The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 REVIEW “Shocking Deaths”

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 REVIEW “Shocking Deaths”

On last night’s season 4 episode 14 of THE WALKING DEAD called, “The Grove,” the show opened with us looking at the inside of a house and music playing. There is a teapot on the stove with water boiling in it. Outside of a window we see a little girl running and playing a strange version of tag with a Walker. The little girl is Lizzie.

Carol and Lizzie are sitting outside at night. Carol tells Lizzie she can go to sleep that she will be ok. Lizzie tells Carol if there is trouble she can take Judith and that she can help. Carol ask her if she really thinks she can help her. Lizzie knows she can. Lizzie ask Carol if she thinks there will be other kids at Terminus. Carol tells her if there parents kept them safe like Tyreese kept all of them safe.

Lizzie tells Carol that she saved Tyreese that there were people shooting at him and that she shot them, first a man and then a woman, she didn’t mean to shoot her in the head. Carol tells Lizzie she had to and that she had to save Tyreese. Lizzie says maybe there will be other kids there if the kids kept their parents safe. Carol agrees. Lizzie ask Carol if she had kids. Carol tells her she did, a kid, a daughter. Lizzie ask what she was like. Carol tells her she was sweet and didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Lizzie ask if that is why she isn’t there now. Carol tells her yes. Lizzie ask her if she misses her. Carol tells her everyday. Lizzie ask Carol if she would miss her, and if that isn’t a hint of what’s to come then nothing is. Carol tells her she isn’t going to have to miss her and to go sit by her sister, she tells her she is going to need her help looking after things tomorrow and to go to sleep. Lizzie hugs Carol and goes and lays down by her sister and Tyreese. Tureese is having a nightmare, his no’s wake up Mika and then finally he wakes up as well.

Lizzie is at a tree and she tells Carol she found some. Carol tells her good job. Carol takes out her knife and scrapes some sap out of the tree, she then puts it on Tyreese’s wound. Tyreese ask her if she thinks it’s maybe two or three days out. Carol tells him she isn’t sure she hasn’t seen anymore signs. Tyreese changes the subject and comments on how tough Lizzie is. Carol tells him that Lizzie is confused about the Walker’s, that she doesn’t see what they are she just thinks they are different. Tyreese ask if Mika is the same way and Carol says no she is worse, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, let the Sophia/ Mika parallel begin.

They are all walking on the tracks. Mika ask if Tom Sawyer had a happy ending. Carol tells Mika that they end up getting all the gold. Mika says she is like Huck Finn. Lizzie says she thinks she is more like Tom Sawyer. Mika agrees and says Lizzie is more like Huck Finn that she isn’t even grossed about by dead rabbits. Lizzie gives her the look and as usual it goes right over the adults heads. Tyreese is delighted that Carol used to read to them. They walk a bit further and Carol ask Tyreese if he smells that. Tyreese tells her yes and that there is a fire nearby, wonder if that might be in the form of Beth and Darryl’s little house burning ceremony. Carol says it must be a big one because it isn’t anywhere around them. She then tells him they should stop where they are and that she needs to look for water. Tyreese offers to do it, but Carol tells him no and that he needs his rest and that Mika will help her.

Tyreese is sitting by a tree holding Judith playing I spy with Lizzie. Lizzie tells him it’s his turn but before he can play they see a Walker coming up the tracks. Tyresse hands Judith to Lizzie and tells her to stay there. Tyreese gets his hammer ready, he walks towards it, before he gets there the Walker falls, he gets ready to kill it but Lizzie walks up and tells him not to she tells him she understands that sometimes they do have to kill them, she really doesn’t.

