The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 REVIEW “Claimed”

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 REVIEW “Claimed”

On last night’s season 4 episode 11 of THE WALKING DEAD called, “Claimed,” the show opened with a street sign that read Crook RD and for no reason I can come up with it at this moment a bunch of Walkers are trying to get the balloon hanging on it. Abraham and company come flying down the road in their nifty little armor truck. Naturally the zombies follow it, Tara is sitting in the inside writing the street name as well as other coordinates on her hand with a sharpie, well I assume it’s a sharpie. They pass by a truck that has a Walker trapped between it and a hard place. Speaking of Walkers our three balloon enthusiast ones have caught up to the truck, Tara looks slightly worried. Tara pops up with a gun to shoot them but is ordered by Abraham not to, he looks at the Walkers with a little to much glee, give a hearty chuckle and begins taking them down with a crowbar.

That last one has a little fight in her, he gets her penned to the side of his truck with his crowbar and then takes Tara’s gun and does this really awesomely gross,thing where he bashes it’s head in with the butt of the gun, ditto for the one on the ground. He throws Tara’s gun back to her Walker blood and all and then proceeds to pull his crowbar out of the Walker stuck to his truck. Tara tells,him she has never seen that before, Abraham looks at her funny and says I saw you do the same thing, Tara explains she meant the smiling, she has never seen someone smile while doing that. Abraham tells her it’s because he is luckiest guy in the world and could you help me now with one of these cars.

Carl is sitting at the table eating cereal when Michonne walks up with two,water bottles. Carl starts to laugh and Michonne ask him if he has anything to say about her extremely comfortable shirt, Carl tells her no that it looks great and then he points out she missed a button. Michonne buttons up and sits down. Michonne says she wishes they had some soy milk, Carl,can’t believe his ears and ask her if she is serious, Michonne ask if he has ever tried it, Carl tells her about a friend he had in the third grade that drank and how he tried it and ended up getting sick and almost throwing up. Michonne starts laughing, Carl tells her he would rather have powdered milk,mat he would rather drink Judith’s formula, look on his face days it all, Michonne isn’t sure of what to say or do. Carl gets up and tells her he is going to of finish his book.

Michonne finds Rick in the kitchen and he thanks her for getting Carl to laugh, that he had almost forgotten what that sounded like, rickmis roaming around the kitchen, looking in drawers,mhe tells Michonne he can’t be Carl’s father and his best friend, still looking around the kitchen. Rick tells,Michonne that Carl needs her, Michonne looks up in surprise, Rick tells her he knows that’s a lot to throw at her so if she needs a break, Michonne stops him right there she is done taking breaks. Rick nods, he was looking for a knife, he found it and goes back to whatever he was doing with the crock pot. Michonne ask him if this place is home or just a stop along the way. Rick’s face indicates he hasn’t thought that far ahead, but he tells Michonne they can stay there while they figure it out, Michonne nods in agreement and says they will need supplies so she and Carl will go get them, Rick wants to come but Michonne informs him he is going to stay put.
The three walk out of the house and Michonne tells Rick they will be back by noon. Rick hands Carl a gun and tells him to follow Michonne’s lead. Rick notices Carl is upset and ask him if everything is ok, Carl tells him yeah that he is just hungry. Rick tells him ok and that he will see him in a couple of hours. Rick watches them go then heads back inside. Rick heads upstairs, checks his bandages, puts on a new shirt and then lies down on the bed with a book.

Carl and Michonne have just left a house and are walking. Michonne ask Carl is he found anything good like candybars or comic books or even crazy cheese. Carl goes huh, she whips the cheese out of her bag and tells Carl she found still sealed and everything and that she will be nice and let him have the first pull, Carl declines with a no thanks. Michonne looks a bit concerned, she ask if he is sure she the. Ask him what’s wrong, Carl tells her he is fine, Michonne tells him he doesn’t seem fine, Carl tells her he is just tired. Carl walks ahead of her. She runs up and squirts a bunch of crazy cheese in her mouth to try and get him to laugh, it doesn’t work. Michonne tells him she is sorry she isn’t very good at making boys his age laugh. Carl assures her he was laughing in the inside. Michonne gives the I know better look and bangs on a house door. Michonne tells him toddlers find her funny, two,and three year olds, she bangs on the door a few more times. Carl being the smart little whip he is ask her what she means by toddlers. Without hesitation Michonne tells him she had a three year old son, and he happened to fond her extremely funny. Michonne opens the door with her hand on her katana and they go in. Michonne tells him they need food, batteries, and water in that order. Carl is preoccupied with her latest reveal and decodes to play twenty questions he wants to know why she never told him, and what her little ones name was, did she have any more kids, was she married. Michonne tells him she will answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and only after they have cleared it. Carl nods. Michonne leaves to look in another room.

Back over at Casa Rick he is passed out when some guys come in and start arguing loudly. Rick wakes up when he hears one of the guys scream in pain and the other one laughing. Rick hops out of the bed, the one guy is still downstairs screaming in pain, one guy comes up stairs and starts going through the rooms, Rick has no place to hide except for under the bed, he dives under it with his book and in the nick of time to. The guy comes in and starts going through that room, Rick pops out from under the bed to grab his bottle of water and then goes right back to his hiding place. Rick is clearly in pain and shaking he is so scared, when the guy decides to plop right down on the bed which only causes more pain for Rick but he keeps it together and doesn’t make a sound, he has his watch in his hand which I presume is so he can check the time and make sure Michonne and Carl won’t be back anytime soon. Rick is dripping sweat.

