Justin Bieber Will Be Deposed Again: Mark DiCowden Will Question Justin About Selena Gomez Again

Justin Bieber Will Be Deposed Again: Mark DiCowden Will Question Justin About Selena Gomez Again

We are all still in shock after witnessing Justin Bieber’s deposition last week, in which he walked out multiple times, swore at the opposing lawyer and court stenographer, and proceeded to ignore the opposing lawyer’s questions while he smirked and laughed into the video-camera.  It’s safe to say any person who was clinging to the sinking Bieber ship and still defending him, has jumped off and swam to safety after the deposition tape was released.

We have had enough of Justin Bieber, but the lawyer in the deposition video that he dissed apparently has not.  According to E-Online, the lawyer that was questioning Justin in the deposition video, Mark DiCowden has filed a motion to depose Bieber again.

DiCowden told E-Online, “I’m looking for Bieber’s reappearance in a deposition to be answered truthfully, honestly, and provide his recollections as to incidents that occurred between him and his bodyguards, including the Selena Gomez incident.”

The popular opinion was DiCowden was just antagonizing Bieber by bringing up his relationship with Selena, but it turns out she actually played a crucial role in Justin’s assault case.  She wasn’t present in Miami when the photographer that is pressing charges against Bieber was assaulted, but she was present when Justin attacked a different photographer in California earlier in 2012.  Although no charges were filed against Justin for his first paparazzi attack, DiCowden plans to use Gomez’s testimony of what happened in the past as part of his case against Justin.

If DiCowden’s motion to depose Justin Bieber again gets approved (which it most likely will Justin acted like a tool during the first one), what kind of stunts do you think Justin will pull this time?  Justin and Selena recently reconciled, do you think she will lie under oath for Bieber?


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