Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed With Custom Bangerz Rolling Papers On Instagram (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed With Custom Bangerz Rolling Papers On Instagram (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus loves to push the limit.  When she’s not riding around stage on life-size hotdogs, eating her fans’ underwear, or swinging naked from wrecking balls while licking them, she likes to kick back, relax, and smoke some marijuana.   Miley has never made an attempt to hide her love of smoking weed.  So, we’re not especially surprised that photos of her rolling a blunt went viral today on Instagram.

A lot of celebrities flaunt their drug use, and no one seems to notice or care, but when Miley does she makes the front page of every gossip site on the internet.  Why?  There’s just something twisted about watching Hannah Montana get high, Miley went from having her face on children’s backpacks, to having her face on her own custom Bangerz rolling papers.  Yes, she has her own rolling papers, as you can see in the Instagram picture.  You too can get high like Miley, you can pick them up at the merchandise store at any of her concerts this year.

The photo everyone is talking about today of Miley Cyrus rolling a blunt, wasn’t actually posted by Miley.  Apparently her jam session with The Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne turned into a smoke session today, which prompted him to take a picture of Miley rolling a joint and post it on his Instagram page.  Sure, you could argue that the pair didn’t actually smoke the joint and were simply posing with the weed and drug paraphernalia.  But, Wayne actually captioned the photo, “Recording with Miley…High as f—k.”

So, what do you think of Miley’s latest photo op?  Let us know if the comment section below.

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