Michonne is looking at a picture on the wall when Carl comes up and ask her what her sons name was, Michonne tells him she said after, Carl points out that they are tow separate rooms and that they already cleared one of them. Michonne tells him her sons name was Andre Anthony. Carl clears another room and ask if she had anymore. Michonne tells him no, one was enough for her, and Andre was a handful like Carl. Carl ask her if the hallway counts as a room, Michonne tells him as long as he finds something of use. Carl brings back a wrapped picture and ask if it counts, Michonne tells him technically yes. Carl,ask her when it happened, Michonne tells him it happened after everything happened. Carl then ask of his dad knows, Michonne tells Carl she never told him, she never told anyone till just now. Carl tells her that her secret is safe with him, Michonne tells him it’s not really a secret, Carl tells,her it’s still safe with him, he walks away. Michonne smiles because she knows that they both understand what it’s like to lose someone, especially someone young and innocent. Carl opens another room and goes in. Michonne opens the picture and it is disturbing so disturbing she looks down the hall and then heads toward the door it was leaning against, she takes out her katana before she opens the door. Why can’t people on this show just ever take off running instead of being so damn curious all the time? The bathroom looks normal enough, so she opens another door and what she finds in there is anything but,she opens the closet which leads to a huge pink room, inside this pink room she finds five dead children all mummified at this point, the one sitting in the chair has a hole in the back of its head. Michonne backs out of there real quick, she slams the door tight before Carl gets to her. Carl ask if a baby is in there, Michonne lies and says its a dog. Carl stays quiet for awhile and then tells Michonne that his dad let him name Judith, them he tells her maybe Judith and Andre are somewhere together. Michonne smiles and nods and then tells Carl they need to get going that it’s almost noon, and that his dad will wonder where they are if they are late.

Rick is still underneath his bed prison. Rick tries to get out from under it but has to rethink that move when another guy comes upstairs. This guy and the one that was on the bed start arguing over who should get to sleep on the adult size bed. One thing leads to another and before you know it the guy who was originally asleep ends up killing the other one by knocking him out with his hand over his face. The one guy gets back on the bed and goes back to sleep. Not inky odd Rick see it happen but the guy now sleeping peacefully on the ground saw him.

Glenn wakes up in the back of the truck with the sun glaring down on him. Tara tells him not to move and offers him some water. Glenn ask her if they passed a bus on the road twice before she answers, Tara tell him that they did and that they all were dead. Glenn ask her how long it’s been some they passed it,Tara tells him three hours. Glenn starts banging on the window for Abraham to stop the truck, Abraham flips him off. Tara and Glenn both start banging on the truck and she that doesn’t work Glenn breaks through the glass with a gun. Abraham wisely stops, Glenn hops out of the back of the truck, Abraham ask him where he is going and tells him that they are already behind. Glenn offers this has his rebuttal “I gotta go.” Abraham isn’t not taking no for answer, he points out to Glenn the many things he thinks he doesn’t realize like the fact he needs to stick with his like minded comrades, Abraham needs people, the more the better. Glenn says he will take his chances. Abraham tells him he will have to insist. Abraham then tells Glenn about Eugene being a scientist and knowing what caused the apocalypse. Glenn ask what happened. Eugene tells him it’s classified. Abraham tells him he could use his help. Glenn tells him sorry. Tara is right there with Glenn all the way. Abraham tells Glenn his wife is probably dead and there is no reason for him to die to. Glenn drops his bag and proceeds to knock the shit out of Abraham, as he is walking away Abraham jumps him from behind. They land in a cornfield, Tara is trying to pull them apart and Eugene is trying to warn them about some Walkers by yelling hey repeatedly. Eugene finally and unfortunately decides to take things in to his own hands and after he fumbles a bit he still manages to miss miserably, well miss everything but the gas tank. Abraham and everyone comes to do the shooting for him. When Abraham sees the gas tank he says son of a dick.

Rick finally gets out from under the bed, and then has to hightail it into a bedroom to keep from being seen. They guy comes thisclose to finding Rick. Rick tries some windows and they are all locked. He ends up running in a bathroom to hide but someone is sitting in there. Rick nails the guy in the head with a trophy he got from the other room and then proceeds to choke him to death with the strap on the gun. Rick is in a lot of pain but hey he has a gun. Rick gets the bathroom window open and climbs out it. Rick jumps off the roof and hides makes a run for it, he has to hide for a second when the guy the almost saw him earlier comes out.

Abraham can’t fix the truck he ask Eugene how he margined to hit it. Eugene replies “A fully ramped up state and a ignorance of rapid fire weapons.” Rosa finds something of Glenn’s he takes it and apologizes to Abraham for the truck and tells him he hopes they make it to Washington. Glenn heads off and Tara follows which makes sense after all,he did save her plus she isn’t about to get but in the ass by blindly following someone she hardly knows like she did the Governor. Rosa also goes with them because after all what in the else are they going to do. Eugene explains to Abraham that it will be fine and just to trust him because he is matter than him. Eugene and Abraham grab some stuff and follow Glenn.

Rick is still hiding and watching he guy eat while he makes like a bird and whistles. All hell breaks loose when a Walker rises in the house, I’m guessing it’s the guy Rick left lying around, well played Rick well played. Rick runs over to Michonne and Carl and they take off.

Everyone is still following Glenn. Abraham is talking Tara’s ear off. He is talking about going to Washington. Tara wants to know what’s in it for Abraham.

Rick, Carl and Michonne are on the tracks they come across a sign like Carol and company did last week. Rick says lets go.


If you just cannot wait till next week’s episode we have 2 sneak peek videos and a few spoilers to wet your appetite, right here.

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