“Game Of Thrones” Star Emilia Clarke Covers Flare April 2014 Issue

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"Game Of Thrones" Star Emilia Clarke Covers Flare April 2014 Issue

Emilia Clarke,  the 26-year-old beauty from Games of Thrones, recently sat down for an interview with Flare magazine where she reveled some pretty interesting secrets. The newest season of her widely popular show is coming up this spring and it seems the producers couldn’t wait to send her out there to promote the show. So dressed to impress the star did what she was supposed to by delving into what to expect this season and even I have to say  I need a little bit more that what she’s willing to reveal.

Seriously what can I do this: “The whole of season four is dark and really emotional. ( NO KIDDING – I wouldn’t have expected anything less after what happened in the Red Wedding ) If you asked any of the actors about this season, they’d say, ‘Oh no, my character’s got the best arc.'” Yeah well you have dragons, Emilia! I think you’ve won that round.

But in a surprising moment, Emilia revealed how close she came to fumbling her casting call for the role of Daenerys Targaryen. I for one didn’t know she tripped and fell over during her first meeting with HBO executives. “I get there, and I’m all dressed up to the nines, wearing a nice outfit with heels. I walk into an auditorium that’s got 50 people from HBO. I’m nervous like you wouldn’t believe. I had a Diet Coke right before I walked in, so I was buzzing. I said hello to each of the 50 people individually and walked down the steps, then fell over walking down.” Although her character is now known for her poise, Daenerys did in fact start out as an shy and awkward young girl. So the fall might actually have helped her get the part. It would have made her look endearing.

And though I want to say more, certain things have to remain in the closet but if April doesn’t come soon enough then things are going to start getting weird over here!

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