The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 Review “Rescue Me”

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 Review “Rescue Me”
The Vampire Diaries season 5 episode 17 “While You Were Sleeping, ” opened with Stefan’s look alike is a EMT in Atlanta and Sloane is watching him through her link to Stefan. Stefan tells her what hospital he works at which seems like a odd thing to do I mean hello link and all Sloane would just have to keep watching for a bit. Sloane tells Stefan that his friends which when you take Enzo into account is a bit of a stretch.

Elena is in bed with Damon when her phone starts buzzing. Elena checks it and sees she has a parent/ teacher conference for Jeremy scheduled that day. Elena tries to sneak out but Damon informs her he has already been awake for three hours. Elena tells him they are still broken up and that the whole spending the night together was a mistake. Damon tells Elena he likes it when they make mistakes. Elena tells him to put his clothes on and then breezes past him out the door.

Sloan calls Caroline and Enzo answers. Sloane wants to know of they have found the Stefan look alike. Enzo tells her she didn’t get them enough info. Sloane gives him all the details. Caroline takes the phone and tells her to leave Stefan alone before she fries his brain. Sloane is not agreeable to that. Caroline threatens to kill her if anything happens to Stefan. Enzo thinks Caroline’s burst of anger is downright hot.

Damon as usual is at the bar drinking his problems away. Matt and Tyler as usual are busting his chops. Damon wants to know when they became life coaches. Damon tells them he can’t talk to Stefan because he is off with Caroline. A hot girl comes up to the bar (Liz), Damon hits on her and she blows him off completely. Damon’s phone buzzes. Damon pays for his drinks and tells them he will be back later to discuss all of his childhood traumas.

While the counselor is trying to explain the parent/teacher conferences to everyone Elena decides that is the perfect time to call Bonnie and tell her she broke up with Damon but still had sex wit him. Bonnie is a little out off by that last part. Bonnie starts talking about Jeremy and Elena wonders where he is. Worst guardian ever. Elena is distracted from her I completely suck guilt by Luke when he shows up. Bonnie suggest she take a run at him. Elena reminds her that’s a no go because Luke is boyfriendly. Elena is told by the counselor that she isn’t Jeremy’s go to person Damon is speaking of he has just shown up and is more than happy to take over the meeting from Elena.

Caroline and Enzo are at the hospital waiting for Stefan number two. Caroline is skimming through a magazine and Enzo is flirting with her. Caroline ask him why he is even there. Enzo just tells Caroline that she reminds him of a girl named Maggie who reminded him he want all that bad. A woman comes over and informs Caroline that Tom hasn’t worked at the hospital for four months. He hasn’t done what now? Hmmmmmm……. So then maybe Stefan isn’t so much seeing the present but more likely his connection allows him to see the thoughts and memories of the guy.

Stefan wakes up in a junkyard. He ask why. Sloane tells him we are travelers… duh. Caroline calls and explains the situation. Sloane thinks it’s just a matter of digging deeper and starts the spell again. Caroline stays in the phone with Stefan trying to help him. Enzo take sit all in.

Stefan sees a lady names Hazel approach Tom. She wants to thank him for saving her sister by taking him to dinner. Tom agrees and she gives him her address and they make plans to meet at seven. Stefan snaps back and relays all this to Caroline and then tells her not to kill tom because he is a decent guy. Sloane grabs the phone and tells Caroline to get to it.

While waiting for Jeremy’s teacher Elena and Damon have a chit chat. Apparently when she went off in search of Whitmore Damon was left in charge. Admin has had this meeting in his calendar for months. Damon then informs her he saw Jeremy with another girl at the bar earlier (Liz). Elena says Jeremy wouldn’t do that. The teacher comes in and informs them that Jeremy has missed eleven days of school, picked three fights and also cheated on a math test. Damon doesn’t think that sounds like Jeremy. This is totally a set up for a Jeremy is possessed storyline or something. Elena tells the teacher that they will do better. The teacher hopes that they do.

Caroline and Enzo go to the address and find four months of mail. They also find Hazel inside. Enzo takes the knob off the door, winds up and pitches it right at Hazel. The force breaks her skull and she drops. Caroline chews Enzo for killing their only lead. Enzo brushes it off by saying he is a murderous vampire and besides with her gone thy can now enter the house. Enzo breezes through the door.

Bonnie and Luke are having a stare down and when Bonnie tires of it just walks over and ask why he keeps staring at her. Luke pretends to be studying. At that very moment Hazel comes and tells Bonnie she needs to tell Luke that she failed to hide Tom with her magic and that they found him. Bonnie ask who she is. Hazel tells her her name and then explains that Luke will know the rest. Hazel passes through. Bonnie tells Luke she has a message for him from Hazel.

Liv does this nifty spell where Tyler can’t hear what her and Jeremy are talking about. She tells Jeremy he is the only one she can trust since he is a hunter and the travelers can not cast a spell on him. Liv tells him travelers are coming to Mystic Falls. Jeremy ask her why. Liv tells him for Elena. Liv gets a message from Luke about Hazel and tells Jeremy she has to go. Tyler attempts to stop the newbie witch from leaving. Liv flings Tyler across the room.

