RHONJ Theresa And Joe Giudice Actually Found Someone Dumb Enough To Go Into Business With Them

RHONJ Theresa And Joe Giudice Actually Found Someone Dumb Enough To Go Into Business With Them

You would think after Theresa and Joe Giudice pled guilty to fraud, and the truth about their finances (or lack there of) was finally revealed to America, that potential business partners would be running in the opposite direction and hiding from the family of scam artists.  Apparently after all of their dirty laundry was aired Joe and Theresa still found someone dumb enough to go into business with them again.

Apparently Joe and Theresa Giudice are going into business with well-known NJ restaurant, Jersey Meatball Company.  Although the actual details of their new business relationship are a little unclear, it appears that Jersey Meatball Company will be featuring items from the Giudice Family Cookbook on their dinner menu, and Theresa will be shamelessly promoting the restaurant and her items on the menu.

The owner of Jersey Meatball Company, John Centrella, gave an interview to Radar Online and bragged about his new business relationship with the Giudice Family.  Centrella told Radar, “I think they’re really good people.  Teresa’s more like my marketing partner. Like Michael Jordan is to Nike, that is what Teresa is for me. She’s my spokesperson. She markets her products and my menu.”

Call me crazy- but isn’t attaching Theresa and Joe Giudice to your business going to hurt your sales, and not improve them?  Hopefully Jersey Meatball Company is a legitimate business, because once they begin publicly associating their restaurant with the Giudice Family, the restaurant will be under the public microscope.

What do you think about Theresa and Joe Giudice’s latest business venture?  Do you think that the Jersey Meatball Company is taking a huge risk going into business with the fraudulent housewife?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Image credit: Brian Flannery/Flynetpictures.com

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