Love And Hip Hop Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape Breaks Records: Puts Kim Kardashians Sex Tape With Ray J To Shame

Love And Hip Hop Mimi Faust's Sex Tape Breaks Records: Puts Kim Kardashians Sex Tape With Ray J To Shame

Kim Kardashian is quickly fading into the world of irrelevant reality stars.  First, her sister Khloe broke her record of back-to-back rapper hook-ups and now reality stars Mimi Faust and Nikko’s Love And Hip Hop sex tape is putting Kim Kardashian’s iconic sex tape with rapper Ray J to shame.

Kim Kardashian has been the butt of “Homie Hopper” jokes for years.  But, her newly divorced sister Khloe Kardashian made short work of her record by allegedly hooking up with The Game, Rick Ross, and French Montana…all in less than thirty days.  Now, Kim Kardashian is home playing house with Kanye and North and her sister is lighting up the tabloidosphere.  No one cares what Kim is doing anymore, everyone wants to know who her sister Khloe is hooking up with this week.

To make matters worse Kim’s world-famous sex tape featuring Ray J, which put the Kardashians on the map, is not holding a candle to the Love And Hip Hops stars Mimi Faust and Nikko Star’s sex tape, titled “Scandal In Atlanta.”  The tape was just released today on Vivid’s official website and has already been named the “most pirated celebrity sex tape of all time.”  Vivid told TMZ that they made over $400,000 in pre-sales before the tape was even released, and today an average of 15 people were creating account on their website every minute so they could watch Mimi and Nikko.

Poor Kim Kardashian.  Her sister Khloe stole her “Homie Hopper” crown and Mimi Faust put her sex tape out of business.  Are you laughing as hard as we are right now?

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