Kasey Dexter Caught Thowing Herself At Ryan Serhant Star Of Million Dollar Listing

Kasey Dexter Caught Thowing Herself At Ryan Serhant Star Of Million Dollar Listing

Shortly after Hollywood Hiccups told you about the letters Kasey Dexter, the mistress of RHONY Ramona Singer’s husband Mario Singer, penned to Ramona, RadarOnline.com shared pictures of fame-hungry Kasey throwing herself all over Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant two years ago.

Kasey was somehow able to arrange a date with Serhant two years ago, and video has recently surfaced. She was falling out of her top and making it very clear that she was hot for the Million Dollar Listing star…or maybe just hot for fame. After a plethora of sexual innuendos, she gets right to the point. RadarOnline.com shared excerpts from the video beginning after Dexter suggested body shots as opposed to boring-old tequila shots.

“Do you have a body for body shots?” asked Serhant.

“Oh yeah, I’m a trainer, honey,” she responded.

“I taste like candy.”

“These things just pop out at any time,” Dexter added, of her enhanced assets.

“Do you want to come home and see my snake?” Serhant quizzed her.

“I love snakes,” Dexter confessed, before she put the receipt between her breasts so Serhant has no choice but to retrieve it — motorboat-style — of course.

Serhant seems to summarize the date with Kasey the same way likely most of her dates summarize a night with her, “Kasey’s the kind of girl you go out with for a night to have a little fun with. Am I going to fall in love with her? Am I going to marry her? I don’t think so.

Somewhere, Ramona is getting a little bit of satisfaction over that. The only question that remains is…who will be Kasey’s next target? Or, will she continue to pursue Mario? Weigh in below!

Image credit: Paul J. Froggatt/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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