Mad Men Season 7 Episode 5 “The Runaways” REVIEW

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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 5 "The Runaways" REVIEW

Did you miss the most recent episode of Mad Men — Mad Men season 7 episode 5, “The Runaways?” If so, don’t worry! We have a great review for you here. As always, if you’re opposed to spoilers (and you’ve yet to watch this episode), then turn away now! Here’s what happened during last night’s episode: Read below for our live review/recap . . . .

Don and Peggy are taking a ride in the elevator. Peggy tells Don how happy Lou is to have her on the team. Peggy then tries to subtly as possible remind Don he is only part of the team and not the team.

Don receives a call collect as soon as he gets in his office. Stephanie is on the other end of the call. Stephanie informs Don that she is pregnant to the tune of seven months and she is almost out of money. Don gives Stephanie his wife’s address and tells her to go stay there.

Don calls his wife and lets her know he is coming tonight. Don lets her know that Anna’s daughter is going to come to the house because she is extremely pregnant and can use all the help she can get.

Stan happens upon a comic strip that Lou has created on the copier. Stan decides to show Don. Don could care less; he wants less snoopy snoopy and more worky worky.

Stephanie finally arrives at Megan’s. Stephanie tells Megan that she is headed towards Oakland where she has some friends she can stay with. Megan makes her some dinner.

Right before the Handy Wrap meeting Lou finds Stan making fun of his comic in the bathroom. Lou who is visibly pissed makes every pay by telling them no one leaves until he receives finished pitches for slogans. Don informs his secretary he is going to need a later flight to California.

Don tries to convince Lou to let him leave early. Lou informs Don that he will be tucking him into bed tonight. Don calls lets Megan know he won’t be coming until the following morning.

Stephanie sits down with Megan and tells her the baby’s father is in jail and won’t get out till next month. Megan writes her a check for a grand and tries to send her out the door. Stephanie lets Megan know she never slept with Don.

Lou tells Don he can leave early after all and can turn in his work on Monday.

Don finally gets to Megan’s and she tells him she gave Stephanie a grand and she left. When she sees Don is upset about it Megan lies and says she told Stephanie to stay. Megan goes out with a friend and leaves Don home alone.

Michael shows up at Peggy’s he tells her he caught Lou having a hush hush meeting with Cutler. Michael tells her the computer makes people do unnatural things. Michael wants to work at Peggy’s so he won’t be near the computer. This guy has gone off the deep end. So has Peggy for that matter because she lets him stay.

Don goes to a party with Megan and her friend Amy which turns out to be a huge mistake because Don is not in a flirty mood and his wife dancing with another guy upsets him.

Bobby shows up in Sally’s room during the night. Sally tells Bobby about Betty and Henry fighting all the time. Bobby wants to run away with her.

Peggy is awakened by Michael looking at her. Michael jumps on top of her and starts kissing her. Michael tells her they need to reproduce. Wants Peggy gets free she kicks Michael out and tells him to get help because he is a few clowns short of a circus.

Don sees Harry who informs him that if Lou lands Commander Cigarettes Don will be out if a job. Don thanks Harry for the information.

When Don gets back home Megan and Amy are both there and want to have sex with him. Don is all in.

Don wakes up the following morning with both women. Don goes downstairs and makes some coffee. Stephanie calls and Don want to hear from as soon as the baby is born. Don then tells Megan he has business he needs to care of in New York. Don promises her he will come back the upcoming weekend.

Henry brings Sally home and tells Betty she didn’t need surgery.

Michael walks into Peggy’s office. Michael tells her he is just fine and he sincerely likes her. Michael gives her a box with his nipple in it. Michel proudly tells her he cut it off himself and informs her that his nipple is a valve he can control the computer with. Peggy makes a secret call to the EMT’s who restrain Michael on a stretcher. Once he is gone, Peggy looks at the computer and cries.

Don shows up at Lou’s meeting with Commander Cigarettes. Don knows there is bad blood between them. Don says he is willing to leave the ad agency if they decide to sign with Lou. Don sweet talks them and by the end of the meeting Don comes out the winner.

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  1. Kia Soto says

    This is a good review, i hear a lot of great things about this show

  2. Kia Soto says

    This is a good review, i hear a lot of great things about this show

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