The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 REVIEW “Still”

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On last night’s season 4 episode 121 of THE WALKING DEAD called, “Still,” the show opens and it’s night with a full moon in the sky and you can hear thunder. Darryl and Beth coming running out of the woods. Beth jumps in a deserted car and tries to get it started while Darryl keeps watch. Beth can’t get it started so they jump in the trunk and tie it shut with Darryl’s rag. How I wish I was Beth Greene right now. Walkers in the hundreds are attacking the car, Beth is ready with her knife and Darryl has his crossbow aimed and ready to shoot. Time passes and there are just a few Walkers trying to get them. Darryl maintains his focus until morning. Beth is still wide awake as well, she unites the rag and hops out to take a peek around, Darryl follows. It’s clear and they start collecting parts of the car, Darryl looks at Beth and then starts walking, Beth follows him down the road.

Darryl comes around a tree trying to kill a squirrel, he misses. Beth is starting a fire with the piece of glass she took from the car. Darryl is tracking a snake and he stabs it in the head. Beth is playing with a lady bug. Darryl skins the snake which they precede to cook and eat. Beth tells Darryl she needs a drink, he throws a green bottle at her, she tells him she means a real drink, and she thought they good look for some together. Darryl is so antisocial it’s depressing. Darryl doesn’t reply so Beth tells,him to enjoy his snake jerky and take off. She goes out in the woods and a group of Walkers come by, she hides behind a tree and eventually they all walk by her. Darryl walks up behind and she jumps in fear. Darryl starts walking and Beth follows him. Beth gets pissed when Darryl takes her back to where they were at, she ask him if he feels anything besides the feeling that everything is screwed, she tells him they might as well do something that she’s a big girl, that she can take care of herself and she is going to get a drink. She is sassy and I like her for once. Darryl watches with a faint look of being impressed on his face as she walks away.

The come out on a golf course that has a golf cart tipped over on it. Beth tells Darryl to follow her. Clearly this episode is taking place in bizarro world where these two have clearly switched personalities. They head up to the clubhouse, Darryl breaks in and they see three Walkers hanging from ropes, which my son points out more than likely are three people who committed suicide hoping to avoid the very state they are in now. They start looking around and Beth finds a flashlight and a spoon she pockets. Darryl snags some money and jewelry. Beth questions him but before he can reply Walkers come a knocking and they take off a running. They end up in a kitchen and Beth climbs up and gets a bottle of wine down, she starts backing up and a Walker comes out of a walk in freezer and attacks her, Beth breaks the bottle and starts stabbing it with it, she finally gets to where she can take out her knife and stab it in the head. Darryl comes up afterwards and and Beth tells him thanks for the help, Darryl tells her she said she could take care of herself and walks away. He is sassy. Beth turns and looks behind her into the freezer and sees a pile of dead bodies, she turns around and follows Darryl. They head downstairs and start look around they pass a trophy case and then have to crawl under some stuff. Darryl tries to sit up a grandfather clock so they can walk , he succeeds but in doing so the clock chimes. They get up and head into a golf store. Darryl takes the money he finds in the tip bowl, Beth gets herself some new shirts. Darryl goes to sit down and behind him we see a dead body with a sign around her neck that says rich bitch which reminds me of a episode earlier in the season with the Governor when they were headed to the cabin and they saw the three dead bodies with the three signs, my son again brought to my attention it could have been a group and as each one died the remaining ones would put the sign on them using the names that they gave each other. Clever boy I have. Beth notices her and ask Darryl to help take her down, Beth wants to take her down and Darryl tells her it doesn’t matter but Beth says it does so Darryl finds something to cover her up with. They head back out and just then the clock chimes again, this time they aren’t so lucky and and they run into Walkers when they turn a corner, Beth wisely runs, Darryl follows. They end up in a room with no where to go, Darryl shoots one with now and then flings another off of him with it, Darryl grabs a golf club and goes to work. Darryl takes them all down the last one he just goes off on, he literally beats the hell out of it with the golf club. Darryl finally decides to practice his short game and uses the zombies head as a golf ball, the swing ends up leaving Beth covered in blood again and she takes one of her new shirts off. They keep walking and finally come to the bar, Beth turns and tells Darryl they finally made it, she tells him she knows he thinks this is stupid and it probably is but she doesn’t care all she wanted to do was lay down and cry but she doesn’t get to do that so he can beat up Walkers if he wants, she is going to do this. Beth is just full of surprises tonight. She walks over to the bar, walks over the dead bodies behind it, she grabs a bottle, Darryl breaks the glass on a frame and takes out the paper inside folds it and sticks it in his pocket. My son is on a roll tonight and decides it must be a deed to the place. Darryl ask her if she has had her drink yet, Beth tells him no. She sits down and then tells him it’s peach schnapps and then ask if it’s any good. Darryl tells her no, Beth informs him that it’s the only thing left. Beth cleans out a cup, Darryl decides to work on his dart game as well. Beth opts for no glass and instead of drinking she starts crying. Looks like the Beth we know is still in there. Darryl walks over and grabs the bottle and throws on the ground smashing it, he tells her he isn’t going to have her first drink be no damn peach schnapps. He walks over to the door leading out, opens it and tells her to come on. Beth wipes her face and comes on.