Carol and Mika are walking in the woods. Mika points out to Carol that Lizzie can carry more. Carol tells Mika she had her come with her because she wanted to talk to her. Mika ask her why. Carol tells her because she is sweet and little and those are two things that can get her killed. Carol tells her she needs to toughen up. Mika tells her she doesn’t have to that she can run, awwwww. Carol tells her no, that her daughter ran and it wasn’t enough. For those of you keeping score that is now two things Sophia and Mika have in common. Carol tells her that’s why she taught the kids at the prison to do more than that. Mika tells her she can kill Walker’s or at least she has tried, she tell Carol she isn’t her sister she isn’t messed up, truer words. Mika tells her she knows what they are but that she can’t kill people she could never do that, she tells Carol that when the bad people were at the prison she held up her gun but she couldn’t pull the trigger, that killing people is wrong. Mika the. Brings up how someone just killed Karen and David and that they were nice. Carol says rather shortly what about people who try to kill you, and I think it’s because she doesn’t want to remember the whole Karen and David thing at the moment. Mika says she doesn’t even wish she could. Mika is so precious. Carol then tries to reason with her by reminding her that people came and killed their friends. Mika says she feels sorry for them. Carol ask her why and Mika tells her it’s because they probably weren’t like that before. They start walking. Carol tells her sooner or later she is going to have to do it or she will die. Carol tells Mika she has to,change the way she thinks about it because things just don’t work out anymore. Mika and Carol come up on a house. Mika turns to Carol with a smile and tells her that her mom used to tell her things always work out the way they are supposed to. They head toward the house.

They are all together walking up to the house. Carol says it will be nice to stop there a few days and catch their breath. Lizzie ask about Terminus. Carol tells her that there is a well full of water, pecans and deer and that they can kill one to eat. Mika seems more into the pecans than the deer. Lizzie points and tells them all to look. Behind them is a huge plume of black smoke, Beth and Darryl don’t always burn down houses but when they do the prefer it burn to the ground. Carol bets that’s what they were smelling. Mika wonders how it started. Tyreese suggest lightening as the culprit, so I guess that means that Zeus has now been replaced by Darryl. Tyreese tells Carol he can patch the fence. Carol tells him not to that it’s probably how the deer get in.

Tyreese and Carol have the kids sit outside while they check the house out. Carol tells Mika to get out her gun that she is standing watch. Lizzie looks upset and Mika finds out it’s because she thinks they will find a Walker and kill it. Mika tries to reason with her and tells her they aren’t people. Lizzie tells her she is wrong in a most disturbing way. A door behind them starts slowly opening. Mika screams at Lizzie that they aren’t people they are just dead, speaking of which one falls off the porch from behind the door and comes toward them. It takes three shots but Mika kills it. Tyreese and Carol come running out. Tyreese takes Judith and goes up on the porch. Lizzie is crying. Carol ask her of its because she was scared. Lizzie tells her no, because of course she is upset her sister killed it. Lizzie is crying. Mika tells her she is sorry she yelled at her. Mika tells Lizzie to look at the flowers and count them like she is supposed to. What did I miss? What is this all about? Lizzie has always been sick? Mika tells her to look at the pink ones, they both start counting one…two….three….

It’s night and Carol is cracking pecans. Lizzie is siting there in her own little world. Carol ask her of she is still upset. Lizzie tells her that sometimes she doesn’t understand but that she is trying to. I think by this point Lizzie is to far gone for it to make any kind of a difference. Mika comes running in with a doll she found, she is going to name her Griselda Gunderson, she goes over by the fireplace to play with her. Tyreese comes in and tells them they have plenty of water. Tyreese gets quiet and looks around a bit. Mika ask him what is wrong and Tyresse explains that he isn’t used to this. Lizzie ask hi used to what. Tyresse tells,her being in a living room in a house. Mika tells him to relax. Tyreese takes a seat and relaxes, the cap even comes off his head. Mika says that they should live there.

Next day Carol is pouring water in the teapot from earlier,,she puts it on a burner and lights the stove. Carol hears Lizzie laughing and looks out the window,she sees her playing tag with a Walker, Carol takes off running outside. Carol screams for Lizzie to get away from it. Lizzie runs in front of it and yells no at Carol. Carol pushes Lizzie out of the way and and stabs it in the head. Lizzie screams at Carol that the Walker wanted to play with her and wanted a friend, unhinged this one, but then again look at the world she is growing up in. Carol tells her that the Walker wanted to kill her. Lizzie screams at her that she was going to lead her away. Carol tells her she could have died. Lizzie flips at this point and she screams that it’s the same thing that Carol killed her, she says it about three times. Carol tries to get her to calm down. Lizzie tells Carol she doesn’t understand and that she didn’t have to kill her. This poor sick little girl, I’m guessing something has always been wrong and now in this new world with no doctors or drugs to help her she has completely lost it. Tyreese comes into the kitchen to turn off the teapot, he looks out the window and sees Lizzie slowly but surely coming apart at the seams. Lizzie falls to the ground and keeps repeating through tears that the Walker was her friend. Carol doesn’t know what to say or what to do.

