Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cover Vogue Magazine: The End Of A Serious Fashion Magazine

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cover Vogue Magazine: The End Of A Serious Fashion Magazine

Warning! If you have recently eaten anything, you may want to wait to read this to avoid any nausea. Kim Kardashian and fiancé Kanye West Cover Vogue Magazine. YES…the SAME Kim Kardashian that is responsible for one of the trashiest clothing lines imaginable. I didn’t realize Vogue was desperate enough to cover “designers” whose line is sold only at Sears. Perhaps Kanye did quite a bit of kissing up to his friend Anna Wintour to pull off the impossible.

As you likely recall, Anna has made Kim her nemesis, trashing her poor taste and even ensuring she was not invited to previous Met events. That all changed last year (remember the couch cover pregnant Kim was wearing?) when Anna began to relent on her hatred a bit at the urging of Kanye, whom she actually does like.

Oddly enough, the cover reads, “Kim & Kanye, Their Fashionable Life and Surreal Times,” complete with the hashtag “#WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE.” Most talked about, yes. Fashionable life?? I beg to differ. Kim is the epitome of trashiness in her tight stretchy dresses. When she is not in her new skin tight dress that is now her uniform, you can catch her in just about anything else that has oversized shoulders and sleeves. Take a look through Kim’s pics and you will see…this girl is in serious need of a stylist and a tailor that does more than just adjust the rear to accommodate her injected rump.

At least Kanye has found a way to keep Kim around a bit longer. He has some amazing connections and can obviously work magic to have gotten her on the cover of Vogue. Of course, she has tweeted her joy of making the cover. I think the biggest shock here is not only did Kim make the cover, but Anna actually gushed about her which makes everyone just throw up in their mouths upon reading, as she refers to them as the Kardashian Wests. Though Anna had made a point to comment previously about Kim’s popularity being simply the result of a trashy porn tape, she’s apparently changed her mind….or REALLY owed Kanye a big favor. If you can stand reading their story and thumbing through their self-adoring pictures, the issue is due out on March 31. You will clearly see that Kim has been hitting up the fillers as her face is puffier than ever! March 31…You have been warned!

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