They are back in the woods. Beth says motorcycle mechanic, Darryl replies with a huh. Beth explains that what she thinks he did before “the turn”. Beth ask if anyone has ever guessed that before, Darryl tells her it doesn’t matter and it hasn’t for a long time. Beth tells him it’s just what people do to feel normal, Darryl tells her that never felt normal to him. They come to a cabin that Darryl tells her he found with Michonne, Darryl opens a door and hands her crate full of moonshine. They head inside the house, Darryl makes sure it’s safe and then Beth sits down, he grabs a glass in the table and starts putting some in it, I would point out he should have cleaned it but it’s moonshine it will clean the glass just fine. Darryl tells her that’s a real first drink, she hesitates and Darryl ask her why, she explains that daddy told her bad moonshine could make you go blind. Darryl points out that there isn’t anything worth seeing anymore. Beth takes a sip and says it’s the most disgusting thing she has ever tasted, it doesn’t stop her from taking another drink though. Beth reaches for the jar to get some more and Darryl tells her to slow down, she explains that drink is for him, Darryl tells,her no thanks and that someone has to keep watch, Beth replies with a hearty “yes, Mr. Dixon.” Darryl starts nailing something on the window. Beth finds ashtray that looks like a bra. Beth ask Darryl who would but that, he informs her that his dad the dumbass would, and that they use to line them up for target practice. Darryl tells her his dad had a place just like this, the shed outback, the dumpster chair, the drawer for drinking, fancy buckets to spit your chew in oh and your internet. They hear a Walker and Beth tells him since they are stuck they might as well make the best of it. Darryl agrees and takes the jar, sits down and they both start to drink.

Beth and Darryl start playing a drinking game that involves one of them saying something they haven’t done if the other one hasn’t done it they take a shot. Beth starts off with she has never shot a cop, Darryl takes a shot. Darryl tells her he has never been out of Georgia, Beth takes a shot. Beth tells him she has never been drunk and done something she regretted, Darryl take a shot and says he has done a lot of things. Darryl tells her he has never been on vacation, Beth takes a shot. Beth says she has never been in jail before, Darryl tells her he has to take a piss. Beth tells him to be quiet. Darryl gets mad and goes off. Darryl tells her he never had frozen yogurt, or a pony, or got presents from Santa Claus, or relied on anybody for protection. Darryl drags her outside to teach her how to shoot the crossbow promising her things are about to get really fun now. Darryl shoots a bow sticking one to a tree them grabs Beth and has her stand there while he shoots it just for fun, Beth gets upset and stabs it in the head and tells Darryl he is being a jackass. Beth tells killing them isn’t supposed to be fun. Darryl ask her what she wants from him, Beth tells him she wants him to stop acting like he doesn’t care and nothing they have been through matters and that nine of the people they lost meant anything to him, that it’s bullshit. Darryl ask her if that’s what she thinks, Beth tells him that’s what she knows. Darryl tells her she doesn’t know anything. Berth tells him she knows he looks at her and he just sees another dead girl, she’s not Michonne, or Carol, or Maggie, but she survived, she isn’t like them or Darryl but she made it and he doesn’t get to treat her like crap just because he is afraid. Darryl tells Beth he isn’t afraid of nothing. Beth begs to differ and brings up the time the girl came after her mom and he was afraid just like her, and how now he won’t et anyone get to close. Darryl thinks she needs a reality check and points out she has lost two boyfriends and hasn’t shed a tear, lost her whole family and wants to get drunk like some dumb college girl. Beth tells him he doesn’t get it, Darryl tells her she doesn’t get it everyone she knows is dead, Beth screams that he doesn’t know that, Darryl tells her she is never going to see them again. Beth tells him to stop. Darryl however is on a roll he tells her the Governor rode right up to their gates, maybe if hadn’t of stopped looking, or maybe because he gave up, but that’s on him. Beth tries to get him to stop. Darryl jerks away. Darryl says her dad, maybe he could have done something. Beth grabs him from behind and holds him, Darryl starts crying.

Beth and Darryl are sitting on the porch. Beth wants to stay like that all the time. Darryl says she is lucky she is a happy drunk, Darryl tells her he is a dick when he drinks. Darryl tells this story about Merle and how he pissed off a tweaker and he punched Merle in the face, the Darryl started hitting the guy who pulled a gun in him but Merle pulls a gun on him. Darryl thought he was going to die over a stupid cartoon. Darryl tells him the guy punched him in the gut and he threw up. Beth tells Darryl that Maggie used to pick on her and was annoying and that she misses her brother Sean, she tells him she wanted her dad to live the rest of his life in peace, that Glenn and Maggie would have a baby and he would get to be a grandpa and that they would have birthdays and holidays and summer picnics. That her dad would get old and that he would die but that it would be peaceful and that it would be ok because he would be surrounded by people who loved him. Beth tells him thats how unbelievably stupid she is, she starts to cry and takes a drink. Darryl tells her that’s how things are supposed to be. Beth tells,him she wishes she could change, Darryl tells her she did. Beth tells him he is made for how things are now, Darryl tells her he was used to things being ugly because he grew up in place like this. Beth tells him he got away from it, Darryl tells,her to remind him of that sometimes. Beth reminds him he can’t depend on anybody for anything. Beth then tells him she will be gone some day, Darryl tells her to stop it, Beth says she will be and he will be the last man standing. Beth tells him he real miss her when she is gone. He tells her she isn’t a happy drunk after all, she tells him she is she isn’t blind. Beth tells him he has to who he is not who he was, place like the cabin he has to put it away. Darryl ask her what if he can’t, Beth tells him he has to or it will kill him… she points to her chest and says here. Darryl tells her they should go inside, she says they should burn it down. Darryl gets up and heads to the door he tells her they are going to need more booze, she follows him inside and they cover the inside of the with it. Darryl takes a stack of cash and a match out, he lets Beth light the money and then he throws it, the house starts going up in flames. Beth and Darryl flip the house off and then they walk away.


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