Nicole Richie and Tori Spelling Are Set to Return to Reality TV

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tori spelling

Well summer programming has just got a whole interesting. Both Nicole Richie and Tori Spelling are returning to their reality TV roots, but don’t be fooled by the title – these ladies will thankfully be having their own show. (I wouldn’t want my Tori and Dean time to get cut by a Nicole shopping trip anyways!)

Set to air on April 22nd, ‘True Tori” will follow Tori Spelling and husband Dean Mcdermott around while they try to re-build their marriage and there’s even a shocking twist to make this sad tale stand out. Instead of being pre-recorded months ahead and edited over (like other shows claiming to be reality TV), this TV series is coming to us LIVE…well almost! The producers got about as close as they can get which in this case means a three week lapse but I’m still can’t wait to watch this pair handle the notorious rumor mill!

While Nicole Richie, whose own show doesn’t premiere till July, doesn’t have he same amount of drama ( who can really compete with marriage falling apart?), we can at least expect a quick glimpse of her famous family members and friends. Don’t know about you but I’m hoping to see her husband become involve with the show. The last many of us heard from him – he was getting kicked out of a hotel for carrying drugs. So let’s get update on that situation stat and if not there better be some Lionel to help get through my annoying curiosity!

I’m excited about these new shows. How about you ?


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