Mika and Carol are walking just outside the house heading towards a wooded area. Mika notices that the smoke is still in the air and tells Carol if it was white that would mean the fire was going out, she then tells Carol she misses Science class. Carol tells Mika that Lizzie is bigger and stronger than she is but that Mika is smarter and that she understands these things. Carol wants Mika to kill a deer that they see. Mika aims the gun but can’t shoot the deer. The deer wanders off. Carol and Mika head back.

Tyreese and Carol are getting water from the well. Tyreese tells Carol that maybe they don’t need to go to Terminus and that Mika is right that they can stay there and that they can live there. Tyreese tells her that he trust her and that he doesn’t know if can get that anywhere else.

Mika sees Lizzie take off and follows her. Lizzie is at the railroad tracks feeding the Walker she convinced Tyreese not to kill a mouse out of a box. So that answers the whole who was giving the rats to the Walkers at the prison thing. Mika runs up and tells Lizzie when they were giving those things names they were just pretending that things weren’t bad and they have to stop pretending because those things are bad. Lizzie tells her she isn’t pretending she can hear them, creepy. Mika tells her that they want to kill her. Lizzie says they just want her to change to be like them, creepier. Lizzie says maybe she should and holds her hand out towards the Walker. Mika tells her to stop it. Lizzie tells her that she can make them all understand. Before the track Walker can get his munch on a bunch of Walkers that have been roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp come out of the woods towards the girls. Mika tells Lizzie they are coming, but Lizzie doesn’t really catch on until her sister gives her a good grab. They take off running, Mika screaming for Carol and Walkers right behind them. Carol and Tyreese hear them screaming and drop the water and take off after them. The girls are coming through the fence back to the house when Mika gets caught in it. Lizzie comes back to get her and Carol shoots it in the head, pretty soon they all are dropping them including Lizzie who is upset afterwards.

Lizzie is siting at the table with Carol. Carol ask her if she knows what they are now. Lizzie tells her she knows what she has to do now, which makes me very uneasy. Mika says she doesn’t want to be mean and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Lizzie tells her she has to do it sometimes, but just sometimes. Tyreese is asleep in the chair. Carol takes them in the kitchen and they make roasted pecans.

Carol and Tyreese are walking and Carol is now on board with them staying. Carol tells Tyreese that the girls like it there and that of they got a car they could use it for escape if necessary. Tyresse tells Carol he just isn’t ready to be around other people yet, he tells her he dreams about Karen every night. Tyreese says some nights he sees someone kill her, a stranger. Carol stays quiet I’m pretty sure she is about to come clean but she doesn’t. Tyresse tells her the whole world is haunted and there is no getting out of it until they are dead. Carol says his name and then there is a good twenty second silence that I hold my breath during. Tyreese hugs her and the guilt is weighing her down.

Carol and Tyreese come up to the house and see Lizzie standing there with a bloody knife and blood all over her hands. Lizzie tells them not to worry that she will come back she didn’t hurt her brain, Mika is laying in the ground behind her dead, no no no. Lizzie has got this haunting look in her eyes and a small smile on her face. Tyreese has eyes as big as saucers. Carol reaches for the knife and Lizzie drops it and pulls a gun out and points it at her, she tells Carol they have to wait, she has to show her and then Carol will finally get it. Tyresse tells her to put the gun down. Lizzie tells him she just needs them to wait. Carol who is trying not to break down tells Lizzie that they can wait but that she needs to give her the gun. Carol tells Lizzie that her and Tyreese should take Judith back that it isn’t safe for her. Lizzie says what is one of the most chilling things she tells Carol that Judith can change to in fact she was just about to…… Carol tells her that Judith can’t even walk yet. Lizzie tells Carol she is right. Carol tells her that they will go back and have lunch and that she will tie Mika up so she won’t go anywhere. Lizzie has Carol promise that’s what she will do. Carol tells,her she will use mikes shoe laces. Carol looks at Tyreese who then picks up Judith and leads Lizzie away. Carol almost falls to the ground, tears are just falling, it’s like saying good bye to Sophia all over again, hopefully there is some closure in all of this for Carol. Carol stands up, pulls out her knife and waits.

