The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale REVIEW “A”

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale REVIEW “A”

On last night’s season 4 Finale of THE WALKING DEAD called, “A,” the show opened with a Flashback: Carl and some guy I don’t know open the gate to let Maggie, Glenn, and Rick back in the prison. Maggie heads over to hug Herschel, Glenn walks over and Hershel pats him on the shoulder. Rick ask Carl if they had any trouble. Carl tells him no. Carl sees Rick’s hand and knows that he had some. Rick tells him he has a little. Carol walks by and Rick takes the golf club she has. Rick walks away as Carol, Tyreese and Carol head off. Herschel is watching Carl. Rick walks over to the fence and kills a Walker with the golf club.

Back in the present Rick is sitting down and his hands are covered in blood, as his whole face particularly his beard. Rick is just shaking and you can see him thinking about whatever just happened and the part he played in it.

Another little time trip but this one is more recent. Rick, Carl and Michonne are heating a can of something over a fire discussing how hungry they are. Rick is going to check his trap, Carl wants to come with and Rick tells him he has to otherwise how is he going to learn. Rick tells Michonne to come along as well. They all head off. Rick tells Michonne they will stay where they are another day or two and get some rest. Carl ask if they are close to Terminus. Rick tells him they are. Carl ask if they are going to tell them when they get there. Michonne is confused about what exactly it is Carl is talking about telling. Carl defines it as the truth, who they are, what they have done, everything that’s happened. Rick tells him they will tell,them who they are. Carl ask how and who are they. Before Rick can answer they hear a Walker. Michonne hustles over to it and takes its head off. They finally get to Rick’s trap,and he has in fact caught a rabbit, I guess Lizzie missed that one. Rick is showing Carl how to make the trap when they hear someone yell for help. Carl takes off and Rick yells for him to slow down. They all three are running that direction. I guy is getting surrounded by some Walkers who rather shortly bite into his face. Rick tells Carl that can’t help him and they take off. The three come upon some Walkers eating someone else on the railroad tracks and Rick walks over and hits one with his gun.

Flashback: Herschel wakes Rick up one morning. Rick ask if everything is ok. Hershel tells him yes that he just wants a little help with something. Rick ask him what time it is. Hershel tells him no that ever since he gave Glenn his watch it’s always right now to me. He follows that up with its early. Rick’s arm is clearly asleep because he keeps shaking it. Hershel Beth that Rick is descent and she walks in and takes Judith. Rick ask Hershel what they will be doing. Hershel tells Rick he will see. Rick starts putting on his gun. Hershel tells him he won’t need it, it will just get in the way. Rick puts it on anyway.

Back to railroad tracks and Michonne and Rick are taking care of the Walkers. Carl is helping to. Carl sees more coming, warns them and they take off. Michonne tells Rick they should find another house soon and a store. They come to a truck, Michonne stabs the one and only Walker around in the head. It’s night and Carl is asleep in the truck. Rick and Michonne are discussing what they need to do. Rick starts talking about Terminus and Michonne wonders if it’s legit. Before they can really get into it Joe comes up puts a gun to Rick’s head and tells him he really screwed up. Rick knows exactly who it is. Joe tells Rick today is a day of reckoning. Joe tells us it’s New Year’s Eve. He ask who is going to count the ball dropper with him, he starts at ten Mississippi he gets to eight and Darryl stops him. Darryl tells he is going to let them go and that they are good people. Joe says Lou would disagree and a few of his guys precede to beat the hell out of Darryl, well attempt to anyway. One guy pulls Carl out of the truck and holds a knife to his throat. Rick tells Joe that it was just him. Joe says that risk is right and that they are reasonable people and that first they are going to beat Darryl to death, then have the girl, then the boy and then kill Rick. Rick looks desperate and Michonne looks pissed. They guy gets on top of Carl and it’s at this point Rick snaps. Rick head butts Joe and his gun goes off. There is slow motion effect and it’s centered on Rick’s face, you can actually see the change in him. Rick turns around grabs Joe and proceeds to fight with Joe. Rick is down for the count but just for a minute. It’s hella crazy people are punching and yelling, Carl is on his stomach on the ground, Rick looks like he is about to pass out. Joe tells Rick to show him what he has got. Boy does Rick show him he rips his throat open with his TEETH, yes you read that correctly, and Joe goes down, I make the ewwww and ahhhhh face and my son explains to me that is just the way that cookie gets to crumble. Everyone just stops what they are doing and look over at Rick in amazement, even Darryl, who had a brother named Merle. Michonne takes this opportunity to shoot the other clown with his own gun right under his chin. Darryl does the beating to death, he actually smashes one guys head in with his boot, because Rick isn’t the only one who gets to have some fun. Michonne is going to shoot the guy who has Carl but Rick grabs a knife and explains he is his, no one argues with him. Rick strides right on over and kills the guy. Michonne holds Carl while he watches his dad completely loose it and stab the guy repeatedly.

