The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 “No Exit” REVIEW

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 “No Exit” REVIEW

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES season 5 episode 12 “No Exit, ” opened with what was probably a beautiful house at one time, with a broken swing in the yard and the mailbox on the ground, there is blood leading up the stairs and into the house. Enzo picks up a picture sitting on a table of a couple, Enzo and him start discussing where she might be. Damon is convinced that she her husband who they have laying in the floor between them. Enzo tells him no to dump on everyone else’s happily ever after just because his with Elena didn’t work out. Enzo looks at his phone and makes a comment about how it’s been eight hours since Damon last fed, Damon ask him if he is timing him. Enzo gives him the hell yeah look and tells him seeing how he is a vampire and Damon’s a Vannibal the only way to ensure his survival is to know how long before Damon needs a fix, Damon tells him he could just leave, Enzo makes it clear that he isn’t going anywhere. It’s right about then that the guy on the floor wakes up.

The guy wants to know what happened, Enzo tells him that he died but as luck would have it Enzo gave him some of his blood and as soon as he drinks the nice little vampire happy meal he brought him he will feel all better, Enzo practically shoves the bag of blood down the guys throat. After he finishes drinking he ask Enzo what it was, Enzo tells him it was blood and that he is now a vampire,he assures him that Damon will explain more but first they need him to settle a bet. Enzo ask him where his wife is, the guy tells him she left him, Damon ask if it was for a pastor, the guy tells him a pharmacist. Damon says yes and tells the guy he will take that as a win, not for the guy, but for his self, Damon grabs the guy bites down in his neck and does what the Vannibal we all know and love does best.

Stephan is quizzing Katherine on a history test she is studying for. Stefan ask her a question and when she replies with 1648 he tells her she is wrong, Katherine rushes over and explains that she is sure that the Roman Empire fell in 1648, before Stefan can get suspicious she tells him she did a paper on it in high school. There is a knock at the door, Stefan tells Katherine it is Caroline that he asked her to get the Sheriff to help find Damon. Katherine looks anything but pleased. Caroline comes flying threw the door and tells Stefan he was right that Damon is off the rails. Caroline tells him that all the victims have been found in their own homes with their heads ripped off and their flesh desiccated. Stefan flips through the file Caroline handled him. Stefan tells her Damon is feeding on vampires.

Stefan is sitting looking through the file and telling Caroline he shouldn’t have let Damon go. Caroline shoots it being his fault down in a blink. Caroline tells him he’s not going to turn Damon’s mistake into a Stephan guilt trip, and that nobody could have stopped Damon from going after Wes the other night. Stefan tells Caroline that Wes must have shot Damon up with something that makes vampires eat vampires. Caroline tells Stefan when that happened to Jesse they had to kill him. Stephan tells Caroline he has to find Damon. Katherine comes in and offers to go with. Caroline is surprised to see her and says she didn’t know she was there. Tyler calls Caroline and against her better judgment she answers the phone. Tyler ask her if she’s talked to Matt Caroline tells him no and then ask him why. Tyler tells Caroline that Nadia has been compelling Matt to forget things and now he can’t find him. Katherine is within ear shot and here’s everything. Caroline tells Tyler she will be right over. Tyler tells her that’s not why he called. Carolyn tells him no no it’s fine maybe together they can figure this thing out. Katherine tells her maybe she should come with her instead, Caroline tells her no that that’s okay to go ahead and try to figure the Damon thing out. Katherine leaves to pack some clothes and tells Stephan to meet her at her door. Caroline points out just how weird the whole him just being friends with Elena thing is. Stefan says it’s just two friends hanging out and to stop with the implied quotes.

