Fargo Season 1 Episode 2 Review – Spoilers Episode 3 “A Muddy Road”

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Fargo Season 1 Episode 2 Review - Spoilers Episode 3 "A Muddy Road"

On Fargo episode 2, “The Rooster Prince,” the show opens with a car is headed down the road. The two guys inside the car are silent. They are meeting a guy about Hess. The guy tells the. He wants Mr. Gold. Look here he is now in a red car. Gold walks over to them. They let him know they are from Fargo. Numbers wants to know why they don’t have a library. Wrench is deaf and so he signs with him. Gold informs them it’s due to cutbacks. Wrench is adamant all towns should have a library and Gold seconds that. Numbers tells them they are there to find out what happened to Hess. Gold informs numbers that he got stabbed in the back of his head in a strip club. Lots of signing going on at this point. Numbers ask if it was connected to the business in anyway. Gold tells Numbers he doesn’t think so. Gold says there was a guy who came by the garage just to get a look at Sam and then he took off. Signing. Gold wants to talk but Numbers is busy signing and tells him to wait. Gold tells them Hess was his friend. Gold wants to know if they are going to find the guy that did it. Still more signing. Wrench finally makes a slashing motion with his hand at his throat. Numbers assure Gold they will find the guy.

During Vern’s wake Lester replays the shooting in his head while he subconsciously bothers the sore on his hand. Lester takes off the bandaid. Chaz comes over and ask Lester how his head is. Lester informs him that it aches, but it’s alright. Chaz tells Lester they think he should move in with them until after he gets the house all cleaned up. Chaz says he needs to stat at the very least a few days seeing what a mess the cops made. Chaz assumes they were looking for clues. Lester looks sketch and drinks some coffee.

Lester returns home and cautiously goes in. There is something on the floor and Lester makes his way ever so carefully around it. When he take a look in the basement he sees himself killing his wife.

Molly stands at Vern’s graveside. Molly is just staring at the headstone. Next Molly is doing the dishes for Vern’s wife Ida. Ida comes into the kitchen to talk to Molly. Ida tells her a story about when Vern once told her about a man who got his ahead crushed in while she was drinking a milkshake. Molly’s primary concern is the flavor of the milkshake. It was strawberry by the way. Molly then tells Ida a story about how her father got shot and they came and told her during school. Molly was in Algebra. Molly tells Ida they caught the guys that shot her father. Bill walks in and informs Ida that they have worked out a schedule to get her to the hospital when she goes into labor. Molly thinks she and Bill should go talk to Lester about Vern’s death. Bill tells Molly he went to school with Lester and he couldn’t even keep it together when a girl started her period. Bill insist that Vern’s murder is connected to regional trucking and it has zero to due with massacre at Lester’s. Bill is sure it was a drifter. Ida tells Bill it never hurts to ask, Vern always told her to take control of facts. Bill caves and tells Molly they will go see Lester but that he will do all the talking.
In the bedroom Lester begins looking at Pearl’s clothes. Lester pulls out one of Pearl’s sweaters and breaks down while holding onto it. Lester’s doorbell rings and he goes to answer it. It’s Molly and Bill. They inform Lester they have some questions for him. First Bill ask Lester how he is holding up and how is head is doing. Lester tells Bill he still has some double vision. Lester tells them that he wants to help them. Molly who I thought was to zip it, lock it, and put it in her pocket assures Lester it will just take them a second. After they are seated Lester tries to be hospitable by offering them a drink of grape juice since that’s all that is in the house at the moment. Bill wants to know if Lester remembers the grape gum they chewed as kids. Before Lester can answer Molly opens her mouth and tells Lester that she came prepared with his statement from the hospital. Lester tells them that the doctors told him if he had been hit any harder in his head he would have ended up with a brain bleed. Lester than reiterates that Pearl was already dead when he got home. Molly wants to know if he remembers Vern being at his house. Lester assumes he was there after he was knocked out. Lester wants to know if Vern saw you did it. Molly tells him that Vern was coming to ask him about the man he was arguing with about Sam Hess. Lester ask Molly who she is talking about and she repeats Sam’s name. Bill tries to jog his memory by telling Lester Sam used to pick on him in high school. Lester tells Bill high school was a long time ago. Molly is determined to get a answer and again ask why he was talking about him at the hospital. Lester tells her all of that is a blur but he is sure he must have said his face was a mess and not the word Hess. Molly wants a description of the guy he was talking to in the hospital. Lester tells her again that the last few days have blurred together. Bill then tells Lester that their theory is drugged out drifters, maybe the guy he was talking to in the hospital could have followed him back home. Molly pops up and says that most certainly is not her theory. Lester is still trying to use the concussion as his get out of questioning card. Bill is satisfied with Lester’s answers, Molly however is not and would like a few more answers. Bill tells Lester if he needs anything to be sure to call. Bill tells Lester that Pearl was a good woman and wife and what happened to her is a absolute tragedy. Lester says he continues to ask himself who could have done this.

