Cody Simpson’s Dancing With Stars’ Contract Revealed – How Much Do the Celebrities Earn Doing the Show?

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cody simpson

Did you know that Dancing With the Stars pay their contestants to do the show? It’s common knowledge about the professionals but to hear that the celebrities are also doing the show for cash kind of takes some of the joy out it all. I mean here we all thought they wanted to win because they became invested when in actuality the longer they stay on the show equals the more they’ll get paid. It’s like jury duty and if we’re honest no one enjoys that – that’s why we use every excuse in the book to escape our turn!

The subject only came up because of one of the new stars in the upcoming season. Apparently it was mandatory that Cody Simpson file his contract with the courts. The underage Australian singer had to inform authorities about his 125,000 pay check. It seems that’s the start off rate and with each week the stars gain more and more until,  the bonus caps out at $50,000 a week in the finals.  It sounds like a good deal. Especially the part about gaining 125,000 just to appear in the first episode. Hell after hearing that I feel like I could better understand why Lisa Vanderpump faked an injury. She was already paid so sticking around just didn’t make sense anymore!

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