Enzo explains to Caroline that Hazel was in a trance and couldn’t have helped them. Enzo tells her he is just doing what needs to be done to save Stefan’s life. Caroline comments about how he just doesn’t go around killing for the fun of it. Clearly girl is up to something. They both hear a heartbeat and go looking for it. They find tom in the basement passed out with a IV in his arm. Enzo tells Caroline to leave and he will kill him. Caroline instead begins chocking him. Tom comes to and ask who they are. Caroline compels him and tells him she is a friend and he isn’t going to feel anything. Caroline vrooms behind Enzo and snaps his neck. She gets Tom undone and tells him he is coming with her.

Luke tells Bonnie he is Liv’s twin. Jeremy calls before Bonnie can ask any questions. Jeremy tells her Elena is in serious trouble because she is important to the travelers. If you thought Bonnie was going to ask a important how do I help keep Elena safe from doom question you would be wrong, all Bonnie wants to know is why Jeremy was with Liv. Luke is long gone by this point.

Liv finds Elena in shop class. Liv grabs her and tells her she tried to keep her safe but she is a bigger liability one than she is a asset. Elena tells her she has no idea what she is prattling about. Liv tells her she isn’t going to either. Before she can stake her Damon rushes in and floors her. Damon informs a now unconscious Liv that perhaps that wasn’t the greatest time for a monologue.

Caroline is with Tom at the diner. Tom tells her the last thing he remembers is his date with Hazel. Caroline tells him Hazel locked him up for four months. Tom wants to know why he is telling Caroline everything. She tells him she compelled him to do so, she wanted to be sure he was a nice guy. Tom tells Caroline she is nice to and wants to repay her from saving is life. Tom starts to choke and he reaches for his water. Caroline moves it out of his reach. Caroline snaps out of it she was imagining it. Caroline compels him to leave on a train, find a nice girl and settle down. She then moves the plate.

Damon is torturing Liv and Elena tells him stop. Damon tells Elena they aren’t together so he doesn’t have to do what he says so Nannie Nannie boo boo. Damon tells Liv to song like a canary. Liv tells them that Elena is the last female doppelgänger and if they kill Tom the travelers will come after Elena. Jeremy comes in and tells Damon he will have to go through him to kill Liv. Damon is not a happy camper.

Luke pulls up to the high school and Tyler is there to choke him out if he tries any abra cadabra.

Jeremy explains how he is so confused by the mess his life has become and how he can’t take a note to school excusing him for all the supernatural stuff that goes on.

Jeremy tells Elena Liv knows more about the travelers than she is telling. Elena tells Damon they can leave Liv with Jeremy because she trust him.

Luke is now there with Jeremy and Liv as are Tyler and Matt. Luke tells Liv she should have killed Elena. Jeremy says they are going to protect Elena and they will help with the travelers.
Luke doesn’t like it but Liv is on board.

Caroline is walking Tom to his car when Enzo shows up and snaps his neck. Caroline is upset. Enzo explains that the travelers told him they knew where Maggie was and if he helped kill tom they would tell him where he could find her. Enzo tells her she can take credit for killing Tom if she wants.

Elena tells Damon that they just aren’t bad for each other but that they are bad for Jeremy. Jeremy walks in with a bag and tells them he is going to stay at Tyler and Matt’s for awhile. At first Elena isn’t behind the idea. Jeremy tells her he isn’t asking permission. Elena promises she will call him everyday. They hug and Elena cries when Jeremy leaves.

Caroline finds Stefan in the junkyard. Stefan is now just as important to the travelers as Elena is. Caroline tells him he couldn’t kill they guy even to save his life and she apologizes. Stefan ask her if she is apologizing for not being a murderer. Caroline tells him she feels guilt he is a prisoner. She ask him what they do next. Stefan tells her they rest because he has had a really bad day what with travelers and her flirting with some British guy. Stefan tells her they need to safe their strength so they can get out of there together. Caroline snuggles up next to Stefan.

Elena is packing her stuff when Damon comes in. Elena tells him she is going back to Whitmore. Elena tells him he needs to let her go. Damon kisses her and tells her to have a safe trip.
Caroline and Stefan are woken up by the sounds of the travelers chanting. They go to see what is going on. They are chanting the name Marcos and drinking the blood they collected from Stefan and Elena a few episodes back. Sloane takes the buckets and then sets a traveler on fire one by one they go up in flames. Stefan tells Caroline this is it, they hold hands.

Bonnie hears the chanting next. She turns and sees all the travelers. One by one they pass through her and it is a lot on her she falls to the ground. A shadow rises from her body, it’s a man. Marcos?

If you need to find out what is going to happen on next week’s episode, our sister site Celeb Dirty Laundry has spoiled the episode with some teasers and a sneak peek video of next week’s show called, “Resident Evil.”

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  1. NicolaGossips says

    I don’t like the direction the show is going. I’m over the travelers.

  2. NicolaGossips says

    I don’t like the direction the show is going. I’m over the travelers.

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