The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 REVIEW “Us”

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 REVIEW "Us"

On last night’s season 4 episode 15 of THE WALKING DEAD called, “US,” the show opened with Glenn, Eugene,Tara, Rosita, and Abraham are walking down the railroad tracks. Tara finds a penny and Eugene tells her how lucky she is and all she needs is a few more and she could make herself a battery. Tara hands the penny to Eugene, he seems surprised and ask her if she is sure, she is, Eugene thanks her.

That night Abraham tiredly sits down next to Tara and he yawns. Tara tells him he can sleep and she will keep watch. Abraham tells her thanks but no thanks. Abraham incorrectly assumes that Tara is in love with Glenn and is still helping him to find his wife. They chit chat a bit more and then Tara points out they have their own missions but what happens when they are completed.

The next day they are back walking in the tracks and Eugene is asking Tara bout the type of video games she likes to play when she notices something and stops,dead in her tracks. It’s one of Maggie’s signs telling him to go to Terminus and she signed it with her name, Sasha’s and Bob’s. Glenn stares out the sign for a minute in shear disbelief and joy and then takes off running down the tracks as fast as he can.

Darryl is still with his little band of thieves. Rick is watching Michonne and Carl trying to settle a bet which involves seeing who can fall lose their balance on the tracks first. Michonne loses, on purpose I think. She has to pay up in the form of a candybar. Carl picks the Big Cat and gives half of it to Michonne. They leave the wrapper on the tracks.

Back to Darryl, he and one of the other guys get in a fight because they both shot the rabbit with a bow but the other man tells Darry he claimed it. Darryl pretty much tells him to hell with that. Then they guy goes on at Darryl about how a female is probably the reason he is so bent out of shape and then says she was probably a young girl. Darryl goes for his knife to stab him but Joe shows up and explains the whole claimed rule business to Darryl. The guy wants to teach Darryl a “lesson” but Joe makes it clear that Darryl cannot be punished for a rule he knew nothing about. Joe cuts the rabbit in half and then reminds Darryl to say claimed in the future when he wants something.

Glenn is hauling ass to Terminus. Abraham thinks they need to rest for a minute. It’s about this time a Walker falls out of a tower and in the process of getting Eugene out of its way Tara gets thrown to the ground and she hurts her knee. Glenn ask her if she is ok and ask her if she can keep going. Tara tells him she can. Glenn thinks now would be the time for him and Tara to split from Abraham, Eugene and Rosita since they have different plans. Glenn then ask them to wait till dawn to split with them.

Darryl and Joe are talking. Darryl tells Joe he would be better off by himself. Joe whistles like there dogs and much to my surprise everyone stops like they are in fact dogs. Joe tells Darryl that if he isn’t planning to leave right then that he should just stay.

Glenn is way ahead of the group when he sees another sign and knows he is almost to Maggie. Glenn and company comes up on a dark tunnel and decides they should venture through it. Abraham points out that it’s filled with Walkers and that the best plan do action would be to go around instead of through. Abraham also says now would be the perfect time for them to split up. Abraham gives Glenn and Tara plenty of supplies and a flashlight for the dark Walker infested tunnel. Glenn tells Abraham he is sorry for punching him. Abraham tells him he isn’t sorry he did because he loves to fight.

Darryl and company come to a garage of some sort full of cars. The guys start claiming this and that, none of which is a car much to my surprise. Darryl takes this opportunity to lay on the floor and try to take a mini siesta.

Glenn and Tara aren’t lucky enough to get some sleep. They are trying to decide how to get passes all the Walkers that are trapped by where the tunnel fell in. Glenn starts killing them, when they get to the top of the mountain of debris they see the tunnel is full of Walkers from top to bottom and side to side. Tara suggest Glenn turn of the flashlight. Glenn was checking the Walkers to make sure none of them was Maggie. Tara tells Glenn they need to find another way through the tunnel.

Abraham finds a Walker chilling in a car. Abraham pins the Walker still with the door and then stabs it in the head.

Glenn and Tara are doing their best to make it through the Walker tunnel. Tara falls and her leg gets trapped. Glenn is doing his best to pull her out.

