tara he has to fond Maggie, Tara ask who Maggie is, Glenn tells her it’s his wife. Tara ask how he knows she made it, Glenn says he doesn’t but Herschel told him to believe so that’s what he is going to do. Walkers start coming out of nowhere amen Glenn gets hurt and then passes out, Tara takes a gun and bashes it’s head in while some people in a army jeep watch.

Tara tells him she hopes they enjoyed the show. Three people get out, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.  Abraham tells her she has a mouth on her the. He ask her what else she’s got. (These are three new characters)

I failed to mention it up at the top but all the survivors are headed the same way, every single one of them passed the same car and sign on the highway, so they are within steps of one another.


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