The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 Review “The Battle of New Orleans”

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 Review “The Battle of New Orleans”
Here’s what happened on The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 “The Battle Of New Orleans.”  Jackson and Ollie are heading down the road on their way to facilitate Klaus and his plans that somehow involves a bunch of black rocks. Ollie grumbles about all the driving involved and then brings up the Haley/Klaus situation. If I was Ollie I would be more worried about her connection to Elijah. There is a roadblock up ahead which agitates Ollie,Jackson suggest that he take a chill pill and calm the f down. The cops tell them they need to get put with their hands up. Turns out the cops have been compelled by Marcel and his new right hand man Diego. If I was Diego I would have respectfully declined the job offer with what happened to Thierry. Marcel suggest, actually it’s more like he threatens that they do as he tells them and if they do f it’s a out to get really ugly really fast.

Josh meanwhile is happier than a vampire in daylight thanks to Davina who made him his daylight ring. Davina thinks that now that he has a ring he should probably take his leave. Josh steadfastly refuses and tells her she needs him and that he isn’t going anywhere. That’s the kind of heroic loyalty that gets you killed. Davina just happens to notice that Klaus’s deadly departed father Mikael is chilling on the corner. Davina who is clearly shaken by seeing him tells a concerned Josh that Marcel wants her to take care of a cloaking spell for him so that he can make his big and most certainly doomed move against Klaus. Davina tells Josh she did what Marcel asked but is scared that Klaus will soon find out she was the one who helped him. Davina informs Josh the big bad Klaus isn’t the only danger and that if a war starts she wants Josh to get out of New Orleans.

Genevieve who is still playing her role perfectly tells Klaus that the moonlight ring spell is very complicated. However there is some food news. Genevieve tells Klaus that complications aside her spin on the spell will not only protect Haley from the moon but it will also make her faster and stronger. Then as a bonus she added a touch of venom so that the wolves will be capable of taking out vampires. Klaus tells Genevieve he wants a hundred more of those rings, sooner as opposed to later. Genevieve tells Klaus that her and Elijah had a different deal. Klaus could careless and tells her this is the deal now. Genevieve thinks he assumes she will d of because they spend time in bed together. Klaus offers Genevieve full protection as well as his mothers Grimoire provided that she pledges her loyalty to him and comes up with the rings he asked for. Klaus assures her that he nor the wolves are her enemy.

Cami’s at work trying to get back into the swing of things when Francesca and her goon of choice come in and start kicking people out. Francesca informs Cami that with Sophie long gone she went ahead and bought the place. Francesca demands that Cami giver her the key Kieran had. Cami lies and says what key? Francesca threatens Cami with the good old you jabs twenty four hours and then shit is going to get real speech. How I love the classics.

Marcel is asking the questions while Diego delivers the incentive to cooperate with punches. Marcel wants to know why they had a trunk full of black cha nine stones. Marcel is aware they are used in spells. Neither Jackson or Ollie feel the need to answer Marcel’s question. Diego wisely points out that near case scenario they only really need one hostage. Diego whips out a torch and is about to get Ollie up close and personal with it. It’s a this point Jackson wakes up and decides to help Marcel. Jackson agrees to tell them everything they want to know as long as they let Ollie free. Marcel agrees to those conditions. Marcel tells Diego to take Ollie deep in the woods and dump him off. Diego is a blood thirsty little number two and wants to kill Jackson. Marcel has a much better idea.

Klaus get a call from Elijah telling him that Jackson and Ollie have somehow disappeared. Klaus is sure that it is Marcel’s doing. Klaus also knows a out Davina’s little cloaking spell favor. Klaus needs some leverage rp mold over Davina and gets of we. He happens to see Josh. Klaus bites him and gives him a lethal dose of his hybrid self.

Davina and Mikael’s ghost are in the greenhouse although she is unaware of him. Mikael calls her Davina can’t see him. If she does all towards the sound of his voice. Davina is looking around when Klaus shows up and drops Josh at her feet. Josh tells Davina he is sorry. Klaus informs her that Josh is now going to die because her little Sabrina self decide that Marcel was worthy of her help. Klaus offers to make Josh like new if Davina will give up Marcel, Davina is concerned he will kill Marcel. Klaus makes if clear that it is Marcel’s choices that brought it to this, Davina tells Klaus that Marcel has been staying at Thierry’s. Klaus tells her he has twenty four hours to save Josh’s life and will do so after he sees if Davina is still useful to him.

Cami is at Kieran’s apartment. Cami tells the super that she wants to be left alone and he leaves. Cami is studying the symbols on the box. Cami gets a beer from the fridge. Cami happens upon a closer, she opens the door and sees that something is behind one of the walls. Cami finally figures out how to get if open and she finds another room. It’s full of old documents and photos. She sees a box with her name on it.

Hayley is walking back and forth and is a hot mess because Elijah is still MIA. Genevieve suggest that she take a load off and relax. Haley tells Genevieve she feels worthless. Genevieve tells her to have a little faith.

