Kim Kardashian Was Attacked By An Elephant (PHOTO)

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Kim Kardashian must have felt right at home on her vacation in Thailand. As she was taking yet another selfie, she was met by someone who is equally full of hot air as she is….an elephant!

The poor, innocent elephant was subjected to standing next to the selfie-addicted porn star while she attempted to take a few snaps with him in the background…95% her, 5% elephant (her normal selfie-style). Apparently, the sweet elephant spoke for millions of us who have also had enough of the D-Lister and her selfies, and blew air out of his trunk into Kim’s hair causing her to get frightened and run away.

Of course that won’t stop her from continuing on her path of sharing her love of self with all of her fans, as she was quickly snapping more selfies shortly after. If only the elephant’s blow was a little stronger! Kim and family have been vacationing (because they really don’t do much else) as they film scenes for their upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in Southeast Asia. Of course Kim posed for endless bikini pics and frolicked around the beach with the one she loves most…herself.

Yes, Kardashian and the elephant seemed to both be full of hot air for the trip. The elephant and Kardashian are the perfect match!  After all, one large, oversized trunk deserves another, right?

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