Pretty Little Liars RECAP Season 4 Finale REVIEW “A is for Answers”

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Pretty Little Liars RECAP Season 4 Finale REVIEW “A is for Answers”

Last night’s episode 24, “A is for Answers” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and the season 4 finale.  We have our weekly review for you. The girls are sitting in a apartment waiting. Noel is standing behind them,he gets a call says yeah hangs up and then tells them to stay there and that he will be right back. Aria can’t believe they went somewhere with Noel. Spencer thought it was a trap as soon as she saw him. Hannah says they are just sitting there like geese. Spencer corrects her and says ducks. Hannah says whatever they both quack. Spencer informs her that geese in fact honk, that our Spencer no matter the situation she can always finds a teaching moment. Emily ask why Alison would trust Noel Kahn.

Alison who has just shown up says its because he has secrets to. They all three jump up. Hannah tells Alison she wants to hug her and slap her all at the same time. Alison would really like the hug, she gets one from everyone except Spencer. Also tells spence she is glad she is there. Spencer ask her why if she is the one she can’t trust. Alison tells her she needs her help, she tells them now that the cops,know she isn’t the one that was buries they are going to start looking again. During this whole time she is holding Emily’s hand and rubbing her arm which I think is more for her comfort than it is Emily’s. Alison tells then until she knows whomA is she can’t come home. Hannah tells her they think A is her mom much to Alison’s non surprise. Emily in fact brings up the fact she isn’t surprised. Alison tells her it’s complicated. Alison tells then she has never figured out the way to tell then what they need to know, she never been able to,say the words out loud. Spencer tells her to start at the beginning. They all sit down with Alison across form them. Alison tells them she is ready to tell them everything, she tells them if they can’t figure it out tonight she is going to disappear again and this time it will be for good.

CeCe is sitting in a interrogation room. Holbrook walks in. Holbrook ask her of she would like some coffee. CeCe ask of he just got lucky or if someone turned her in, as a matter of fact A turned her in but honestly what did she think was going to happen is she used her real name in the hotel guest book? Holbrook asks her who would have done that. CeCe gets quiet. Holbrook tells her that all know Wilden was a uber creep, maybe just maybe Wilden scared and she did what she had to do. CeCe agrees Wilden was a jerk. Holbrook thought she wanted to do herself a solid but since that isn’t the case he will just have a witness from that night ID her. CeCe decides to tell Holbrook that if she did do it maybe she had a good reason for it. CeCe tells Holbrook she is going to need more than coffee if he wants to know what happened. CeCe tells him she knows who killed the girl he thought was Alison DiLaurentis. Holbrook ask what that has to do with Wilde. CeCe tells him maybe nothing,maybe everything he is the cop that’s for him to figure out. Holbrook ask cede who killed her. CeCe tells,him the same person who is still trying to hurt her friend. Holbrook ask which friend is that. CeCe tells him why Alison you silly goose or is it duck? Holbrook ask CeCe if she’s seen her. CeCe confirms she has and more than once and she can prove it. Holbrook is listening.

Spencer tells Alison if she wants her there to help,her figure out who A is she must not think Spencer is the one who tried to hurt her. Alison tells her no to get ahead of herself. Alison tells them it was a crazy night and it all starts in Hilton Head, A had been threatening her since that Halloween, she thought that weekend with Ian would gove her a reprieve.

Flashback: Alison is sitting in a bed in a hotel room. Someone knocks on the front door, Ian answers it it’s Melissa. Melissa knows he is there with Alison and tells him so. Ian wants a chance to explain, Melissa just wants to get to Alison. While Melissa and Ian discuss the fact that Melissa is the one who wanted this break and the other 500 sad states of their relationship Alison goes over to a video camera that’s been set up,and deletes all the files on it, she then logs into Ian’s computer and puts all the NAT club videos on a junk drive and then she leaves. Ian walks into the room and notices that his laptop is open.

Alison tells them she went there to get away from A but when she left she had what she needed to shut A down, those videos changed the game and Jenna was at the top of her list she had every reason to hate Alison and she also had her little dog Garrett to do all her dirty work.

