The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 REVIEW “Elena’s Back And She’s A Ripper”

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 REVIEW "Elena's Back And She's A Ripper"

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES season 5 episode 15 “Gone Girl, ” opened with Europe in the 1520’s. Nadia is looking for Katherine. Nadia tells the man that answers the door that Katherine has been on the run since 1492 and that she needs to find her she wants to ask her why she abandoned her.

Nadia is sleeping and we find out its a dream. Katherine walks up to her and tells her she is right there. Nadia’s arm looks horrible all bloody and infected. Nadia tells Katherine she was dreaming about when she was going from village to village. Katherine tells Nadia she knows she heard her and that she said she abandoned her. Katherine corrects her and tells her she was ripped from her arms as a baby and it’s completely different. Nadia tells her not so for a child without a mother. Katherine tells her all the guilt is taking the fun out of this mother/ daughter outing, Katherine tells her she is sorry Tyler bit her but she isn’t going to die. Nadia wants to know if Katherine asked Klaus for his blood. Katherine tells her she is delirious that Klaus would like nothing more than to watch her daughter die.

Nadia tells,her its because she doesn’t want to risk being outed. Katherine admits it that is the reason and then tells Nadia that’s why she called him. In walks Maxfield. Maxfield is there to get some of Nadia’s blood, he is giddy with getting werewolf venom. Nadia tells him to get away from her. Katherine tells her it’s ok. Maxfield tells her to listen to her mother, and the tells her the venom in her body is a toxin and once he studies it’s makeup he can create a antidote. Nadia tells Katherine if she knew she just had to die to get her attention she would have tried it along time ago. Katherine tells her if she is trying to make her feel guilty it is almost working. Nadia tells her she is just glad she is there now. Katherine tells her she is as well and starting right now she is going to be a better mother. She is going to save Nadia’s life.

Damon is still chained up. Damon says she is brilliant which means Stefan has clearly told him Katherine is passing herself off as Elena. Stefan tells him she has been doing it for weeks and none of them noticed. Stefan ask Damon if that’s all he has to say. Yup is the reply. Stefan ask Damon if he realizes it was Katherine who broke up with him and not Elena. Damon looking rather awed at the moment acknowledges that fact. Stefan tells him so your little murder spree with Enzo, where you killed Aaron, you nearly killed Jeremy, almost killed Maxfield but then he infected you with that Ripper virus was all Damon reacting to Katherine. Damon tells Stefan he is trying to figure out why he decided to tell him, a starving, blood thirsty, Vannibal that his nemesis is still alive and well walking around while he is stuck in a cell and can’t do anything about it. Stefan tells Damon that he has it under control. Damon tells him he would love to hear how.

Caroline in the meantime is explaining the situation to Matt and Tyler. Matt seems surprised which I find absolutely hilarious since this is like the millionth time he has been aware of that fun little fact. Caroline ask him if he remembers Nadia’s old boyfriend Gregor who hitched a ride in Matt’s head. Caroline explains it’s kind of the same thing, Katherine is a passenger in Elena except its way worse because none of them seemed to notice. Tyler is amazed that she was at his house and none of them figured it out. Caroline says it’s because it’s Katherine and she smart, and conniving, and sneaky. Caroline sighs sits down and says that they are the worst friends ever.

Jeremy is telling Bonnie that it makes no sense that she gave him CPR when he was dying and how Katherine would never do that. Bonnie explains that was what made her so believable, she played Elena to a tee and if she had let Jeremy die her cover would have been blown.

Back to Caroline, blah blah she slept three feet from her, she picked out her glitter ball dress and the worst of the worst Caroline let Katherine use her toothpaste. Tyler is rolling his eyes as am I. Stefan walks in a so totally wins with asking Caroline if she lured her into a hotel room to make out with her. Tyler points out Katherine is the reason he found out about Caroline and Klaus. I feel a drinking game coming on in the near future. Tyler wants to know how they kill the bitch. Stefan tells them all they have to do is stab her with the travelers knife. Matt tells them he still has the knife that Nadia gave him. Stefan says perfect go get it. Caroline tells them this is Katherine they are talking about and she will see a sneak attack,coming from a mile away, they have to get Katherine to come to them, get her guard down and corner her. Tyler says far chance they will be seeing Katherine today, he is pretty sure he bit Nadia. Matt ask what he means by he bit Nadia. Tyler tells him he means she was attacking Caroline and he might have nipped her a little. Matt ask why he is just mentioning that now. Caroline tells them to focus that Tyler is right Katherine won’t leave Nadia’s side unless not leaving means compromising her identity. Tyler ask her what that means. Caroline tells him that means they have to invite her to something Elena can’t say no to.

Back to Bonnie and Jeremy on speaker phone. Bonnie can’t believe they want to invite her to a surprise party, beside Bonnie wants a spa day, being the anchor is hard work yo. Jeremy points out her birthday isn’t until next week. Caroline says that’s what makes it a surprise.