Carol is siting at the kitchen table. Tyreese tells her he gave Lizzie some food and sent her up to her room. Tyreese tells Carol he cleared out her room and made sure she didn’t have any knives, he tells her about the shoebox she had full of mice. Tyreese tells Carol he asked her if she was the one feeding the Walkers at the prison and tells her Lizzie told him she was. Tyreese then brings up the dissected rabbit he found at the prison and tells Carol Lizzie said that was her as well and that she was just having fun. Tyreese tells Carol,he was thinking that maybe Lizzie was the one that killed David and Karen but he doesn’t know how she could have carried them away. Carol tells him Lizzie would have let them turn and that it want her. Tyreese wants to know what they do. Carol tells him that she could leave with her. Tyreese ask what. Carol tells him they can’t sleep with her and Judith under the same roof. Tyreese tells,Carol,that she wouldn’t make it on her own. Carol tells Tyreese that Lizzie can’t be around other people. Tyreese says maybe they could help her, talk her back somehow. Carol tells him that’s how Lizzie is, that it was already there, and that she didn’t see it. Tyreese ask her how she could have. Carol tells him she should have seen it. Tyreese says that he and Judith could go. Carol says he won’t make it either and then restates the fact Lozzie can’t be around other people,which I think is a combination of two things her convincing herself of what comes next and seeking Tyreese’s approval to do it.

Carol and Lizzie are out walking, Carol tells Lizzie they should pick some wild flowers for Mika for when she comes back. Lizzie says yeah that Mika would love that. Tyreese is watching out the window. Lizzie says the fire is still burning. Carol says no, smokes out it’s white. Lizzie tells Carol she knows everything. Carol tells,Lizzie she doesn’t. Lizzie sees that Carol is upset and starts to cry and tells her she is sorry she pulled her gun on her that she just needed her to wait,but doesn’t say she is sorry for killing her sister, of course Lizzie doesn’t think she is really dead either, in that moment I think Carol realizes that Lizzie is beyond help and she is doing the right thing. Carol tells her she knows. Lizzie thinks she is mad at her and she walks over to some flowers. Carol tells her she loves her and that everything works out the way it is supposed to. Lizzie cries and begs Carol not to be mad at her. Carol tells her to just look at the flowers. Then what happens next is straight out of a Steinbeck novel, I’m guessing I don’t need to tell you which one. Tyreese walks away from the window.
Carol is walking back to the house with tears streaming down her face. She sees a deer and instead of trying to shoot it she walks away because Mika would have wanted it that way.

We see one grave already done and Carol digging another one, Tyreese brings out one of the bodies and lays it down close to where Carol is digging.

Carol is sitting at the table quiet with Tyreese. She slips the gun over to him, and then she finally comes clean and admits she is the one that killed Karen and David. Carol tells,him she did it because she was thing to stop the illness from spreading and other people from dying. Carol tells him to do what he has to do. Tyreese grips the ends of the table. Tyreese ask if it was quick. Carol tells him yes. Tyresse grips the gun. Again Carol tells him to do what he has to do. Tyreese still has his hand on the gun, he lets it go. Tyreese tells her he forgives her but he will never forget it. Carol thanks him. Tyreese no longer wants to stay at the house.

We see the house with opened baby food jars and the pan they cooked the pecans in out in the kitchen. The chair Tyreese relaxed in empty. The yard where Carol killed Lizzie. The teapot on a off burner. The doll Mika played with laying next to a empty fireplace. We see Carol and Tyreese leaving with Judith. They see the Walker on the tracks. They start walking in the direction of Terminus.


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    This episode was everything

  2. Yazmar says

    This episode was everything

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