While Katherine is packing she calls Nadia to find out what is going on with Matt. Nadia tells her nothing, Katherine isn’t buying it and tells her Goldilocks and Matt are meeting to pow wow about him as they speak. Nadia comes out and tells her Matt found about her because Tyler gave him vervain. Katherine tells her to kill him and kill him now, Nadia tells her she has kept him out of sight and all she has to do is wait for the vervain to wear off. Katherine ask if they have been canoodling, Nadia tells her she doesn’t even know what that means. Katherine tells Nadia that they all love Matt otherwise he would have been dead a long time ago, but when it comes to keeping her new body a secret no one is that important. Katherine tells Nadia she is going with Stefan because he wants to find Damon, she saw a opportunity to spend a few days alone with Stefan and she took it. Nadia ask her what happens if Stefan finds out who she really is will she kill him, Katherine gets angry and tells Nadia to take care of the Matt issue before she gets back or she will do it herself. Katherine hangs up and closes her suitcase. Matt tells Nadia it will be fine that he just needs to convince his friends that he will keep her secret and nobody has to die. Nadia ask Matt what canoodling is.

Damon has got the guy minus his head in a rocking chair. Enzo comes in and says he didn’t know Damon likes to play with dolls. Damon tells him that Stefan liked to make a big show of setting them back up with their heads on and pretending like it didn’t happen, Damon on the other hand could give a crap, he drops the head. Enzo tells him they have another eight hours before he needs to feed again, he wonders what Mew York is like these days, Damon smiles ams tells him crowded. Enzo tells him perfect and to lets go. Before they can get out of the house Enzo hears something he ask Damon what it is, Damon tells him it’s the obnoxious theme song of the travelers. Damon tries to go out the door but there is a invisible force files that prevents him from doing it. Wes tells him that as a man of science he always saw magic as cheating, turns out he cheats. Wes then ask Damon how the appetite is. Damon tells him it’s funny he should ask he was just craving a blonde. Wes tells Damon that he is his patient zero and he couldn’t let him ride off into the sunset with out doing a few test. Enzo says a few test, Wes says well one test, now that Damon is trapped and has one source of food how long can Damon go before he feeds on his best friend. Damon and Enzo exchange annoyed looks. Wes has a evil smile.

When Stefan and Katherine stop for gas she makes a big deal out of telling him how she is only helping him because she knows Stefan thinks Damon can still be saved. Stefan is taken back by the fact that Katherine has no faith in Damon. Katherine back tracks and says she cares about Damon but she wants off the roller coaster. Katherine then tells Stefan she is hungry and she will have whatever he is having but with a lot more salt and something covered in chocolate. As soon as Stefan leaves to get it she opens the car and pulls out a huge piece of tubing, she then lays it back down in the car slams the top shut and the props herself up against the car to wait for him to comeback.

Damon throws a chair threw a window and tries to get out but he is still stuck inside. Enzo tells him to give it up. Damon tells him the spell can’t last forever, Enzo tells him it one has to last eight hours and then Wes can come back in and autopsy his mangled corpse. Damon tells Enzo he is pretty Zen about all this. Enzo tells him that calmer heads will always prevail. Enzo tells him he could always call Stefan or Elena and they could help. Damon tells Enzo his brother told him to leave and never comeback, and he is not calling him. Enzo gets upset and says so my life isn’t worth your pride. Damon tells Enzo they won’t come. Enzo tells him he thinks Damon is afraid they will come and he is afraid he might hurt them but he on the other hand. Damon tells Enzo he isn’t going to feed in him that he will find another way.

Caroline is at Tyler’s. Tyler brings her a cup of coffee. Caroline ask if Matt is missing, Tyler says he doesn’t know he just doesn’t answer his phone and hasn’t been home in two days. Matt opens the door and walks in, before much can be said Nadia walks up to the door to come in. Caroline ask him if that whole tie É he has been with Nadia. Matt tells them it’s a long story and then Matt invites her in.

Stefan has his car hood open, and is holding the part that Katherine destroyed. Stefan ask Katherine if she can hold it. Stefan tells her they won’t be going anywhere till,he gets a new one. Before he turns around Katherine smudges some of the oil on the hose on her shirt. Katherine convinces to get a hotel room with and to give them his cell number and go with her to the hotel to clean up. Katherine ask him to grab her bag and turns and walks away with a smile on her face. Stefan tells her sure and that he will be right there.

