Johnny Weir And Victor Voronov Get Back Together Just One Month After Reported Split

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So much for the divorce, huh? Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov reportedly broke up in March, but it’s not even one month later, and they’re already getting back together. TMZ reports that the former couple has decided to reconcile, and Johnny is reportedly moving back into their New Jersey home with Victor. However, this will apparently be a trial reconciliation, with some strict rules and boundaries set for the relationship to continue.

According to the reports, Victor has requested that Johnny publicly apologize for all the things he said in interviews after filing for the divorce. Obviously, Johnny was bitter and angry, and he did make a lot of petty accusations against Victor, including that he, “committed multiple acts of adultery, including having sex with a Chicago club owner and sexting with a porn star.”

But wait, that’s not all. Victor’s also set another condition that Johnny’s mother will no longer interfere in their marriage or ‘nose around in their finances’. Well, damn. Someone’s not afraid to lay down the ground rules, no? Can you blame him though? He did get accused by his ex-husband of hooking up with porn stars.

Sources add that Johnny’s not very happy with these conditions, and the couple’s already argued about them once. If they can’t even go into their reconciliation phase without arguing, then what are the chances that they’ll end up getting back together? I mean, they’re trying and they’re clearly working on all their issues. However, we’ll just have to wait and see whether one or both of them are willing to make compromises, or whether the breakup turns permanent.

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