The Originals Season 1 FINALE Review “From a Cradle to a Grave”

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The Originals Season 1 FINALE Review “From a Cradle to a Grave”

Here’s what happened on The Originals Season 1 Finale “From a Cradle to a Grave.”  Hayley is writing a letter sitting in a rocker in her daughters room sunlight is pouring in. Klaus ask her if she is writing a letter to one of her suitors and which one it’s for Jackson or Elijah. Klaus then says don’t tell me it’s for me, Haley smiles, klaus goes on to say he thought he was out of the running ages ago. Haley smiles and says and the award for biggest ego goes to. They both laugh. The baby kicks and klaus ask her how the baby is doing. It takes a little convincing on Haley’s part but Klaus touches her stomach and when the baby kicks Klaus looks surprised. Klaus then backs away and tells Haley he will leave her to her secret letter. Haley starts writing “To my little girl. Your dad just asked if this was a love letter. In a way I guess it kind of is. (We flash to Haley being held down by Genevieve while in labor)”

“I never knew my mother or how she felt while she carried me.  So I thought I would write to you so you could know how happy I am at this very moment.” (Klaus opens the door and comes staggering in) “How much your father and I can’t wait to meet you.” (Klaus rips some guys head off that’s standing in his way) “And I want to make you a promise. Three things you’ll have that I never did.” (The witches raise Klaus in the air with magic). “A safe home, someone to tell you they love you every single day,and someone to fight for you.” (Klaus is pinned to the wall. “No matter what, in other words family. So there you go baby girl. The rest we will have to figure out together. I love you. Your mom.” Genevieve grabs a knife off a table. She tells Klaus and Haley this brings her no joy and she promises she will make it quick. She tells the other witches to begin. They put a sheet over Haley.

Davina walks into the compound and sees all the vampires dying from the wolf bites. She says Cami’s name and then ask Marcel what happened. Marcel answers with one word Klaus. Marcel tells Davina they need Klaus’s blood in order to heal. Davina ask Marcel if Klaus bled when they fought. Marcel tells her yes. Davina ask where. Davina walks to where the fight occurred and picks up a cup and sits it in the hood. Josh is staggering over. Josh interrupts her and she tells him she gave him orders to arrest. Josh tells her he is fine no worries. Davina tells Josh he is going to start hallucinating soon. Josh thinks he might already be. Davina tells him she is going to save all of them. Davina goes back to bipity bopity booing it and Klaus’s blood begins to gather and go into the cup. Josh says he is definitely hallucinating.

Haley is pushing and the baby is almost there. Klaus is threatening them all the entire time. Klaus tells them thier blood will be pored and they will die screaming. Their daughter arrives and Genevieve tells Klaus he has a beautiful little girl. The look of love and amazement on Klaus’s face says it all. Haley ask Genevieve to please let her hold her baby. Genevieve hands her to Haley. Haley and Klaus share a moment with each other before that murderous witch bitch Monique decides to slit Haley’s throat. Haley dies. Klaus screams no as they leave with his daughter. Klaus falls from the wall but is to weak to go after them.

Elijah flings open the doors and yells for Haley. He slowly walks to the front and sees Klaus holding Haley’s head in his lap. Elijah falls to the ground in front of them and reaches out and touches her face. Klaus tells Elijah she is gone. They both have tears falling. Which is a bittersweet moment for the simple fact that it illustrates that they both truly love her. Klaus sees that Elijah has been bitten and Klaus offers him blood from his wrist.

Davina offers her cup of blood to Marcel and he tells her it’s only enough for one. Davina says no it has to be enough. Marcel walks over to Josh. Cami is sitting next to him crying. Davina starts crying and says she can’t choose. Please don’t make me choose. Marcel takes the cup from her. Marcel tells her to save her friend. Cami and Davina both try to talk to Marcel but he is set on Josh drinking it. Mikael is there and tells Davina one point for you and one point for Klaus, he disappears. Marcel gets up and starts to walk away. Cami follows him and ask where he is going. Marcel tells her he is going after Klaus. Cami tells him for that he will need a weapon and it just so happens that she has a arsenal.

Elijah ask Klaus how Haley died. Klaus says he was bested. Elijah is not pleased with that answer and tells Klaus you were bested my invisible brother. Klaus snaps out of it and tells Elijah they took the baby. That there is still time and that they can save her.

