Did Lamar Odom’s Drug Dealers Steal Khloe Kardashian’s Jewelry?

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Did Lamar Odom's Drug Dealers Steal Khloe Kardashian's Jewelry?

Lamar Odom‘s drug fueled antics could very well  be behind the now infamous jewelry heist that occurred at his former home he used to share with wife, Khloe KardashianAccording to TMZ, $250,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from the property recently and yet the basketball player is still getting death threats from his safe perch overseas. So a couple of things need to be asked like how much did he owe should be the main question and for that matter who would let him buy so much on credit alone. I don’t know about you but after hearing about Jay Z and other people have started from the bottom’s past, I honestly took drug dealers to be much smarter than this. It’s not like they hadn’t heard about Lamar getting dropped from one team after the other. It was all over the news – so who did they think was going to foot the bill.

That’s why these people make the best suspects in this scenario. Lamar allegedly owed several dealers 10s of thousands dollars to but then never bothered to erase that debt before fleeing to Spain. Odds are, if you’re cynical like me, that bailing on his obligations was part of the appeal of an overseas gig. S you know what kudos to him because running away allowed him to escape freely while leaving his family to clean up the mess he made. Or in this case leaving them to be the victims.

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