The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 20 Review “What Lies Beneath”

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Here’s what happened on The Vampire Diaries season 5 episode 20 “What Lies Beneath”: A Traveler named Maria starts kissing Tyler assuming Julian is still in control of his body. Maria even calls him Julian and since Tyler wasn’t born yesterday he plays along. Tyler brushes off her concerns by telling her he was a nightmare and then to remove any further doubts she may have he kisses her. Maria explains to him that he is chained up because Marcos feels it is better that way since he is now a passenger in a hybrid.

Marcos informs Maria that they are about to be on the move. Maria explains to Tyler that they are going to the next camp and that Marcos is planning on taking the doppelgänger’s so that he can perform the spell. Tyler starts fighting against the chains and when he opens his eyes Maria sees that they are changing. She runs for help. Tyler has already shifted and within seconds he jumps out to attack the Travelers. Maria lets out a scream.

Luke is attempting to use a locater spell to find Enzo but it’s not working. Unless you define working as pissing Damon off in which case it’s doing a excellent job. Stefan ask Damon why he is even bothering to look for Enzo. Damon tells Stefan it’s because he is worried that Enzo will try and get back at him since Enzo went and flipped off his give a damn switch. Stefan suggest that Enzo may have gotten a witch to use a cloaking spell on him. Luke seems to go along with that and remarkably enough so does Damon. You would think he could see right through Stefan at this point or at least have a idea that something took place.

Tyler comes slam-banging in and tells them all about how Marcos plans on using Stefan and Elena’s blood to break the spell by making themselves vampires and then human again. They are going to rid the world of magic completely. The little lightbulb above Stefan’s head goes off and he realizes that he and Elena are in danger and need to get out of Mystic Falls like now. Damon tells Luke to put the locat0r spell to some good and actually find someone, namely Marcos. Luke tells Damon that is impossible because Travelers are hard to find. Damon then ask about a protection spell. Luke tells him he can perform one but only if Stefan and Elena are in one place.

Damon, Stefan, Elena, Luke, and Caroline all go to Caroline’s cabin in the woods. Stefan takes advantage of a moment alone with Elena to remind her to keep the Enzo business to herself. Stefan tells her that Damon took her home the night before. Before they can look any more obvious Caroline tells them to get inside. Caroline feels a little strange and looks around the woods. Enzo is standing in the door way. Caroline walks right past him you know because he is a ghost and all that. Damon walks on to talk to Elena. Elena tells him about how she used to spend time at the cabin with Caroline when they were kids. Damon informs Elena he is avoiding her. Elena wants to know if that is really what Damon wants. Damon isn’t sure. Elena tells him if it is a issue for him being there he is more than welcome to leave. Damon wants to know if Elena is kicking him out. Now it’s Elena’s turn to be unsure. Damon goes to apologize for Enzo coming after her. Elena feeling guilty about her little secret with Stefan leaves the room.

Jeremy and Bonnie are doing what they seem to always be doing…fooling around. Jeremy brings a halt to it and ask Bonnie about the other side disappearing. Bonnie tries to distract him by reminding him they have the whole weekend alone together. Bonnie also lies and tells him Liv is working on a spell to make it all better. Jeremy’s phone comes to Bonnie’s rescue in the form of a text informing them that Tyler is back. Jeremy is all about taking off over there and getting his stuff together to leave. Bonnie feels something going on and it’s her Grams. Grams tells Bonnie that people are being swept away and when the other side goes Bonnie will go with it. Grams knocks a lamp over to illustrate her point and then tells Bonnie that she needs to tell Jeremy that the false hope is only protecting her.

Elena and Stefan are chilling in a barn with the ghost of Enzo. Elena Stefan explains to her how Enzo wanted Stefan to be the one to kill him so Damon would them hate Him. Stefan is worried that Damon will get mad at him. I don’t get why the keeping it a secret is so important. Stefan didn’t kill Enzo, Enzo killed himself he just used Stefan to do it. Stefan is technically innocent so telling this big lie is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention not needed. After they leave the barn Enzo gets so angry he lashes out at and actually hits something. Enzo realizes he can manipulate objects in the real world to his advantage and declares it is a interesting development.

Caroline knows that Stefan and Elena are hiding something and tells Damon. Damon and Caroline decide that a lot of drinking and a little game playing might help them find out what it is. When Elena and Stefan walk in Damon tells Caroline to let the games begin.

Bonnie is pouty because she has to spend time with someone other than Jeremy. Jeremy is busy mixing up a cocktail of Wolfsbane and Vervain for a chained up Tyler. This was much to my surprise Tyler’s idea, way to be proactive. Bonnie says she can’t watch. The whole idea behind it is that by drinking it they think Julian will be back in charge of Tyler’s body. It works and Julian is back. They ask him where Marcos is. Matt forces Julian to drink more.

Meanwhile Marcos is handing Maria her own ass because she couldn’t tell the difference between Tyler and Julian who just happens to be her husband. Marcos tells the other Travelers to find him the doppelgänger’s.

Enzo is lurking outside the cabin while everyone else is inside having a drinking good time. Damon wants them to play a game called Never Have I Ever. Caroline is game and starts things off by saying never have I ever died. Everyone does a shot. Stefan goes next and says never have I ever been possessed by my evil doppelgänger. Elena is the only one to do a shot. Caroline goes again and say never have I ever kissed a Salvatore brother today. Day ain’t over yet. No one drinks to that. Damon goes next and says never have I ever lied about Enzo. Once again no glasses are raised. Elena informs everyone she is drunk and going to bed. Damon wants to play some more and gets some more liquor.