Elijah and Klaus are searching the cemetery. Elijah tells Klaus that they aren’t there. Klaus tells tells Elijah it’s the only place they can be. Klaus explains that they perform all their rituals in that cemetery. Klaus notices a statue and tells Elijah they have gone passed it three times even though they have been going in the same direction. Elijah realizes it’s all a illusion. Klaus zooms up on top of a crypt and tells Elijah that’s one way to put it. There are gravestones as far as the eye can see.

Cami, Marcel and Davina are checking out Kieran’s secret stash. Marcel ask her if she is sure she wants to share all of it with him. Cami says he once told her that the secrets could get her killed but what if they can save the lives of her friends. Davina finds a weapon called the Devil’s Star. Davina tells Marcel that one throw can make a thousand cuts. Marcel tells her that sounds about right, he needs to make Klaus bleed. Davina hands it to him.

The sun is up and Elijah and Klaus are still in the illusion of a cemetery. Klaus tells Elijah they need to focus. Elijah tells him his only focus is that little girl and her safety and all of this around them is the world that Klaus created. All of your scheming, all the enemies you have made everyday of your miserable life, what results did you expect? That your child would be born into a happy life? That the mother would be alive and know her daughter? That we could live as some sort of happy family? Klaus pissed by this point reminds Elijah that was his fantasy. Elijah corrects him it was their family’s hope. Elijah tells Klaus and now she is gone, I let this person in. I don’t let people in and you knew this. You’ve taken her from me. Elijah tells Klaus he needed her and Klaus had broken him. Klaus is silent. Elijah sits down and cries. Klaus sits down next to him and tells Elijah he can tell his niece how much he cared for her mother, when they save her.

Back to Haley, she sits straight up and grabs her now healed throat. Haley has flashbacks of what happened. Haley gets up and walks out.

Genevieve tells the girls she needs to prepare. Monique tells the ithervsabrina she hopes that Genevieve doesn’t go through with it so that way they can do what the ancestors want and get their friend Cassie back. Monique takes the baby out to Genevieve.

Davina is reading from Elijah’s moms Grimoire. Davina is told she needs to channel something that is a rare occurrence. Davina realizes Mikael means Klaus’s baby.

The witches raise the baby in the air as they chant.

Mikael ask Davina if she is sure she can bring him back. Davina sure is. Davina lays a bunch of watches on the drawing in the floor. Davina starts to chant. Mikael begins to scream.

Elijah and Klaus end up in a crypt. Klaus decides they need to move faster. Haley disagrees it’s smarter. Elijah turns and says Haley. Elijah goes to her and holds her head in his hands. Elijah ask her how she is there. Haley tells them she woke up with a hunger. That she knows what she needs a pond that she can feel her. Klaus explains that Haley died with the baby’s blood still in her system and that she is in transition. Elijah knows that means she has to drink the baby’s blood. Klaus says she will be reborn a hybrid. Haley tells them she could careless about herself. Haley tells Klaus she is going to go find their daughter.

Davina is still chanting and Mikael is still screaming. He falls over. Haley goes right to her daughter. Elijah throws a vase and knocks Genevieve back causing her to drop the dagger. Monique and her friend grasp hands and start to chant. They throw Elijah, Klaus and Haley back. Monique tells then they are foolish and that they don’t face three they face them all. The ghost of witches past are chanting as well. Mikael walks into the home of Klaus, grabs Diego and takes a bite out of him. Mikael comes alive.

Haley takes off after Genevieve and they tussle. Elijah and Klaus are doing their part as well. Klaus having had enough breaks off a very pointy end of a fence and throws it threw Monique’s friend who ends up pinned to a pillar dead. Monique runs and grabs the dagger. Before she can stab the baby she gets hit by the Devil’s Star by Marcel and falls to the ground dead with a thousand cuts. So that’s two down and one to go. Marcel grabs the baby and speeds off. Klaus follows.

Klaus comes home to a pile of dead bodies. Marcel is sitting on the floor holding the baby. Marcel tells Klaus he was to late. Klaus knows Marcel took his daughter to use her blood to heal him and the others. Klaus offers his wrist to Marcel. Marcel tells him he knows his bite and all this death didn’t come from nowhere. It’s the last note in a song he started a century ago when he brought Klaus’s dad to town and for that he is sorry. Klaus bends down next to him and tells him he saved his child’s life, for that you deserve this. Klaus holds out his wrist again. Marcel bites and drinks. Klaus tells him they will bring down whoever brought this upon them. Klaus takes his daughter from Marcel. Klaus soothes her she looks at him with innocence and wonder. Klas looks at her with the love of a father. Marcel stands up and she looks over at him.