Lorne goes into a building and ask a man for his package. The man ask for his address and Lorne tells him it’s Duluth. The man wants a ID. Lorne doesn’t have one. Lorne tells the guy to just find the package and give it to him. The man informs Lorne they are in Duluth so all the packages would be addressed that way. Lorne doesn’t find the humor in this and ask the man if he needs to go back there and find it himself. The man scans the back and sees the package that Lorne wants. The man tells Lorne that this is highly irregular. Lorne corrects him and tells him highly irregular is when you find a foot in a toaster oven. That this is classified as odd. Lorne puts out his hand and the man gives him the package. Lorne opens it and inside is a book called American Phoenix. Lorne a
So finds a wallet with his new fake ID inside it. Lorne tells the man that he is
apparently a minister and to have a blessed day. When Lorne gets to the grocery store he parks his car and puts the book in his briefcase. Lorne goes inside the store and happens to,notice the book is on sale in the store. The author of the book is one Stavros Milos and he is the king of king as far as grocery stores and Minnesota is concerned. Stavros is meeting with Lorne in his office and tells him how situ period his stores are why he even got mangos back in January and so want I can get the. Here in January to. Lorne wants to know who the guy behind Stavros is. Stavros tells him it is his head of security Semenko. Lorne ask Stavros about the blackmail letter. Stavros tells,him it was on his windshield and Stavros shows it to Lorne. All,the letter says is “I know about the money”. Stavros tells,Lorne he need not know what it means that he just wants Lorne to take care of it. Lorne is curious at to why the mount of money requested is for the very specific amount of 43,613. Stavros says the guy might need to pay off his student loans. Stavro’s son decides during this private meeting is the perfect time to A barge in and B tells one hell of a dumb joke. Stavros tells his son to take his leave which is also known in those parts of Minnesota as get the f**k out. After his son is gone Lorne assures Stavros he will be able to find the guy. Stavros wants him sent packing. Lorne needs clarification as to what that means exactly. Stavros tells,him it’s easy to make enemies and he wants Lorne to,start with his wife because they are getting divorced and she is using for half. Lorne wants him to sign his copy of Stavros’s book and Stavros tells him he would be delighted. Lorne makes his own bad joke and tells Stavros to make it out to Frank and write thanks for nailing my blackmailer. Lorne makes sure Stavros knows he is kidding. When Lorne gets to the parking lot he steals a car that a customer left running whIle they took back a cart.

Gus listens as the Chief list the litany of crimes that were committed at Lester’s house. Gus looks down at his notes and sees the license plate number of the guy he let go. Lorne Malvo. The Chief tells everyone to get on it, he then calls Gus over and tells him he has animal control duty for the day. Gus is trying to get a dog with no success. Gus finally gets the dog in his car and decides the dog can ride with its head out the window. When Gus gets home he finds his daughter Greta doing her homework. Gus brought them dinner. Gus goes to his room to change and watches a woman across from him in her bedroom. At first when she notices him watching she looks down but then she turns to face him and shows him her bra and panty set. Gus simply walks out of his room.
Greta is putting out their dinner and Gus tells her that he got extra dipping sauce. Gus ask Greta about her day nod she informs him that she had a lecture about bullying. Greta tells him she was told if the bully is bigger than her or has a weapon she is to tell a grown up. Gus tells her that’s good advice. Greta wants to know what he would do. Gus tells her as a cop sometimes there is more than one right thing to do. Greta questions his answer. Gus explains that he is responsible for her and there might be a time where he is in a situation where if he tried to stop a bad guy something could happen like him getting hurt or even worse. Gus ask her what would happen to her. Greta tells him it’s his job. Gus corrects her and tells her he has two jobs and the most important of his jobs is being her father.

Numbers and Wrench go into a whore house and the prostitute says she couldn’t see the guy due to the blood in her eyes. Is that not the worst punch line ever or what? Numbers describes Lorne to her and she says it could have been Lenny. They see him at the end of the bar, he has a bandaid in his head. Numbers and Wrench go down there. Lenny is on a role talking about monkeys and dogs in space. Numbers orders a hot water for himself and a orange soda for Wrench. Numbers and Wrench are signing and Lenny thinks hey are some kind of a circus act. Numbers ask Lenny how he hurt his head. Numbers ask Lenny if he likes to play with knives. Lenny informs him if he doesn’t shut his yap he is soon going to find out. Next thing you know Lenny is taped up in the back of Numbers car. Numbers ask Fold if Lenny is the guy. Gold wants the tape take. Off his mouth. Wrench rips it off. Gold says he doesn’t think that it’s him. Numbers and Wrench close the trunk they get in the car and leave.

