The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 Review “Promised Land”

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 Review “Promised Land”
Here’s what happened on The Vampire Diaries season 5 episode 21 “Promised Land.” Damon throws water at some guy. The guy is also been made to zip it and lock it so he can keep the Traveler business in his pocket. Damon explains to him in his usual charming way that his girlfriend and brother have been taken by travelers and he is having a bit of a problem with the whole rescuing them thing. Damon wants to know where Marcos is. Caroline comes in and lets Damon know Liv and Luke have also dropped off the map. Caroline says the guy Damon is ummmmm…….questioning is a banker, but not just any banker he was the one who helped her with her first bank account. The guy explains that he has a Traveler inside him. He knows they they are about to do some spell for back in the day of the Originals…damn Elijah and Klaus causing trouble for everybody.

Elena has a bucket next to her that is getting filed with her blood. Marcos comes in to see Elena. Psssssstttttt…..Marcos, Damon is looking for you. Marcos gives her something to drink, Elena wisely spits it in his face, Elena is sure he has enough of her blood and demands that he let her go. Marcos in turn slices her arm again and informs Elena when she can’t talk is when he will have enough of her blood. Marcos out.

Stefan is no better off than Elena. A woman comes in and removes the restraints and tells him to get out. Stefan instead takes a nose dive, loss of blood no doubt. Elena has another visitor. Elena is a bit scared but soon realizes it’s Stefan, right before she to passes out for a bit.

Stefan rings up Damon collect style, guess the Travelers took their cell phones. Stefan wants to know now long they have been missing for and why exactly hasn’t Damon found them. Damon tells him that finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack, Stefan has no idea where they are either so he gets it. Stefan tells Damon that Marcos probably has enough of their blood to complete the spell so no need for him and Elena to stick around, they will be heading home. Damon tells Stefan he will strap on his Nero hair, kill Marcos, and sacs the town. Not necessarily in that order….kidding. Enzo pops up and grabs something to fling at Damon and his newly acquired hero hair. Damon wants Bonnie to play other side messaging service and tell him what Enzo wants. Enzo just pretty much has realized the other side is about to go poof and wants to be brought back sooner rather than later. Damon informs Enzo that he strapped on the hero hair and it’s go time, Enzo is just going to have to wait his turn. Enzo not pleased with the waiting his turn bit throws a bottle of liquor into the fire making the flames go higher. Damon puts Bonnie in charge of Enzo and tells her that when Liv taps her magic wand three times and brings Bonnie back from Oz she can let her bring Enzo back with her. Before Bonnie can complain or even come clean about the whole I’m a goner thing Jeremy comes in. Damon tells Jeremy that him and his x-box buddy have a errand to run. Enzo wants to be taken to see Liv. Bonnie tells Enzo there might be teeny tiny problem with that.

Stefan and Elena are walking down the edge of the road. They make a effort to hitchhike but the car just flies by them. Stefan tries to cheer Elena up by telling her that Damon is in hero mode so much so that he even strapped on the hair to go with the tights and cape. Elena tells Stefan she loves it when Damon plays hero but that it would be wise to remember her blood is toxic to Damon. Running low on energy as well as patience tells Elena to cut the crap, her and Damon are miserable without each other so just to shut up and get back together already.

Luke and Liv are having breakfast together. Liv decided waffles would make a good last meal. Liv lets Luke know the coven is fit to be tied because Luke dropped the ball when it came to hiding the doppelgänger’s. Liv blames the whole we became friends with them deal for it, Liv tells Luke they have to stop Marcos and the only way to do that is to kill Elena or Stefan or both. Luke seconds that.

The mailman is delivering vials of blood. He leaves a vial with a woman whose husband decides now is the time to point out she has been acting strangely, she tells him fangs because she isn’t his wife she is really a he named Carl. She stabs him in the neck and tells him the marriage wasn’t working.

Elena and Stefan are dangerously walking in the middle of the road. Elena tells Stefan she could have sworn she saw a unicorn. Elena then tells Stefan a story about how when she was younger she couldn’t make her mind as to whether Caroline’s endless cheerfulness or control freaking was worse. Finally…. I’m not the only one. Stefan knows full well if Caroline had the misfortune of being with them they all would be laughing. Elena sticks out her boobs and tries to hitch a ride. It works and a woman pulls over. She isn’t just any woman however she is the one that made it possible for them to escape, she tells them they need to get in quickly because Travelers are coming.

Damon and company ads collecting the bodies in the cave. Damon is banking on Marcos wanting them back. I’m banking on Damon getting them out of his house and soon. Caroline informs Damon that Julian is worthless. Damon tells her so he is just like Tyler which is cool because they are sick of him anyway. Caroline who is a little miffed tells Damon to cut his to cool for school attitude she knows he is worried about Elena.

