HH Exclusive: Shaun and Sofia Sulligan from Bridezillas and Marriage Boot Camp Interview

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HH Exclusive: Shaun and Sofia Sulligan from Bridezillas and Marriage Boot Camp Interview

You know them as the standout couple from Bridezillas and Marriage Boot Camp, and now Shaun and Sofia Sulligan are working on a project other than their marriage. If you have watched either of the WETV hit shows, you know that both Shaun and Sofia are fitness fanatics. Now, the famously feisty couple is using their knowledge and experience to launch Double “S” Fitness, a health and lifestyle company that incorporates a healthy balance between diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.

HH had the pleasure of interviewing Shaun and Sofia and one this is for sure…what you see on TV is what you get. The fun banter between the two, the strong opinions of each, and the respect and love they have for one another became apparent almost immediately after our interview began. We asked the couple what they believe makes them so appealing to fans of the show. Sofia summed it up well when she shared, “I think it is because we are just very real. We don’t hide our emotions. That makes us relatable.” Shaun agreed and added that they have crazy, intense personalities, but they have “a very deep caring for each other” that fans can easily see.

Knowing that they have such intense personalities, it would seem normal that they may have a hard time working together and building their fitness brand as a couple, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As Shaun shares with HH, “Most couples have their space when they are at work. For us, we don’t have that spacing. But I live for this. This is something I can talk for hours and hours about. Sofia is sports oriented as well, so together we are doing what we love while learning and growing the business-we actually do work very well together.” Sofia agrees and adds, “We are a very passionate couple. We love hard, we fight hard, but we can be together all day without needing that space that some couples need. We know how to leave work at work, and home is home.” They definitely seem to have a work/life balance, even if they share both. When asked what Marriage Boot Camp taught them that could help them when facing the challenges of working together day-in and day-out, the couple believes they learned to communicate better as a result of the show. What else does this fun-loving, fit couple do to strengthen their marriage in their free time? They work out, of course! Well, actually they make exercise fun and get out into the fresh air for hiking, running trails, and taking their dog for a walk. Sofia tells us that they are somewhat at the mercy of the season when deciding what to do since the weather in Philadelphia can play a part in what they are able to do. Sofia also shared that they love doing the simple things too such as going to the movies and shopping. Shaun is enjoying the traveling he has begun since marrying Sofia. He hadn’t done much traveling before, but Sofia has introduced him to traveling more and he is loving it.

Now for the lowdown on Double “S” Fitness. HH asked Shaun and Sofia what makes Double “S” Fitness different from other health and lifestyle companies out there. Shaun talked about the goal of Double “S” Fitness being to keep a small, personalized-gym mentality. Shaun feels the franchises that are so large don’t offer the same personalization Double “S” Fitness offers. One complaint he hears a lot is that the turnover at the larger gyms, so consistency in trainers is often hard to find. Shaun and Sofia plan to stick with each client and give them personalized training throughout their journey to reaching their goal. Shaun wants to give one-on-one personal training to ensure his clients feel comfortable. Sofia adds that many clients come to them with body issues and prefer a more one-on-one type of environment where they have a trainer dedicated to them. Sofia also shares how important the one-on-one aspect is for those wanting to lose weight or get toned. “Everyone is different. There is not one program that works the same for everyone. Sometimes it takes trying a few things, and some trial and error before attaining your goals.” She adds that it is all about balancing your diet and nutrition with working out.

We asked Shaun and Sofia what tips they would give HH readers who want to lose weight, and for HH readers wanting to build muscle. Here’s what they shared just for you!

Shaun: Whether you are bulking up or leaning down, it is so important to understand that your success is dependent on your diet. While a balance is necessary, 80% of reaching your success is diet. You have to stick to the diet or it won’t work—you ned that combination. For those wanting to bulk up, they have to eat massive amounts of quality foods.

Sofia: I have had experience with an eating disorder so I have a good perspective on what not to do. Starving yourself will never work because while you may lose some weight, you are definitely going to lose important muscle. Being what Shaun refers to as “skinny fat” is not healthy. This is when you are thin, but it is not lean. You are not tone. You have to eat breakfast. Lifting weights is helpful and will not bulk you up as long as you do it correctly.

Well, these two surely look amazing, but we HAD to ask what they would eat if they could choose anything, and it wasn’t bad for them. Shaun shared that he is not a “sweets” person. When he gets a craving, he goes straight for Philly Cheese Steak or pizza. Sofia, on the other hand, is a candy-fiend and can never say no to gummy treats.

We asked Shaun and Sofia how fans can find out more about Double “S” Fitness. Great news for everyone wanting to use their services for a workout and/or nutrition plan—you don’t have to be in Philadelphia! Sofia and Shaun make use of Skype and can work with you on reaching your health and fitness goals including creating a nutrition and fitness plan that is tailored to your needs. So, they can help you wherever you are!

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