Donald Sterling’s Assistant V Stiviano Backed By Her BFF Karrine Steffans: She’s Not At Fault!

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Donald Sterling's Assistant V Stiviano Backed By Her BFF Karrine Steffans: She's Not At Fault!

Apparently, former video vixen Karrine Steffans knows everything about Donald Sterling’s former mistress Stiviano after the two became friends just a few short months ago. In an interview with Radar Online, Steffans claims that Stiviano was simply an innocent employee who worked as a personal assistant to Sterling and kindly accepted his generous gifts. She goes a step further by then claiming Stiviano was “like an executive” who did “personal things for [Sterling] and at times doubled as his personal assistant.” Yes, Karrine…and we know exactly what those personal things were.

And now we know how storyteller Steffans inked a book deal about her life. She adds even more details to help her friend seem like something other than a prostitute by claiming that Stiviano bared her soul to her over drinks at times and shared that she was repulsed by the 80-year-old Clippers owner and couldn’t ever sleep with him. Well, if Stiviano was truly “just an employee,” then it causes us to wonder why on earth she was sharing her feelings about sleeping with her boss.

I’d be willing to bet that the line of applicants would be miles long if Sterling just simply enjoyed gifting 1.8 million dollar homes and sports cars and jewelry to all of his employees. Steffans continues to try to save her friend’s reputation by going on, “If he was enamored with her, it’s not her fault or problem,” said the woman (nicknamed Superhead) with a list of conquests so long it took two issues of Rolling Out magazine to cover.

Steffans goes on to tell Radar Online that her new BFF is hurting over the fact that when Sterling’s wife filed a lawsuit against her over the gobs of money Sterling spent on gifts for her, which would have been considered community property, he did nothing to defend or help her. Gee, most would think he’d already done plenty for her!

Perhaps Stiviano needs a good spin doctor at this point, because having Superhead go to bat for you by backing your character and confirming your high ethical standards won’t get very far.

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