Pippa Middleton’s Contract With The Daily Telegraph Isn’t Renewed

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Pippa Middleton's Contract With The Daily Telegraph Isn't Renewed

Maybe Pippa Middleton should focus on finding her own version of a prince because her writing career really isn’t going so well. She was hired by The Daily Telegraph as a columnist just six short months ago and it looks like rather than her contract being picked up her Sports and Social column has been axed. Readers have weighed in and decided that reading about making pasta and chuckling was simply a big waste of their time.

This isn’t the first blow that Pippa’s writing career has taken this year either. A few months ago Viking Press let her go after her debut party planning book, Celebrate sold only 18,000 copies. According to a source close to the Telegraph, Pippa isn’t exactly the strongest writer and her chosen topics really didn’t help her cause either. The readers were not thrilled and had no problem expressing their dislike of Pippa’s column.

Ironically Pippa does still have a freelance job with Vanity Fair! I think this is the point where I have to ask whether or not her ties to Kate Middleton have helped her writing career more than her actual talent. Do you think that she has benefited from Kate’s marrying into the royal family? Have publications been more inclined to give Pippa a shot because she has royal connections through Kate? Have you read Pippa’s column at all? What are your thoughts on her writing and her topics? It seems that part of the problem with her book was also the topics that she chose to discuss. Perhaps if someone else was guiding her towards what might connect with readers’ then she would do better. Is Pippa landing writing gigs thanks to the royals? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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