Flashback: this one is back to when she went to see Jenna and played the video for her and told Jenna if she ever came back to Rosewood she would bury her. We then see Alison receive a text as she walks away, the text says: Bitch can’t see you, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you. -A. Alison says Jenna wasn’t A.

Spencer’s mom is on the phone with someone talking about the police being at her house with a search warrant. Ashley’s call beeps and Veronica hangs up to talk with her. Veronica tells Ashley that no one has seen the girls since the fundraiser. Veronica gets off the phone and tells Holbrook she would be more than happy to help if he would just tell her what he is looking for. Veronica tells him she wants to know where her daughter is. Holbrook wants to know that as well. She wants to know what he thinks the girls are guilty of. Holbrook tells her he isn’t sure they are guilty of anything but they do have cause to believe they know the whereabouts of a missing person. Holbrook whips out a pic of the girls with Alison after they got back from there little trip to Spooksville. Veronica is shocked that Alison is still alive. Veronica hears a door slam shut and she yells Spencer. Melissa comes in with a suitcase and says surprise.

Hannah ask Alison if when she got that text she just crossed Jenna off her list. Alison just nods and says when she got home A made it clear that if SHE wanted to kill Alison she could.

Flashback: Alison is in her room putting in that ugly yellow shirt she was wearing the night she disappeared. Alison turns to look in the mirror and there is a message written on lipstick, Jenna’s color no doubt, this one says: I’m everywhere. And soon you’ll be nowhere. -A.

Alison tells them she wasn’t safe anywhere but she finally had a weapon to fight back, she realized that everyone she suspected, even the four of them were somehow compromised on those videos.
Flashback: Alison’s mom is on the phi É asking how something could have happened, that she doesn’t understand. She sees Alison going to leave and stops her and tells her she doesn’t want her going out. Alison argues with her. Her mom tells the person on the other end that they have to send somebody and hangs up. At first I thought maybe the power went out but what if it was something entirely different lets say for instance Alison’s twin escaping. Alison ask her mom if it’s because she still thinks Spencer is the bully because if it is Alison has that all under control. Her mom tells her she knows things about that family that Alison doesn’t. Alison would like to know what. Her mom reminds her she can never turn her back on a Hastings. Phone rings and her mom answers it her mom ask if there is any news,then she ask them to hurry and that she is very very worried again she ask them to please send someone. Hmmmmmm…… While all that is going on Alison steals a few pills out of her moms purse and then sneaks out. She heads over to Spencer’s and we see the scene from the pilot where she snarls up to the barn and frightens them. Only this time we see her get a phone call from Toby that she ignores and we see her put the medicine from the pills into their drink before handing it to Aria. When they are all passes out Alison gets up and opens the barn doors, the first person she interacts with that night is Toby.

They are headed down stairs into a little bar area to get some coffee. Aria tells her she can’t believe that Alison drugged them. Alison tells them that if she got another A threat where they were a sleep she could cross them off her list. Spencer tells her that her plan didn’t work because she didn’t sleep through the night. Alison tells her to wait for it that they will get there. Hannah ask Alison if she works there. Alison tells her the owner travels a lot and she watches the place when he is gone. Spencer heads to the piano. Emily tells Alison that Toby wanted her to tell Alison that she did him a favor. Alison says Toby said he was free at last and that she knows what Spencer sees in him, when he tells you the truth believe him, and that he said his time in juvie got him away from Jenna and he was actually grateful to her and that’s how she knew he wasn’t A and that was the last time she saw him.

Flashback: Alison is wearing Toby’s sweater and is sending a text to Ian that says: Meet me at the Kissing Rock. A car pulls up and Alison heads over to it and gets in. Second interaction is with EzrA. Alison ask him if they have a date she forgot. EzrA tells her she lied to him. Alison tells him he has somewhere to be, she goes to get out. EzrA grabs her arm and tells her no that she isn’t going anywhere. Alison shuts the car door.

