Marijuana Was Found Inside of Justin Bieber’s Car – Could This Ruin His Chances In Court?

Marijuana Was Found Inside of Justin Bieber's Car - Could This Ruin His Chances In Court?

Is it possible that the cops are following Justin Bieber‘s progress better than his friends? The singer now turned rapper has found himself once again in hot water. His Escalade was taken into possession earlier today by Atlanta PD. The search of the vehicle which was prompted by the arrest of Justin’s driver and bodyguard lead to the police alleging finding marijuana. I use alleged because a lot of the times we eventually learn the cops exaggerated, but no matter, the amount of weed was so small it did not warrant any further arrests.

Another lucky break is that Justin was not in the car during the search.  Although, if he had been, then this would be a completely different story. It would kind of go something like this – Justin Bieber’s Drug Abuse Lands Him in Jail! And again it wouldn’t have been fair. The cops supposedly came by his rental to arrest two of his people so how exactly did they mange to wiggle out a search warrant for the car?

The two men under arrests stole a camera  yesterday from a photog. I would have thought their possessions would get search and despite being a driver; that man did not own the car! I think the police got carried away and that this might have to do with Justin’s name being connected to the crime because now this is all we expect from him.

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