Elena decides to take a hot bath. Enzo is in the mirror behind her but she is unaware of it. Enzo thinks she is trying to wash her guilt straight down the drain. Elena gets in the tub. Elena starts to relax but it is short lived. Enzo grabs her head and shoves it under the water and holds her down. Elena manages to somehow escape his grip and scream for Damon who naturally comes racing in. Damon takes her out of the tub. Damon wants to know what happened. Elena explains that something was holding her head under water.

Matt wants answers from Julian and will get them anyway he can which includes stabbing him. Finally when Julian has taken all that he can he tells them the bad news is he doesn’t know where Marcos is, the good news is he knows where his body is, however if Marcos destroys it before they get to it then he will permanently be inside Tyler.

Stefan gives Bonnie a call and asks her if a ghost could mess with them. Bonnie tells him it absolutely could be a thing. Stefan comes to the conclusion that it must be Enzo trying to get revenge for the whole Stefan not really killing him thing. Caroline not surprisingly manages to overhear and demands to know why he didn’t tell her. Stefan tries to tell her it’s complicated. Damon comes flying in next to tell Stefan that Elena finally cracked and told him. Stefan wants to talk about it later. Damon could careless and points out that not only is the other side falling apart but now they have to deal with Enzo. Damon screams out to Enzo and tells him to knock it off. Caroline is trying to figure out what Enzo wants. Damon thinks he wants to kill them all and he goes out on the porch to find that Luke is missing and that the Travelers have found them.

Caroline and Elena are running around outside searching and calling for Luke. Elena gives Caroline the perfect opening to tell her she is developing a thing for Stefan when she ask her if she is upset. Caroline however tells Elena she is upset because of the lie they told putting all of them in danger. Elena being selfish doesn’t read between the lines. Caroline tells her she is over it and they go back to looking for Luke.

Damon and Stefan are also looking for little boy Luke. Stefan is trying to explain the whole Enzo death/lie thing to Damon. Damon says it’s the lie that bothers him more than anything else. Damon tells Stefan to focus up on finding Luke.

Jeremy and Bonnie find a cave full of bodies while looking for Julian’s. They wonder how just how many people have been taken over by Travelers.

Stefan and Damon hear a noise and go in a shed and find Luke who is barely still breathing. Damon smells gas and sure enough it’s Enzo who has been up to no good. Enzo lights the place up with fire. Stefan manages to untie Luke. Stefan is rewarded with a rusty looking object to the gut by Enzo. Enzo then stabs Damon and shoves him up against a wall. Enzo plans on burning Stefan to death. Damon tries to score points with Enzo by telling him he can find a way to bring him back that they have done it before or that Enzo can just cease to exist. Stefan pulls the object in him out and gets Luke up. Damon tells Stefan to get out. Enzo lets Damon free and tells him not to let him down again.

Bonnie and Jeremy are still looking for Julian’s body when Maria and some of the Travelers show up. Maria does a chant that prevents Jeremy from getting any air and instead of trying to get Julian’s body before the Travelers do Bonnie instead opts to stay with Jeremy because why be helpful now even when her life depends on it.

Stefan wants to know if Luke is okay. Luke is and he thanks Stefan for saving him. Stefan then thanks Luke but tells him he doesn’t know why he didn’t kill him when he had the chance. Luke then tells Stefan that his family had no compassion but the Salvatore’s protect each other — and he admires their great acts of love and loyalty. Stefan tells Luke to get his stuff so they can get going. When Damon comes in Stefan congratulates him on getting Enzo to believe his lie. Damon says it wasn’t a lie. Damon then walks over to Stefan and punches him in the face. Damon tells him it is the first and last time he will hear about the whole Enzo thing from him. Elena walks in and says Damon. Damon walks out.

Jeremy and Bonnie get back just in time to tell Tyler what happened before he becomes Julian for just what could be forever.

Caroline is watching the shed burn and Stefan walks up. Stefan says never have I ever had a ghost try to burn me alive. Caroline smiles briefly and says drink. Stefan smiles as well. Caroline then asks him why he didn’t trust her enough to tell her about Enzo. Caroline then says she gets it that he tells Elena stuff he doesn’t tell her. Stefan tells her he didn’t want her to know because he knows she had a thing for Enzo. Caroline denies it. Stefan also tells her that he tells her things he doesn’t tell Elena. Caroline asks him what. Stefan tells her like the fact you have dirt on your cheek, he reaches out and wipes it off. Caroline smiles. Stefan tells her he will meet her at the car. Stefan feels something strange as he walks away and turns to look behind him.

Elena walks out to where Damon is throwing bags in the back of the car. Damon tells her to pack her stuff because they are hitting the road. Elena wants to know if they are going to discuss the fact that she lied to him. Damon tells her he doesn’t care that she lied. Elena doesn’t understand why Damon is acting the way he is. Damon tells her he understands why she lied but hat he is going to keep it together for her. Damon kisses her and Elena wants to know why. Damon chalks it up to having a really bad day. Damon leaves. Elena all of a sudden gets a sharp pain in her head. She looks around and sees Travelers surrounding her. Marcos grabs her.

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  1. Kareem Williams says

    Is this season almost over?

  2. Kareem Williams says

    Is this season almost over?

  3. Twana Tells says

    I hear so much about this show I really want to start watching it. I need to find time to go back to the first season

  4. Twana Tells says

    I hear so much about this show I really want to start watching it. I need to find time to go back to the first season

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