Eugene and Rosita are talking in the car. Abraham is sleeping. Rosita accuses Eugene of planning to be at that very spot the whole time and that’s why he told Abraham to go to sleep. Eugene denies it but then tells her if his calculations are correct they should be seeing Glenn and Tara shortly if they made it. Abraham wakes up and he and Rosita start arguing. Eugene sees something and yells you guys at them. They both scream back what. Eugene tells them to look. All three seem surprised by what they are seeing.

Darryl’s nap is interrupted by some jerk who thinks Darryl took something of his. Darryl of course didn’t. When joe checks Darryl’s bag pack however the guys half of the rabbit is in it. Darryl tells Joe that the guy put it in his bag. Joe believes Darryl and he has the other guys start beating up the other one. Joe then gives the rabbit head to Darryl as another for of punishment to the other guy for lying.

Glenn is still trying to free Tara. Tara finally tells him to just go with out her. Glenn can’t bring himself to leave her. Glenn gets up,and heads towards Walkers, he shoots a,couple but he is no match for the ones coming. Glenn hears and the sees a Walker get shot. Glenn throws himself on top of Tara to keep her safe. The Walkers are getting taken down quickly by several different guns. When the smoke clears Glenn looks and sees Maggie. Glenn runs to her and they hug and kiss. Maggie is accompanied by Abraham and company as well as Bob and Sasha.

Maggie and Glenn are stacking Walker bodies on the sides of the tunnel. Glenn looks over at Maggie and tells her how beautiful she is. Maggie smiles. Tara walk up and Glenn tells Maggie that he met her on the road and that she helped him look for Maggie because that is the type of person she is. Maggie gives Tara a big hug. Tara is affected by it deeply. They walk over to where Abraham is sitting. Bob and Sasha are sitting with him. Sasha has a oh no you didn’t look on her face. Glenn ask what’s wrong. Sasha tells Glenn that Abraham informed them that Eugene knows what caused the outbreak. Glenn says it’s true and then ask if Abraham asked her to join him on his way to D.C.. Abraham wants them to go with him in the morning. Tara states that she is going with him. Eugene who has been standing quietly states that Abraham is wrong, that they at one time had a armoires vehicle and lost eight other people,he doubts that the delivery van will keep them safe, he is also curious to see what Terminus has. Sasha states that she will go with them to D.C but she has to go to Terminus first and see if her brother made it there. Bob seconds what Sasha said. Abraham relents and says they will go to Terminus first but then they had to D.C..

Darryl wakes up and notices some blood, he heads outside and finds the guy who has been a out right jerk to him the whole time dead courtesy of a arrow through his head. Later,when he and the rest of them are walking down the tracks Darryl notices a sign for Terminus. Darryl ask joe if he has ever seen one of those signs before. Joe says yes and tells him it’s a lie, that they wouldn’t welcome people like him and Darryl. They continue on and Darryl claims a tomato plant and sticks it in his plastic bag. Daryl walks right over Carl’s Big Cat candy wrapper on the tracks.

Glenn and company finally make it to Terminus. They draw their weapons but when they snot see or hear anything dangerous they put them down and enter the gates. Terminus looks like a little town situated inside a bunch of what used to be either some kind of business bulldogs or a school. It definitely has that feeling of being a community. They come to the middle of Terminus and a woman named Mary turns and introduces herself. She tells then thy look like they have been on the road a long time. Mary tells them that first they will get them situated and then fix them a plate. Mary smiles.


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  1. Gigionthat says

    Not into this series at all

  2. Ciera Chantál says

    I have to start watching this show.

  3. Gigionthat says

    Not into this series at all

  4. Ciera Chantál says

    I have to start watching this show.

  5. Twana Tells says

    I still need to catch up on season 3….. I love this show just haven’t had the time to watch it….

  6. Yazmar says

    It’s getting very interesting now

  7. Twana Tells says

    I still need to catch up on season 3….. I love this show just haven’t had the time to watch it….

  8. Kareem Williams says

    Great review

  9. Yazmar says

    It’s getting very interesting now

  10. Kareem Williams says

    Great review

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