Back at the police station Holbrook is questioning Veronica. Holbrook brings up Spencer being gone for a few days last week and ask of she was visiting a friend or family. Veronica wants to know if he is questioning all the girls parents. Holbrook tells her they are doing everything they can to find their daughters and that she can leave whenever she likes. Veronica gets up to go. Holbrook tells her that there are a sea of reporters outside and she might want to wait until they can clear a path for her. Veronica sits back down and tells him she would like to call her husband because she doesn’t know what is taking him so long. Holbrook gets up and leaves. Veronica’s cell can’t get a signal.

Holbrook is walking to another room to question someone else when he gets stopped and informed they are tracking the GPS on the girls phones and Spencer’s car and that they will have their location within the hour. Holbrook says good and to keep him posted. Holbrook listens to a quieting of Melissa, he then leaves and walks into another room and Peter is sitting there. Holbrook tells him his wife is on her way. Holbrook ask him if he has any idea where his daughter is. Peter ask him if he did would he be sitting there talking to him. Holbrook ask him if he learned the trick of answering a question with another question in law school. Peter tells him the inky reason he is talking to him is because his daughter is missing and why doesn’t he go ahead and tell him what they are doing to find her.

Noel is talking to Alison, she has a envelope that contains money a passport and airplane tickets in it. Noel tells her if they need to leave for the airport in a hour. Alison thanks him and he leaves.

Hannah says that can’t let her leave again. Spencer tells her they have have to find the missing pieces. Alison comes back to sit with the girls. Aria tells her she understands they need to figure out who A is but she needs to know if EzrA was telling her the truth. Alison tells her that EzrA got that everything she said was made up stuff, and that he believed her when she told him that her and CeCe were roommates at UPENN.
Alison says they hung out a lot at a pub near Hollis and that’s where she met EzrA.

Flashback: Alison sitting on a bar stool really bored, she does a quick intake of the room and sees EzrA. Alison goes and sits next to him on the couch, she tries to play smart by knowing the title and a few facts about the book he is reading. EzrA calls her a fabulist. Alison ask what that means. EzrA tells her it means she likes to tell stories. Alison tells him sometimes lies are more interesting the truth.

Alison tells them he wanted to write a story about her. Alison apologizes to Aria for everything.

Flashback: back EzrA’s car he is telling Alison it is one thing to make up stories about how she spent her summer but it’s another to love about her age and say she is twenty one when she is still in highschool. Alison points out they never odd anything and ask why he is so freaked out. EzrA tells her he likes her and doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Alison tells him he is a alright guy and kisses him on the cheek. Before he drives off she tells him if he ever gets his book published he better spell her name right. Next up she is with Ian at the kissing rock. Alison tells Ian that she saw his home movies. Ian tells her she isn’t going to blackmail him into staying with her. Alison tells him this is about someone threatening her and that if she gets on more text or doll he will be buying his soap on a rope. Ian is pissed and takes off.

Alison tells the girls that Ian was more upset than she thought he was going to be and he took off like a plucked peacock. Hannah drops the lid covering some cookies which makes everyone jump. Hannah apologizes comes back with a plate of cookies and sits down. Spencer ask Aria if she is okay. Aria tells her yes. Alison tells Aria that EzrA is still looking for her, it’s not about the book, it’s about Aria. Aria ask her what she knows about that. Alison tells Aria EzrA think if he saves her he will Aria back. Aria ask Alison if she even wants to be saved. Alison tells her she knows what she did to people but she feels that she deserves a second chance. Spencer wants to know what happened after Ian left. Alison tells her she went back to the barn.

Flashback: Alison walks in the barn and shuts the door. Spencer is standing there and tells her she has been waiting for her.