Flashback: Hershel wants Rick to help him get a farm started. Hershel thinks it will help him show Carl the way all Rick just has to decide which way that is. Hershel tells him they can make things better. Rick tells Hershel there is a run soon and he has to go. Hershel tells him no he doesn’t. Rick walks away.

Back to the earlier seen with Rick covered in blood sitting up against the truck shaking. After what I just saw I really can’t blame the guy, he killed a guy with his teeth for crying out loud. Michonne is with Cael who is safely tucked away in the truck sleeping. Darryl comes back and gives Rick a wet rag to you know clean the dead guy off his face with. Darryl sits down next to him and explains he didn’t know what those guys were. Rick ask how ended up with them. Darryl tells him it was him and Beth for awhile but he it wasn’t. Rick ask if she is dead. Darryl tells Rick she is just gone. Darryl tells Rick after that is when they found him, Darryl tells him he knew they were bad but they had a code and it was simple and stupid but it was something. Darryl tells him they were looking for some guy, he was going to leave but he didn’t and that’s when he saw those three. Darryl tells Rick he didn’t know what they would or could do. Rick tells Darryl it’s not him and that him being back with them now is everything, that he is his brother. Darryl looks relieved. Rick tells Darryl he just wants to keep Carl safe. Carl hears it.

They all are walking on the tracks. Rick ask Michonne if she is ok. Michonne tells him yes. Rick tells her he is ok. Michonne says she knows. Darryl tells them they will be to Terminus before dark. Rick tells them now is when they go through the woods because they don’t know who Terminus is. They cut through some woods and come to a fence that they can see Terminus through. Rick tells them they all spread out and see what they see and get ready that they all stay close. Carl heads off with Michonne. Michonne ask Carl why. Michonne tells Carl how her son, Mike and Terry died. Michonne explains that her pets were Mike and Terry. She says she felt that was what she deserved to drag them around that they kept her safe from the Walkers she was just another monster. Michonne tells him that Carl and Rick and Andrea brought her back. Carl tells her his dad called him a good man but he isn’t, he is just another monster to. Michonne hugs him. Rick buries a bag of guns, because he is smart like that. Rick tells Darryl it’s for just in case. They all four jump the fence and head into Terminus. They go in a building where someone is doing the whole those who arrive survive deal on the radio. They meet Gareth who is extremely displeased that they snuck in but welcomes them just the same. Rick introduces himself and Carl, Michonne, and Darryl. Gareth wants to see everyone’s weapons. They comply. Some guy names Alex is helping Gareth pat them down. Gareth gives them a warning. Alex takes them to Mary. While Alex is talking Rick starts noticing little things that belonged to other people. Alex has Hershel’s watch and when Rick sees that he does what any guy who uses his teeth to rip a throat open would do, he grabs him and holds a gun on him. Rick ask him where in the hell he got the watch from.

Flashback: Patrick is playing with Legos. He thanks Rick for getting them. Carl is cleaning his gun. Beth is playing with Judith. Rick tells Carl he needs his help with something. Carl goes to take his gun. Rick tells him to leave it, it will just get in the way.

Rick is still demanding to know where Alex got the watch. Carl and company have their weapons drawn waiting for Rick to give them the kill or be killed signal. Rick wonders if the guy acting as a sniper has good aim. Rick again ask Alex where he got the watch. Alex tells the sniper not to shoot. Gareth comes out and tries to diffuse the situation, to no avail. Alex gets shot, probably for the best it’s not like he was talking or anything. Rick and the group take off running while under gun fire from any and all directions. They run into a garage and the only way out is through a door marked “A” . They end up back outside running and they hear people in train cars yelling for help but they keep going. They run into a buildout with candles all on the floor and everywhere else. Michonne doers think they are trying to kill them. Rick agrees because they are aiming at their feet. Once again the only way out is through a door marked “A”. Back outside and more running away. They end up surrounded with no way out.

The four just stand there unsure what to do. They are told to drop their weapons and they do. Gareth tells Rick to go to his left. He tells Rick is he doesn’t listen Carl will die. Next he tells the archer (Darryl) and then the samurai (Michonne) to go over as well. He tells them to go stand by the train car in that order. He sends Carl last and tells Rick to open the door and go in. Rick opens the door and they all go in. The train car is marked with a “A” as well. Guess who else is in there Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. Maggie tells Rick they are their friends they helped safe them. Darryl says they are their friends now to. Abraham says forever long that will be. Rick says no.

Flashback: Hershel, Rick and Carl are working on making a farm. Beth is playing with Judith. Hershel tells Rick it can be like that all the time. Rick says it’s like that now that’s enough.

Back to the “A” train. Rick looks around and says they are going to fell pretty stupid when they find out. Abraham says find out what. Everyone is looking at Rick with a quizzical face well everyone except Darryl he has a smile creeping up on his face. Rick says they are screwing with the wrong people. Rick is back.


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