Katherine is on her phone telling Caroline she doesn’t think Bonnie would want a surprise party for her birthday. Caroline tells her of course Bonnie does, she wants to know when she can get over to Stefan’s and help set up. Katherine tells her she can’t. Caroline says you can’t looking surprised all the while. Katherine tells her she is making arrangements for Aaron’s funeral and that the only reason Damon killed him was because they broke up so she feels she owes it to him. Katherine ask if Caroline understands. Caroline says of course as tells her how nice that is of her. Caroline looks very unhappy.

Katherine is with Nadia when her phone rings. Nadia comments on how popular she is today. Katherine answers the phone and it’s Bonnie. Bonnie tries the pity me approach and ask Katherine if she wants to meet up for coffee. Katherine shoots her down by telling her she is at the day spa buying her a gift certificate for her birthday, surprise. Bonnie tells her she read her mind and that is so her. Katherine tells her she will talk to her later. When she gets off the phone she ask Nadia why they are being so needy today. Nadia has a questioning look on her face.

Back in Damon’s cell Stefan bites his wrist and drips it into a glass for Damon. Damon ask him what he is doing and Stefan explains that Caroline has worked to out to a science just how long Damon can last between ummmm meals one that he is a Vannibal. Damon is concerned it was Caroline that figured it out. Stefan assures Damon she had a calculator, four ounces, three times a day will do the trick. Damon ask what Stefan is up to. Stefan explains that he is trying to keep admin under control until they get Elena back and then they will deal with Damon’s Vannibal issue. Damon tells Stefan if he lets him out of there he will go find Maxfield and get the antidote. Stefan ask him if he would then skip town, and leave it to Stefan to explain everything that Damon did when he thought she broke up with him. Stefan tells him no. Stefan takes out his phone to call Katherine. Stefan tells Damon she has been making excuses but is sure she won’t be able to say no to him. Damon rolls his eyes. While Stefan is calling her, she is calling Damon. Stefan tells him to answer it. Damon answers it with a hi Elena. Katherine ask him how he is. Daemon tells her he is sting up and hungry. Katherine tells him she wants to talk about what happened at the farm house, and can she see him. Damon tells her ok sure why doesn’t she just come to the house and they will talk about it there. Katherine says perfect and that she will see him soon. Damon says ok bye. Katherine hangs up and tells Nadia that less than twenty four hours ago Damon tried to kill her and there is no way he would put Elena in that danger again. Nadia says and her he is desperate to see her just like her other friends. Katherine says they know.

Stefan tells Damon it doesn’t make sense, she has dodged everyone else’s attempt to get her there and now she voluntarily wants to come over. Damon says unless. Stefan says unless. Damon says she was testing him, and that she knows.

France 1720. Nadia meets with a man at night, she offers him a pouch of money to tell her what kind of person her mother is.

Katherine has moved Nadia to a church, her arm is looking worse by the minute and so is she. When she comes around Katherine tells her she fell asleep in the car and didn’t want to wake her. Nadia sees where she is at and says its perfect she can make piece with the universe. Katherine tells her she brought her there to hide her until Maxfield can find a way to heal her. Nadia tells her she should leave while she can, that there is no point in trying to save her. Katherine promises Nadia that as soon as she gets better they are leaving together. Nadia smiles.

Stefan is talking with Caroline who is upset that Katherine has figures out that they know because it means they blew their only advantage. Damon says from behind his door it’s nothing a little locater spell can’t fix. Stefan opens the door.

Bonnie and Jeremy find Liv, who looks a thousands times hotter than he last time we saw her. Bonnie tells her she needs her to do another locater spell. Liv turns to Jeremy and starts flirting with him, Bonnie attempts to shut it down. Bonnie tells her they need help finding Jeremy’s sister. Liv ask if she went missing. Jeremy tells her no that she is possessed by her evil doppleganger. Liv doesn’t even bat a eyelash, well actually she does, at Jeremy. Bonnie ask is she will help them. Liv looks right at Jeremy and says she can be convinced.

Damon is sitting in his dungeon cell. Tyler is sitting outside the cell door. Damon wants some of Jeremy’s blood and when asking politely doesn’t work he attempts to piss him off so Tyler will snap and come after him. It works and Jeremy opens the door. Damon rewards him with a bite to the neck. Tyler goes down and Damon rips his arms loose from the chains and walks out.

Caroline finds Tyler payed out in the floor and goes running to him. Tyler tells her he is fine. Caroline ask him why he would go in there. Tyler says why do you think, Damon knew exactly how to piss him off. Stefan comes up next and ask what in the hell happened. Tyler tells him he thinks Damon went to find Maxfield.