Nadia and Matt make up some story to Tyler and Caroline about how they made up and decided to spend a few days in Atlantic City and while they were there Matt lost his phone. Caroline thinks he is being compelled. Matt tells her he isn’t and shies her he is wearing vervain. Caroline tries to compel him but it doesn’t work. Nadia gets angry and takes a shot at Caroline about her romantic choices, Tyler leaves the room. Caroline follows him and tells him Nadia is just trying to get under their skin. Tyler ask for what, Tyler tells her it’s Matt. Caroline tells,him he can’t be buying their story. Tyler tells her it’s a lot easier to buy than a lot of other things that have happened lately, and he walks out the door leaving Caroline to stare after him.

Stefan and Katherine are in their hotel room. Stefan ask her if she packed her whole suitcase. Katherine laughs and tells him she didn’t know how long they would be gone because Damon’s spirals sometimes take awhile. Stefan tells her he understands what Damon is going through, she ask him what he means, Stefan tells her she doesn’t know what it’s like to be in love with her. They when they were together every atom in his body told him it was right and then when they broke up their was this huge void. Katherine tells him she understands and then offers to get him a refill of his drink. Stefan declines and tells her he is going to get cleaned up, when he walks away Katherine smiles.

Enzo has some chains on a chair and he wants Damon to sit there because in about a hour it will be lunch time on the Vannibal clock. Damon tells him Wes won’t let them out of there till one of them kills the other. Enzo tells him to quit being dramatic they will come up with something. Damon tells him there isn’t a cure for what’s wrong with him. Enzo tells,Damon that’s what he does when something doesn’t work, Damon runs. Enzo pad locks the chains. Enzo tells Damon they aren’t all as fragile as Damon thinks they are. Enzo gets Damon’s phone and calls Stefan’s phone. Katherine answers it and acts concerned until she hears Enzo, she ask him what the hell he wants, Enzo tells her he is in a spot of trouble, Katherine ask where Damon is. Enzo tells hipper that Damon is there but is wanting to drink from his neck until his head pops off in a grotesque yet comical fashion. Katherine says Wes infected him. Enzo confirms and says that they could use her help, she tells him to text the address to her on her phone, Enzo tells her fine and to hurry because tick tock. Katherine tells him they will be there as soon as they can. Stefan opens the bathroom door and ask Katherine is she said something. Katherine tells him no and when he closes the door she throws his phone back in the bag.

Damon is fighting against the chains and Enzo tells him he will be ok. Wes shoots through the open door and the bullet goes through Enzo causing him to bleed, which in turn causes Damon to go all Hulk on the chains. Damon grabs Enzo and starts ripping into his throat, Enzo begs him to stop while Wes looks on after all Damon is his patient zero. All of a sudden Damon stops and starts throwing up and spitting out blood. Wes explains that Damon was drinking hydrochloric acid and he suggest that Enzo leave while the chanting has stopped. Enzo ask him go where with him, Wes tells him he needs one more favor from him and is free to go forever Enzo has another option he could just stay in the house with his Vannibal friend and see how long he last. Damon tells Enzo to go he will just end up trying to kill him again, Enzo tells him no, then Damon yells for him to go, Enzo picks up his jacket and storms out with Wes right behind him.

Katherine is in the shower. Stefan comes back and tells her the car is ready. Katherine tells him she will be right there when she gets a idea., she puts the towel around her and opens the door and ask Stefan to get her shirt for her. Stefan does, she tells him thanks and leaves the door open a little while she fixes her hair her towel “accidentally falls” Stefan can help but watch her now, he finally looks away and Katherine finishes getting dressed, she comes up behind Stefan. Katherine reaches out and turns him to face her and then she kisses him, she pulls away and Stefan brings her back, he pulls away and then they both go for it, Stefan finally pulls completely away and tells her that he can’t. Katherine says she understands and that she will finish packing while he takes care of the bill. Katherine makes a phone call. Katherine ask the person who they think Stefan loves more Damon or Elena.

Nadia is walking with two drinks and she is on her phone asking Katherine why she is calling her. Katherine tells Nadia that Damon has been infected with the virus and she knows exactly where he is. Katherine says if she can get Damon to attack her then Stefan would have to kill Damon to save her. Nadia says you want Stefan to kill his own brother, she tells Katherine that’s dark even for her as she picks up her cards. Katherine tells her thank you and then ask her how things are going with Matty blue eyes and if he is dead yet. Nadia tells her she is still working in it, and then she tells Katherine good luck.

