Henry Cavill And Gina Carano Spotted In Chicago, Still Dating

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Henry Cavill and Gina Carano are an extremely low-key couple, which makes it that much more surprising that Henry supposedly ditched Gina last summer to date Kaley Cuoco for a hot second. Of course, he seemed to have realized his mistake fairly quickly, and his relationship with Kaley only lasted – what, two weeks? He was spotted back with Gina a couple of months later, and it looks like they’ve been going steady since then.

According to Page Six’s sources, Henry and Gina were both spotted at the Vertigo Sky Lounge and SushiSamba in Chicago, and they didn’t shy away from posing with fans or bystanders. There are quite a few fan photos floating around on the Internet as well, so we know that Henry and Gina were actually together in Chicago over the last weekend. Henry’s currently there to prep for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel/Batman vs. Superman film, and Gina’s probably accompanying him for the shoot.

The couple has now been seeing each other for more than two years [not counting those two months last summer], which means that there might be rumors of an engagement soon. Henry’s been vocal about his desire to get married and have kids, even if he hates talking about his relationship with Gina in public. If they continue dating and last for another year, do you think Henry and Gina will get engaged? Or will Henry dump Gina again once promotion for Batman vs. Superman comes around?

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