Michelle Rodriguez Nude Pic Taken by Cara Delevingne (PHOTO HERE)

Michelle Rodriguez Nude Pic Taken by Cara Delevingne (PHOTO HERE)

The Fast and The Furious star Michelle Rodriguez is looking peaceful. Naked as the day she was born but peaceful. Wonder if her new love interest has something to do with her new appreciation of her body. Since dating model Cara Delevingne, we’ve now seen several body parts of Michelle that usually came with a ticket fee at the movies.

Was it just last week that Michelle was seen stumbling out of a car holding onto her new girlfriend while said girlfriend was caught carrying in Michelle’s pants in her other hand? Why I believe it was! Gossip Cop had reported at the time that Michelle entered the car wearing pants, and left the vehicle sans pants.

Now the actress is posting a photo of herself meditating in the nude on Instagram. She wrote “A sweet break from worldly chaos not missing the city although the mosquitoes are killer out here love the peace & quiet”. All sweet I’m sure but I’m left guessing who exactly took the photo to begin with. Taking a picture of her like that implies intimacy and who better to trust than Cara. She does have experience in front of the camera maybe Michelle is helping her work behind the lens.

Earlier I didn’t believe that Michelle and Cara were good fit and admittedly Michelle’s exhibitionist behavior isn’t changing mind. However if this is what Michelle needs to work through Paul Walker’s death and her own inner demons then good luck!

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