Matt wants to know why Nadia puts up with her moms Stefan obsession. He tells her his mom was the same way and no matter how hard Nadia tries she will never be as good as the guy her mom is sleeping with. Nadia clearly upset bites his arm and tells him the vervain is gone,their fun is over. Matt grabs her and kisses her. Nadia ask what that was for, Matt says thank you and tells her of he was going to be kidnapped he could think of worse things that could happen. Nadia grabs him and starts kissing him, they start getting pretty into it and he lays her down, he then sneaks her phone out of her pocket and attempts to text Katherine. Nadia catches him.

Matt ask Nadia what she expected Elena is his friend and he will always protect her. Nadia tells him it sucks because he is the inky decent person in town. Matt tells her he still is and so is she, she could have killed him and she didn’t. Nadia walks up to him and compels him to forget everything he isn’t supposed to know they parried and then slept together and then she left. Nadia is on her way out the door when she sees Caroline standing in front of it. Caroline ask her if she is going somewhere, Nadia tells her yes and that she is in her way. Matt comes in and Caroline ask him if he is ok, Matt tells her yes and ask her what she is doing there. Caroline tells him he sent her a text from Nadia’s phone. When Matt doesn’t remember Caroline realizes Nadia compelled him and calls her on it. Nadia tells her and they say blondes are dumb. Caroline grabs Nadia and before you know it they are fighting. Nadia tells Matt he may not remember but this is his fault. Tyler comes in and grabs Nadia, they brawl for a bit and then Nadia grabs him by the neck and throws him off her and takes off out the door. Matt ask if one of them wants to tell him how all that was his fault, Caroline just exchanges a glance with Tyler.

Damon is leaning up against a post in the house. Katherine and Stefan show up. Damon tells them not to come in. Stefan ask him what happened. Damon explains that Wes wanted to get even so he injected him with the virus. Damon tells them he almost killed Enzo and tells them to leave. Stefan tells him no and he lunges at him, Stefan tells him he isn’t afraid of him. Katherine cuts her hand and tricks Damon into feeding on her, she tells Stefan Damon is going to kill her, she kicks a piece of broken wood at Stefan. Stefan decides to cut his arm instead and lure Damon away from Katherine. She he goes to drink from Stefan’s cut arm he snaps Damon’s neck.

Caroline tells Tyler that Matt can only remember he slept with Nadia. Tyler apologizes and tells her he was pisses but no excuses. Caroline tell him that she wants them to get passed it. Tyler tells her that he isn’t trying to be a dick but they will never be good. Caroline tells him understood and leaves.

Stefan has Damon chained to the wall. Damon tells him he is going to kill him, Stefan tells him he isn’t afraid of him and his ripper like tendencies he invented it. Stefan tells him he is going to get Damon some more vervain and himself a drink, and that he wants Damon to think about what a pain in the ass he has been lately. Damon brings up the fact that “Elena” tried to get Stefan to kill him earlier with a stake. Stefan can’t believe Damon would think “Elena” would want Stefan to kill him. Damon ask him if he has another excuse. Stefan just closes the door and leaves. Damon says that’s what he thought.

Katherine meets Nadia at a cafe, she tells Nadia that she could use a steak. Katherine tells Nadia that her and Stefan had a moment, she ask Nadia how the Matt situation is. Nadia tells her she took care of it. Katherine tells her she is I’m a really good mood so whatever is making Nadia mopey she would rather not know about. Nadia tells her she won’t have to worry about her much longer, she pulls up her sleeve, she tells Katherine that Tyler bit her. Which of course spells the end for Nadia.

Caroline is at Stefan’s drinking. Stefan ask Caroline is she found Matt. She tells him yes and then tells him that Nadia has been compelling him and that she got a message but all it said was help K. Caroline ask Stefan what he found about “Elena”. Stefan tells Caroline that “Elena” kissed him. Stefan tells her that Damon even thinks “Elena” wanted Stefan to kill him. Caroline says that she would never want that. Stefan then puts two and two together and gets Katherine is Elena. Caroline doesn’t think that it is true. Then Caroline remembers something and says “Oh My God.”


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    This may be a good watch

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