Lorne heads over to see Stavros’s wife. Lorne lies and tells her he works for the divorce attorney. She is with her trainer slash boyfriend and when Lorne shakes his hand he comes a away with Tanner on him. The boyfriend apologizes. The wife tells Lorne that her husbands hands always smell like feet. Lorne tells her he is checking on assets trying to get her a better settlement.

Lorne is listening to a message that Lester left him repeatedly. Lorne is staring at the ransom note. Someone knocks on his hotel room door and Lester goes and answers it. Wally is standing there he tells Lorne to pack his stuff and get out of tone before Wally ups and beats his ass. Lorne offers sitting down on the toilet to take a dump as his rebuttal. Wally tell him that it’s disgusting. Lorne just opens Stavros’s book and starts to read while doing his business. Walls tells him has his number and he has been warned. Wally leaves.

Bill ask Molly to come over and he questions her as to if they are on the same page. Bill tells her to focus on the break in and check with other towns to see if they have any similar cases. Bill wants her to call around and see if anybody has had any traffic stops of people with head wounds. Bill wants her to leave Lester alone. Molly sees a guy scraping Vern’s name of the office window and gets upset.

Lester once again heads to his basement. Lester slowly makes his way down there. Lester pulls the hammer he used to bash his wife to death with out from inside the back of his washer. Lester then heads over to Chaz’s house and Kitty puts him in Gordo’s room. Kitty tells him Gordo can sleep on the couch. They all eat in front of the TV. Chaz ask Lester if he would want to go hunting. Kitty brings up he fact that he just suffered a loss. Lester says that he is thinking about selling the house. Kitty tells him it’s a good idea. Lester says he needs to go to the drug store he needs something for his wound.

Molly just happens to be at said drug store and girly has some more questions. Molly brings up a ER visit for his nose. Lester tells her he is beginning to feel harassed. Molly follows Lester out. Lester tells her she should be looking for the animal that killed his wife. Molly points out his wife wasn’t the only person murdered. Molly sees a I love knitting sticker and calls Lester on the fact that isn’t his car. Lester admits it is his wife car and he is using it because his is in the shop. Molly tells Lester how suspicious everything is. Lester suggest she talk to Bill. Lester tells her to,watch her feet and he drives away.

Molly is at a coffee shop with her dad Lou. Molly tells him how Sam used to beat up Lester. Molly tells her dad that Bill thinks it’s all just a strange coincidence and what Bill lacks in common sense he make up for in self esteem. Molly tells him all about Bills drifter theory. Molly’s dad reminds her that is the Chief and therefore he is in charge. Molly tells him there is a dead guy in his undies and someone is out there with a head injury who,was at the crime scene and the they also just happened to be at the hospital talking to Lester who’s bully just happens to be dead now. Lou tells his daughter he worries about her. Molly tells him that she carries a gun. Lou tells her that school teachers are safer than cops. All cops see is murder and violence. Lou says that one day Molly will,get married and have kids, she needs to see the good In the world. Molly thinks he talks to much. Bill walks in and wants to speak with Molly. Bill tells her Lester called him and he was very upset. Molly tells bill she thought that Lester might do that. Bill tells Molly he wants her to focus on his drifter theory and to,stop harassing the victims. Molly tells him she has questions. Bill tells her she needs the tow the line and do it from behind him. Bill informs her he is taking her off this case and putting her on the dead naked guycicle. Molly tries to protest but Bill has spoken and she will obey his authoritah. Bill leaves. Molly puts on her jacket to leave and her dad tells her he will see her at dinner.

Let my is pulled out of the trunk by Numbers and Wrench. They drag him onto,a snowy field. Wrench drill into the ice. Numbers drags Lenny over to the hole wrench put I. The ice. Lenny goes in head first followed by the rest of him. They walk back to their car. Looks like Molly is going to find another guycicle shortly.


If you cannot wait until next week’s episode we have a sneak peek preview and a teaser below for your enjoyment of episode 3, “A Muddy Road.”  The episode airs April 29th, 2014.

On it, Malvo flips the script on the blackmail operation, Molly sets a trap, and Gus debates whether he should come clean. Lester’s return to work has complicated repercussions. Written by Noah Hawley; directed by Randall Einhorn.

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