Scandal’s Columbus Short Violates Wife Tanee’s Restraining Order And Ransacks Her House On Easter

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Scandal star Columbus Short (formerly known as Gladiator Harrison Wright) apparently has some serious anger issues, and his crazy and scary antics over the last few weeks would make for a horribly cliché Lifetime movie.

Last month fans of the popular ABC drama Scandal learned that Short was on probation for assaulting a man a few years ago at a fitness center.  He violated his probation last month when he assaulted another man at mutual friends’ engagement party.  Just a few days later he was arrested again for assaulting his wife Tanee in front of their young daughter.  Tanee was granted a restraining order, and then Short returned to the residence and allegedly poured champagne all over her and held a knife to her throat.

The final incident involving Short and his wife Tanee occurred less than 24 hours before the season finale of Scandal aired on ABC.  The internet was in an uproar speculating whether or not ABC would axe Short for all of the domestic abuse allegations.  Less than a week later the network released a statement that Columbus Short would not be returning for the next season of the drama.

Apparently losing his job, violating his probation, and not being allowed to see his wife or child wasn’t punishment enough, because according to a recent report from TMZ- Short violated the restraining order and went back for more!  Short’s wife Tanee came forward and revealed that Short showed up to her house on Easter when she wasn’t home and ransacked it- including ripping a door off its hinges.

Are you as shocked as we are about how crazy Columbus Short is acting?  Do you think his wife’s claims are 100% true?  Or, is there still a chance he is innocent of all of these insane charges?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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