Elena and Stefan find out that the woman who came to their rescue is Maria and she is Julian’s wife. All she wants is her husband back because pretty soon he and Tyler will both be dead.

Julian is firing of Caroline. Caroline is upset he hijacked Tyler and wants to fight to get him back. Julian tells her that Travelers feel that vampires and daylight rings are going against pure magic.

Marcos gets to the cave and finds that all the Travelers bodies have disappeared. His only clue is a note from Damon telling him to give him a call. Marcos does. Damon decides to be clever and tells Marcos he can’t possibly give the bodies to just anybody and to please give him a description. It’s while Marcos is doing just that Damon realizes he is in his house.

Meanwhile Caroline thinks killing Julian will get Tyler back, besides Liv can just poof Tyler back right along with Bonnie and Enzo. Terrible terrible idea.

Damon tells Marcos he has the bodies covered in gas and all he has to do is light a march. Marcos stabs one of the bodies in the neck as a way to prove it doesn’t really matter to him one way or the other. Marcos pours himself a drink and tells Damon that once the spell is complete only pure magic will remain. Damon goes on the attack but Marcos tosses him to the side, thankfully his hero hair remains in place.

Elena wants to take a drink of Maria. Maria wants her to wait till she gets them back home. Liv shows up out of nowhere and Maria thinks she is trying to kill them. They can’t get out because Liv has locked the doors with magic. Liv rams them several times causing Maria to die. Liv explains to Stefan and Elena that they have to make their blood useless the only way to do that is to kill one of them.

Enzo is with Bonnie and she finally admits to him that they are running out of time. Bonnie explains how the Travelers are going to use doppelgänger blood to make the other side cease to exist. Maria is there and Bonnie recognizes her, Maria wants Bonnie to tell Julian that she tried.

Damon gets himself a drink and tells Marcos he would ask him to stay for dinner but he has no idea what he eats. Julian uses telepathy and tells Damon he can surprise Marcos because he doesn’t know Julian is there. Damon invites Marcos to take a peek at the wine cellar. Damon kicks a key at Julian’s cell so he can get out.

Liv’s magic is going kaput and Elena pushes her out of her way. Liv yells that the spell has started. Elena reminds Liv that she trusted her. Elena and Stefan realize that the sun is making them burn. They take off for shelter. They run into the grill and Matt is taking them through the tunnels. All of a sudden Stefan is suffering from a gunshot and Elena is drowning they are reliving what killed them before they were vampires.

Marcos hears Tyler but it’s to late and he bites him. Tyler wants to know where the fangs are and Damon is burning in the sunlight. Damon knows this is a problem. The bodies in Damon’s house start waking up. Damon’s gunshot reappears and Tyler is doing to hit either. Damon and Tyler take off. Jeremy pulls up and they hop in.

Bonnie tells Caroline she thinks she knows how to save the all from the other side and is going to need Enzo.
Matt gets some blood bags for Stefan and Elena. Jeremy shows up with Damon and Elena ask him of he is okay. Elena kisses him. Damon wants to know why and she repeats what he said the last time he kissed her that it has been a really crappy day. Elena tells Damon she thought she was never going to see him again and that would be the worse way she could die. Stefan decides to stay and wait for Caroline and Bonnie. Matt and Jeremy are to stay there and let them know of they hear anything.

Maria is looking at her own dead body. Enzo is all of a sudden there. Enzo wants to know if she knows a spell to fix all this. Maria does but it would require more people to pass through Bonnie. Enzo says that isn’t a problem. The wind begins to blow and Enzo grabs her hand. It gets stronger and no matter how hard he tries to keep his grip on her Maria gets blown away just like Katherine.

Enzo shows up to tell Bonnie about Maria.

Caroline and Stefan are waiting for Bonnie when Julian shows up. Stefan tells him mafia is dead. Julian feeling he has nothing left to lose decides to rip Stefan’s heart out in order to stop the spell.

Bonnie is trying to come up with a plan with Enzo when Stefan appears. Bonnie like the rest of us is having a hard time processing what she is seeing and can’t believe it’s happening. Stefan wants to know if Bonnie can bring them back. Bonnie says no and that she is sorry. Well this just sucks….. Stefan is really truly dead. Stefan passes through Bonnie and she gasp.

Caroline in the meantime is crying and screaming for help over Stefan’s dead body. Next week is gonna be awesome!

If you cannot wait till next week’s episode and want to see a sneak peek video and some juicy spoilers, our sister site has the scoop on it!

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  1. Kareem Williams says

    This show is hella weird yo.

  2. Kareem Williams says

    This show is hella weird yo.

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