RHONJ Joe and Theresa Giudice Still Living Above Their Means

RHONJ Theresa And Joe Giudice Still Living Above Their Means

Either the Giudice’s were literally left pinching pennies after their recent bankruptcy scandal, or they are bigger douches than we all realized.  Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Theresa Giudice proved once again how financially challenged they really are when they stiffed a waitress 25 cents – after acting like total divas.  It appears the Giudices are still living well above their means, and even eating more than they can afford.

Joe and Theresa Giudice and a group of their friends went out to dinner on April 25th in New Jersey at Bananas Comedy Club.  According to Radar Online Theresa acted like a total diva and when they entered the restaurant she demanded the owner give them a table where “no one would bother her.”  The owner had no idea who Theresa was and made no effort to give her a table where “no one would bother her.” 

The obnoxious group ate their dinner and Juicy Joe snapped at the waitress over a straw.  At the end of their meal she brought them their $201.25 bill, and they informed her none of them had a quarter, and stiffed her the 25 cents.  It’s probably a good thing the restaurant includes gratuity in their bills, or else the waitress probably never would have seen a dime, or quarter, or her tip!

So, what do you think is more hilarious?  The fact that the owner had no idea who Theresa Giudice was, nor did he care, or the fact that nobody at the table could afford a measly 25 cents?  Feel free to rant in the comment section below!

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