Did Rihanna and Drake Just Make Their Relationship Exclusive?

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drake on snl

Rihanna and Drake are officially together. As in they even stated using titles such as “girlfriend” and “boyfriend”, but (and I do hate to burst this bubble) am I the only one that thinks their timing could’t be more off. These two were great as friends and yet they always ran into the same problem and its name is Chris Brown. Despite Chris having violent confrontations with both parties; he and Rihanna just can’t seem to quit each other. So excuse me if I would like to see Rihanna move on while Chris is still an option for her. I believe if that were to happen then she could finally close the door on him and their messed up relationship. But seeing as he’s currently imprisoned then all I’m wondering about is whether or not Rihanna is unintentionally leading Drake on while waiting for Chris to come back.

When Drake rolled into Zouk with Rihanna, he immediately introduced her as his GF, the owner of the bar and grill told HollywoodLife.com exclusively.

Now that sounds like a man in love and though I’m not a fan of any of these guys I will say everyone deserves a chance to be happy.  So how about he finds a girl who will have him as her first choice.

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