Farrah Abraham’s Dad Michael Writing Tell-All Book About HIs Daughter

Farrah Abraham's Dad Michael Writing Tell-All Book About HIs Daughter

For Farrah Abraham, the word “exposed” is nothing new as she has built her life around oversharing and overexposing herself to the public. So, we ought not be surprised by the fact that on the heels of her latest porn release and announcement an erotic trilogy coming to us in June, her father, Michael Abraham, has tried his hand at exposing too much detail as well.

Michael, as Life & Style magazine reports, is penning a tell-all about his daughter’s childhood, with the promise that there will be lots of juicy details that have never been shared previously. Given how much Farrah has “shared” with us already, I’m not too sure what could be left! Michael told the magazine that there are moments not caught on MTV’s camera when Farrah was filming “Teen Mom.”

Abraham shares that the book, which he claims has not yet been seen by Farrah, 22, “will address things you didn’t see on TV and things nobody has ever heard of,” he tells Celebuzz. His goal, other than making money off of his daughter’s misguided fame, is to clear his name after he was made to look like the broker between Vivid Entertainment and his daughter when negotiating her porn deal. Whew…guess that clears that up, right? Just because he sat in the office with Farrah AND his granddaughter during negotiations, Michael wants everyone to know that he was not the one who negotiated the deal. What wonderful family stories they have to pass down to future generations of the dysfunctional family.

It is not clear when the book will be released, though I’m quite certain the world is prepared to wait! Would you buy Michael Abraham’s book? Weigh in below.


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