Liv has for Elena’s necklace and a candle. Liv also wants Jeremy’s hand because he is Elena’s brother and that makes him blood. Liv is all over flirting with Jeremy and right in front of Bonnie. Liv even ask if Elena’s eyes are as pretty as his. Bonnie gets irked and ask her if that’s really necessary. Bonnie gets her to say the chant. It works. Liv ask Jeremy if his sister spends a lot of time in church.

Katherine is putting in her jacket. Nadia ask her if she is leaving. Katherine tells her she is going to look for Maxfield he is taking to long. Nadia tells her to be careful that they are all looking for her. Katherine tells her that’s never stopped her before. Nadia smiles and Katherine heads out.

Maxfield has a syringe full of the antidote in his hand. Maxfied is writing in his book when he hears something. That something is Damon. He snatches Maxfields phone and breaks into pieces. Damon says what’s up doc. Maxfield ask him how he found him. Damon tells,him he called Enzo and asked him about their little adventure. Maxfield tells him there is no longer a Augustine Society it’s just him. Damon tells Maxfield that he must be his guy, Damon tells him he has to win his girlfriend back but he doesn’t stand a chance in hell if he is listing over her blood. Maxfield is backing up towards the table searching for the syringe. Damon grabs him and his face goes all veiny. Damon tells Maxfield that he did this to him. Maxfield tells him he didn’t do anything to him, that Damon was already like that, that he just simply held up the mirror. Damon rams his fist through him and throws him onto a table and then rips his fist out of him. Damon tells him it’s his turn to play doctor and grabs a scalpel. Damon starts cutting. Maxfield starts screaming.

Nadia is dreaming again. It’s of her in bed with Matt. Nadia tells him that was fun and then compels him, she tells him she is going to steal Rebekah’s earrings and he isn’t going to say anything about it. She tells him it’s not very smart to hang around with a Original without vervain. Matt ask her how she knew Rebekah was a Original. Nadia tells him she knew when she saw her and she was hoping to talk to her brother Klaus about his favorite vampire Katherine Pierce. Nadia ask Matt if he has heard of her. Matt sits up and says yes, and that he knows her. Matt ask Nadia why she cares. Nadia expo and that Katherine is her mother and that she would very much like to meet her. Nadia takes his daylight ring and tells him she has a reason to see him again.

Back in the church Nadia wakes up. She sees someone.

Katherine is yelling for Maxfield. She finds him dead on the table right where Damon left him. Katherine says no. Katherine’s phone starts ringing and she looks, it says Nadia is the one calling. Katherine answers the phone and says she is on the way back to the church. Stefan tells her Nadia isn rat the church she is at home with him. Katherine tries to play it off but Stefan knows it is her and tells her that Nadia doesn’t have much time. Katherine wants him to prove that Nadia is there by putting her on the phone. Stefan hands her the phone. Nadia tells Katherine to run. Stefan gets back on and tells Katherine she can do what she does best and run or she can come and see her daughter one last time before she dies. It’s Katherine’s choice. Stefan hangs up.

Nadia is really bad by this point. Matt walks in with a pillow and props her up. Matt takes her hand and says it is like ice. Nadia calls him Gregor. Matt tries to correct her but Nadia continues. Nadia tells Gregor she is sorry that she betrayed him that she did it for her mother she did everything for her. Matt pretending to be Gregor says he knows she did. Nadia says forgive me. Matt reaches out and touches the side of her face and says yes I forgive you. Nadia says she doesn’t want to die. Matt gets up and Bonnie sits next to her. Nadia ask Bonnie what is going to happen when she dies. Bonnie tells her she will take her hand and she will go to the other side, just like that. Nadia ask Bonnie if it will hurt. Bonnie tells her she won’t feel any pain. Katherine barges in and says she is there to see her daughter. Katherine takes her hand. Nadia ask if she found a way to save her. Katherine tells her Klaus’s blood would have saved her if she had asked for it, and now it’s to late. Nadia starts breathing hard and jerking up on the couch. Nadia says I’m looking for my mother her name is Katherine. Katherine tells her found her and she is right there. Nadia goes on, she says she is a liar, and a murderer, she manipulates, she betrays,she will do anything to survive. Katherine tells her to look at her she is right there. Nadia again says she is looking for her mother. Katherine tells her this what her life should have been, searching for a mother who ended up being her. Katherine tells her to show her what her perfect day would be. She put her hand on her head. She shows her a loving scene between the two of them. Nadia dies. Nadia watches Katherine and Bonnie walks up to her. Bonnie takes her hand and Nadia passes over.