Holbrook is still with Peter. Peter looks down at his watch and tells Holbrook to see if his wife is there. Holbrook tells him absolutely but there is one more thing. Holbrook wants to know why he hired a private detective the summer Alison went missing. Peter tells him it was business related. Holbrook ask him if he is sure it want Spencer related. Holbrook passes him a file that has Spencer written all over it, literally. Holbrook knows all about her drug use and violent outburst. Peter tells him they are done and he is call his attorney. Holbrook gets up to leave and tells him that reception is better in the lobby. In the lobby a cop is escorting CeCe to a cell she passes Alison’s mom along the way and the exchange a look. Holbrook is telling Alison’s mom they should know more soon. She thanks him. A cop walks up and tells Holbrook they have a lock on Spencer’s GPS that the girls are in Philadelphia. Holbrook tells him to get Philadelphia PD on the phone. Holbrook tells Alison’s mom he will be right back. Her mom looks worried. Peter sees her and she comes over. Peter tells her the cops are asking questions about Spencer and ask of they still have a understanding. Alison’s mom tells him she just found out her daughter is still alive and that’s all she is thinking about. A cop comes and gets Alison’s mom to talk to her. Peter is about to use his phone when Melissa comes strolling over. Peter ask her what she is doing there. Melissa blames it on Toby and Spencer’s relapse. Melissa ask him what’s going on. Peter ask her where her mom is. Melissa tells him that they have been there a hour, and that they asked to talk to them separately. Peter sits down and ask how they knew, that he must have missed something. Melissa ask her dad if he thinks Spencer killed “that girl.”

Spencer tells Alison she remembers bits and pieces but she isn’t sure what’s real and what she made up. Alison tells her she had been pushing her all summer to to tell Melissa. Alison wanted to break them up because she thought Ian liked her and that Melissa was in the way. Spencer says that they got in a fight in the kitchen and it got ugly. Alison tells her it’s like she bottled up every fight they ever had and popped her top that night. Spencer tells her she thought Alison was still threatening her. Alison tells her she told her to forget to but she was holding on to rot like a dog with a bone.

Flashback: picks up at the one from a few weeks back but in this scenario Spencer doesn’t being the shovel down on Alison’s head she instead completely missed because she trips and a bottle of pills falls out of her pocket. They both five for them but Alison is victorious. Allison ask her of she is speeding.

Alison tells Spencer that when she saw the pills she put it together, Spencer wants asleep because she was wired.
Flashback: Spencer is walking dragging the shovel behind her. Alison chases her down and Spencer begs her not to tell anyone. Alison tells her to stop and to look at her, Alison tells her not to take any more pills tonight and never take them with alcohol. Spencer is worried her parents will find out. Alison tells her they won’t that it will be their little secret. Spencer tells,her thank you. Alison tells her that’s what friends are for. Alison tells Spencer to go back to the barn and sleep it off. Spencer turns and heads back still dragging the shovel.

Alison tells them after that there was still just one person she needed to see, Aria’s dad.

Flashback: Alison is threatening Aria’s dad. Byron tells her she knows how much she will hurt Aria if she makes that call and he doesn’t think she is that horrible of a person. To which Alison replies that he clearly doesn’t know her that well then. Byron walks away. We see another shovel. Alison tells then she didn’t think Byron would pay but she needed him to know she had the tapes. She tells,them she went to the barn and waited for another text and that nothing came. Alison tells,them she went home thinking she had one that she had silenced A. She is standing outside her house and her mom is looking at her through the window. Alison has a know off look on her face, someone hits her in the back of the head with a rock and Alison goes down, her mom comes running out of the house.

Alison tells Spencer it want her she was sound asleep when she left the barn. Spencer says it doesn’t mean she didn’t hurt that other girl. Aria tells her she isn’t listening that she was asleep. Spencer looks at Alison and says I didn’t do it. Alison shakes her head no. Spencer breaks down crying and Emily holds her. Emily says but your mom saw who did. Hannah ask why her mom didn’t tell the police.

Flashback: Alison’s mom is the one that buried her alive.

Alison says she could her mom talking to someone and that her mom thought she was dead. Alison tells them she was trying to tell her she was alive that she was screaming in her head that the words wouldn’t come out and that she didn’t move. Aria ask of she is sure her mom that she was dead. Alison tells her that her mom was hysterical and that she kept saying the same thing over and over “what have you done?” Emily ask who she was talking to. Spencer says someone she is still protecting and that’s why she was pointing the finger at her because she is still covering for somebody. Hannah ask who. Emily ask Alison if Grumwald was telling the truth when she said she pulled her out of the ground. Alison tells them she took her to the hospital but that she was scared and that she ran, she wasn’t sure where she was going but that she had to go.

