Should ABC Fire Scandal Star Harrison Wright After Alleged Assault On His Wife?

Should ABC Fire Scandal Star Harrison Wright After Alleged Assault On His Wife?

Scandal star Columbus Short has found himself in a scandal so messy that Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators couldn’t even fix.  Last month Scandal fans were shocked when Short made headlines for assaulting a man at an engagement party.  It was revealed that Short actually has quite a sordid history of violence.  Earlier last month he violated parole when he was arrested for domestic violence and child abuse after he attacked his wife Tanee Short in front of his young children.

After a few weeks Columbus’s scandal began to die down and then he made headlines again today for a heinous attack on his wife.  According to TMZ Tanee claims that on April 7th Short came home intoxicated and poured a bottle of wine on her before he attacked her and choked her.  Then Short allegedly held a knife to her throat and threatened to stab her in the leg.

Scandal fans seem to be divided today, just hours before the highly anticipated season finale tonight.  Some Scandal fans are taking to social media and encouraging everyone to boycott the season finale tonight, they don’t think anyone should be tuning in to a series that has a violent woman abuser on their payroll.  The other half of Scandal fans refused to believe that their beloved Gladiator Harrison Wright is capable of such behavior, and insist that we haven’t heard the entire story-just his wife’s version.

Do you think that ABC is making a mistake by not kicking Columbus Short to the curb and proceeding to air episodes that he is in, in a way it suggests that they condone his behavior right?  Or, do you think that it is possible Short is actually the victim of a smear campaign from his estranged wife Tanee?  (The court seems to believe there is some truth to her story because they issued her a restraining order.)  Feel free to rant in the comment section below.


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