Katherine closes Nadia’s eyes and then covers her with the blanket. Katherine stands up and says this is it. Katherine zooms for the door and opens it, Damon is standing there. Damon tells her hello and ask her if he thought he was going to miss this. Katherine backs up into the house, Damon follows and closes the door. Katherine ask who has the knife, which one of them is going to kill the elusive Katherine Pierce. They all stay quiet. Katherine says none of them have anything to say, because they had plenty to say when she was on her death bed. Katherine ask Tyler if it’s him because she triggered the werewolf curse,gave him a identity and made him matter. Katherine tells Caroline she isn’t worried she is the one who is going to off her because they both know she made Caroline better by making her a vampire. Caroline says good bye Katherine. Katherine says bye bye Caroline and moves to Matt. Katherine tells him she is the one girl there who actually appreciates how beautiful he is, and he wouldn’t stab her in the heart not Matty Blue. Katherine tells him he will go down as the best night she never had. Katherine says oh well. Matt gives her a oh well right back. Katherine moves to Jeremy and tells him it was nice to have a brother there for a minute when he wasn’t being so damn annoying. Katherine tells Bon Bon no need for good byes she will see her on the flip side. Katherine tells Damon he would love nothing more then to stab her. Damon tells her they have already done this and call her kit kat, he then tells her he has already said all he needs to say. Katherine tells Damon she is sorry that she saved his life on a battlefield and that his father didn’t get to live another day, she is sorry she gave his life purpose and passion, drive and desire. That she is sorry he is who he is, because she is the one who taught him how to love. Damon tells her he will see her in hell. Katherine winks at him and walks over to Stefan. Katherine tells him she always wondered what it would be like to be loved by him, she tells him he has to admit that for that one fleeting moment his feelings were real. Katherine tells Stefan she loves him and that she always will. Katherine kisses him. Stefan stabs her. Katherine gasp and then says she guesses that’s how there love story ends. Katherine falls over and Matt catches her but she gets loose and falls at the couch by Nadia. Everyone stands and watches her die. Katherine’s eyes flash black and the go back to normal. Katherine closes her eyes for the last time.

Matt is sitting on the couch looking at Nadia. Jeremy tells him Stefan said they should bury her in the woods. Matt says screw that she deserves better. Matt picks Nadia up. Jeremy ask him if he needs some help. Matt says no that he has got it. Jeremy move so he can walk by.

Damon and Stefan are watching Elena sleep. Damon wants to know why she isn’t waking up. Stefan tells him when Matt was freed,from Gregor it took him awhile to wake up to. Stefan says that gives them time to talk about what he did. Damon says to relax thanks to Tyler’s donation he will be fine for a couple of hours. Stefan ask then what, what’s the plan. Damon says he is going to tell her everything he did and the let the chips crash and burn where they may. Damon says he doesn’t want to die like Katherine old and alone.

Caroline ask Tyler if it’s wrong she feels sad. Caroline says she knows Katherine was a horrible person but. Tyler says but you see the good in people. Caroline says you mean Klaus, because she saw the good in Klaus. Tyler says her words not his. Caroline lets him have it. Caroline tells him to get over it or get out of her life, either way she is done feeling guilty.

Bonnie is packing the bag at the church. She stops and walks up to the alter. Bonnie lights a candle and says it’s for you dad and she wants him to know how much she misses him. There is a little laugh behind her and it’s Katherine. Katherine tells,her she has to be kidding, she has had five centuries to believe in the higher power thing. Bonnie tells Katherine she is there so it worked, she is dead. Katherine tells her that is true, but that her friends didn’t give her much of a choice in the matter, that they uses her daughter against her. Katherine tells Bonnie she is tired of Elena Gilbert getting everything. Bonnie ask her what that means. Katherine tells,her Maxfield was never going to help her he just wanted to get his hands on Nadia’s blood so he could find a way to make the Ripper virus stronger. Bonnie ask Katherine why she is telling her this.

Elena starts to stir on the bed.

Katherine tells Bonnie Elena had the life she always wanted, well until now. Bonnie ask her what she did. Katherine tells Bonnie she shot herself up with the new and improved Ripper virus before she went to the house.

Elena sees Damon and says hi. Damon say are you, you. Elena tells him yeah that she is herself. Elena pulls the syringe out of her pocket. Damon’s smile fades. Elena is now a Vannibal. Bet Damon is second guessing that whole killing Maxfield thing.

Katherine tells Bonnie she left Elena with a little parting gift. If she can’t have Stefan than no one can. Katherine touches Bonnie but nothing happens. Katherine ask,what’s wrong. Bonnie tells,her she doesn’t know that’s never happened before. Katherine ask her why she won’t let her pass through. Bonnie tells her it isn’t up to her, that she doesn’t control it. Katherine ask her then who is up to. A wrong wind starts blowing it grabs Katherine and she falls. She says Bonnie. Bonnie tells her she can’t help her. Katherine gets dragged into the darkness. I guess Damon really will be seeing her in hell. Bonnie is left standing there.


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  1. Kareem Williams says

    This show is ok but I am not into it right now.

  2. Kareem Williams says

    This show is ok but I am not into it right now.

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