Meanwhile Klaus shows up at Thierry’s and finds Jackson tied to a chair rigged with explosives. Elijah tries to take if apart. Elijah informs both Klaus and Jackson that these are the very same explosives used on the attack on the wolves. Klaus has found just about every exploding type of ingredient or device known to man. Elijah gets a call from Haley. One of the devices turns green. In the very very last box Klaus comes to has a more inside that reads “This is for Thierry.” Klaus and Elijah grab Jackson just as the building goes boom.

Elijah comes in the house with Jackson. Haley is thrilled. Klaus tells her he made if out alive as well in case she was wondering. Haley ask about the black rocks and Elijah informs her they are now floating with the fishes. Jackson feels that if is his fault. Haley assures a him no one thinks that. Klaus tells Jackson not true I totally blame you.

Klaus and Francesca are having a little meeting. Francesca tells him that if there is to be a war she chooses to be on the winning team. She gives Klaus a handful of the black rocks and fells she can get more if it is needed. Elijah is not buying what Francesca is trying to sale. Francesca assures him she is doing this so her family will be protected.

Haley is faking care of Jackson’s scrapes and cuts, Jackson thanks Haley. Haley tells him he needs to thank Elijah. She Elijah walks in Jackson does just that. After Jackson leaves Elijah tells her that Jackson almost died to save Ollie. Haley tells Elijah the story of now she is supposedly betrothed to Jackson. Elijah tells her he understands the sacrifices people make for their family. Haley tells Elijah to drop the act and fell her she has a choice. Elijah kisses Haley and tells her she always has a choice.

Genevieve is busy telling Klaus that all she needs is one last thing and her spell will be complete. Genevieve tells klaus she requires some blood from a wolf that doesn’t bark at the moon. Klaus immediately tells her she can’t have Haley’s. Klaus tells Genevieve to take his blood. Klaus reminds her if she cost hold up her end of the deal it’s literally going to be the end of the world. Genevieve slices his hand and his blood drips onto the rocks.

Marcel is spreading the news do a bunch of vamps that Klaus managed to find away that wolves will be a threat to vampires all day every day. Marcel admits the explosion was his doing. It it was done in the name of stopping Klaus, Marcel informs the that are going to hit klaus again that very night. If it works out they will succeed in killing the witch. Marcel will take care of Klaus while the rest of them lay waste to Elijah.

Genevieve is doing her magic while Klaus and Hayley stand and watch. Francesca who seems to barge into a lot of places uninvited tells them Marcel and company is on the way. Haley takes it upon herself to keep a close eye on Genevieve, Francesca tells Haley she has her back. This is where I realize Haley has been set up.

Vampires are streaming in to the compound. Marcel arrives and offers Klaus one more chance to get out of New Orleans. Marcel tells klaus he won’t stop till he kills them all. Elijah turns to klaus and tells him of he doesn’t kill Marcel he will. Klaus takes off after Marcel. Elijah looking dapper as f tells Marcel’s minions to bring it. Klaus is bearing the holy hell out of Marcel and mocks him for using the explosives. Marcel tells Klaus he got those from Francesca. Huge clue right there and Klaus doesn’t catch it.

Cami has a file with a family tree in it. Attaches to that is a note stating the Huerra wolves may still be in New Orleans. Cami thinks back to a conversation with Francesca. Cami gets the clue and the makes a quick call.

Elijah is picking off Marcel’s guys one after the other. Diego orders the one or two left to take out Elijah, they fail. Francesca is busy watching Genevieve. Cami tries to call Haley and give her a heads up but Haley doesn’t answer. When Genevieve gets done Haley says she will take them to the bayou herself thank you very much. Francesca tells her no can do because she is faking them. Genevieve hands them to Francesca. Haley thinks Francesca is crazy to think a mere human can take on Klaus. Francesca tells her she doesn’t think that and her eyes glow yellow. Haley goes at Francesca but Genevieve uses magic to take Haley down.

Klaus continue of beat on a very determined Marcel. Klaus finally gets frustrated and bites him.

Klaus realizes his hand ain’t healing and he takes off from Marcel. Francesca comes into the courtyard and her and her goons bite everyone in sight Diego included. Klaus shows up? Genevieve tells klaus she linked the power to his blood so everytime a wolf doesn’t turn they will get the strength from Klaus which in turn will make him weak. Genevieve then goes on a pity me rant because you never loved me.

Davina is trying to keep Josh alive. Mikael is talking and tells her there is no need to be surprised that Klaus lied to her. Mikael offers to get rid of Klaus for Davina if she will bring him back. Davina is in.

Francesca goes to meet with Ollie which doesn’t come as a surprise due to all the hints that have been dropped particularly in this episode.

Francesca fells Ollie the city can and will belong to the wolves again. She holds out the rock and Ollie takes it.

Back over at Klaus’s house of death Marcel is looking at the vampires dying with wolf bites. Diego lives long enough to stumble in and tell Marcel he is sorry.

Cami waltzes in and can’t believe what she is seeing. Cami needs to find Klaus. Elijah grabs Marcel but Cami stops him. Elijah ask Marcel where Klaus is. Marcel doesn’t know. Cami then tells Elijah that Marcel doesn’t have Haley. Elijah realizes Genevieve has her.

Haley is in the church in labor. Genevieve explains that her child must die. Haley screams in pain. Klaus heads her and yells in a fed as he makes his way down the street.


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