Flashback: MonA pulls up to her and sees that she has been hurt. MonA ask her if she is okay. MonA takes her to the Lost Woods Resort. MonA says she can’t believe someone tried to kill her. MonA tells her she is afraid for her and maybe Alison should stay dead and disappear. MonA tells her she should rest. MonA gets her to lay down and kisses her on her forehead. Alison is sound asleep and MonA is in the room next door, the first A lair putting a doll in a dollhouse. So this would lead one to believe that A and the person who tries to kill Alison are not one in the same. It’s almost like she fell right into MonA’s lap. It’s the next day and MonA ask Alison if she got her everything that she needs. Alison tells her she saved her life she doesn’t know how to thank her. Alison has MonA come over by her and they look in the mirror, Alison gives her some hair, make up and clothes pointers. Outside Alison gets in a car and drives away with MonA standing and watching.

Alison tells them MonA played her for a fool and that she got exactly what she wanted.

Melissa sits down next to her dad. Melissa tells him that Spencer didn’t kill that girl. Melissa leans in and whispers something to him. Peter looks at her. Melissa has a guilty look on her face. Which means either she killed the girl or,she knows who did.

Holbrook tells Veronica that the Philadelphia police are only a few minutes away from the girls.

Spencer tells her she doesn’t think they are going to figure it out tonight but that she shouldn’t leave. Emily says they know everything and that they can help her. Alison tells her she knows everything except who A is. Alison tells them she can’t go back until she figures out why her mom was willing to do that to her. Hannah tells her she can’t leave and then ask her if she wants to come home. Alison tells her it was surprisingly easy for her to stay gone, up until Hannah got hurt. Alison says when she saw what MonA did to Hannah she decided to stop running and try to stay one step ahead of A and she did everything she could to keep them safe.

Flashback: Alison is the one that pushes Ian off the bell tower. Which I find odd because he is so nonchalant when he sees her, almost like he knew she was alive. Strange. Hannah ask her if she was at the lodge the night of the fire. Alison confirms she helped Hannah that night, but that someone had already pulled the rest of them out. Hmmmmm….EzrA possibly. Emily hears a noise and tells them she thinks someone is out there. Emily goes and looks out the window. Elsewhere the cops converge on Spencer’s car. Alison flips the lights off and they all try to see who is outside the window. The Philadelphia PD calls in and tells them they have the vehicle but the suspects are not on the scene. Someone shoots the window out, not someone A. The girls take off running, A shoots through the door they head out onto the fire escape. They climb to the top of the building with A right behind them. The door at the top is locked they start looking for a way down. Emily ask them if they think they could jump and make it. They all give her a resounding no. A door opens on the roof and Aria recognizes it’s EzrA, before he can say anything another door opens and A comes out gun in hand. EzrA tells them he knows who they are. A shoots the gun at EzrA. EzrA grabs A and the gun goes off. EzrA wrestles it from them and Hannah gets it. Hannah tells them to remove the mask now, Aria tells them to take it off, instead A chooses to jumps to the other side. Hannah knows for sure it isn’t Alison’s mom. A leaves. Aria walks over to EzrA. EzrA tells her it’s so beautiful. I though he meant the view but after he turned around and I saw he got a shot to the stomach he must have been talking about the light. He falls and Aria catches him. Aria tells him not to close his eyes but he does. Alison she somebody call for help. The girls start screaming and you can hear sirens in the distance.

A tag: Alison’s mom is being dragged on the ground, I’m not sure if she is dead or alive. A throws her in a open grave and starts covering her with dirt. Lots of answers but now I have more questions.


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  1. Kareem Williams says

    This show looks weird as hell.

  2. Ciera Chantál says

    I love this show but dang, I won’t to know who A is. I am tired of wondering. It was so sad how Ezra died. Great finale, tho.

    1. Jessica McCain says

      EzrA. Didn’t die , Alison’s mom did. Ian Harding will be back next season he said so himself 🙂

  3. Kareem Williams says

    This show looks weird as hell.

  4. Ciera Chantál says

    I love this show but dang, I won’t to know who A is. I am tired of wondering. It was so sad how Ezra died. Great finale, tho.

    1. Jessica McCain says

      EzrA. Didn’t die , Alison’s mom did. Ian Harding will be back next season he said so himself 🙂

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