True Blood Final Season Will Be Extremely Bloody: Two New Vicious Villains Premiere

True Blood Final Season Will Be Extremely Bloody: Two New Vicious Villains Premiere

It’s the final season of True Blood and so of course they have to make their goodbyes memorable but please not another villain! So far with the spoilers alone we’ve been able to figure out that their will be at least two villains, eviler than before, bent on wanting to hurt our favorite characters. And with numerous deaths hinted at I don’t think I can take it!

According to TV Line one of the new faces we’ll be seeing this season is known as “The Figure”.  He’s described as “scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty… like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks.”  Curiously, this Figure dude will appear in the season premiere — an episode that (presumably) finished shooting more than two months ago. In other words this guy has probably already been filmed killing off someone I love and now I hope he dies!

Life is looking pretty bleak in Bon Temps with just the description of the Figure so there really was a need to add a villain on top of Leatherface on top of the virus that has been wiping out the vampires. It’s starting to look crowded and True Blood has been warned about this before.

Now E! Online is reporting the second villain. “One of our favorites is Mr. Gus–he’s a Japan native who has fully embraced the “everything’s bigger in Texas” way of living. The only thing bigger than his lavish, southern lifestyle? His quest for revenge, and trust us when we tell you, you do not want to cross him.” Hmm.. do we know have problems in Texas?

Don’t get me wrong the premise of introducing these new characters is interesting, but I wish it wasn’t all smooshed together. It’s hard getting invested left, right, and center – that’s why we have our favorites so we don’t care about what happens to other people!

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