Mikael watches them with stake in hand and a face covered in blood.

Klaus is in the nursery with his baby and he lays her down in the crib. Mikael is climbing the stars with murder in his mind. Mikael has was one teeny tiny problem he is blocked from entering the nursery. Davina is in the hallway when Mikael turns around. Klaus senses something and goes to look, nothing is there.

Davina is at church in the attic with Mikael. Mikael ask her what she is doing she brought him back to kill Klaus. Davina tells him she in fact brought him back to punish Klaus but when she is ready and not a minute before. Mikael lunges at her and ask what she had done. Davina stops him with magic. Davina tells him she added a little extra kick to the spell that brought him back. Davina says she spent eight months of her life in the attic being used as a weapon and now he can see what it’s like. Davina makes him kneel and shuts the attic door with magic.

Elijah has Genevieve chained up. Haley ask her why. Genevieve tells her the ancestors made her do it. Genevieve tells them it was her decree. Elijah grabs he face and ask her who’s decree. Genevieve tells him she is surprised he doesn’t know. Genevieve says he can’t believe he has to ask after all it was him who convinced his siblings to consecrate her in New Orleans soil. Haley says Esther. Elijah says death can not even stop his mother from trying to kill her family. Genevieve tells then it doesn’t end with her as long as the baby is alive the witches and Esther will not stop coming for it. Genevieve says they are coming for her because she failed she starts crying and blood starts running out of her eyes. Genevieve tells them to try and understand she just wanted to live and tell Klaus she is sorry. Haley walks up,to her and rams the dagger in her and then slides it up and tells her she isn’t sorry. Elijah watches as Haley walks out.

Haley is rocking her baby. Klaus and Elijah are discussing all the danger she is in . From witches to wolves to their dead mother to Klaus’s enemies, you get the idea. Klaus doesn’t want her to be a prisoner in her home he also doesn’t want to take Elijah’s suggestion and they all leave New Orleans. Haley points out their is a third option. Haley breaks down in tears and says they need to send her away while they clean up their mess. Klaus suggest they sappy the baby died in order to pull it off.

Francesca is telling everyone that gang violence is to blame fie all the deaths.

Ollie follows Marcel into the VooDoo shop. Ollie makes a crack abut him being the last man standing. Marcel wants to make a deal and if ollie doesn’t agree to it he can make his life hell. Ollie ask Marcel just how he intends to do that. Marcel tells Ollie he made peace with Klaus, in fact he is the one who cured him. Marcel is confident klaus will side with him, especially after klaus finds out Ollie’s pack killed his kid. Ollie looks confused and says what. Marcel tells him to open the box and then decide who Klaus will find responsible for it. On his way out Marcel suggest that cremation is the way to go. Ollie opens the box and freaks out.

Cami sees on the wall a pice of paper that says is in memoriam for Klaus’s daughter. Cami goes to see Klaus and ask the about the baby. Klaus tells her she died a few hurs after the attack. Cami starts crying. Cami thinks it’s her fault and Klaus tells her it is not her fault. Klaus tells Cami if anyone is to blame it’s him. Cami tells him she is so so sorry. Klaus tells Cami he appreciates her being there but they cannot be friends. Cami is shocked. Klaus tells her that hs had him pegged from the start, he is a man damage by his demons and those demons are not dormant they are hell bent on killing him and everything he finds beautiful. Klaus tells Cami she is beautiful. Klaus tells her to leave. Cami leaves crying.

Elijah finds out that Marcel tricked Ollie with a stillborn baby and agreed to let Klaus compel him to forget about everything as long as he gives him some of his blood. Elijah brings up the fourth girl that has yet to be resurrected. Klaus says the witches will believe them ad long as they stay believable. Elijah says all that remains is to say goodbye. Haley puts the letter she wrote for her in her bag. Haley looks away while Elijah pricks her finger. Haley sucks the blood while she kisses her finger. Klaus says he will be the one two leave because that would totally be a Klaus thing to do. Elijah and Haley will stay to mourn. Elijah tells him that shouldn’t be to difficult because after all grief is grief. Elijah wants to know who can protect her better than them. Rebekah that’s who. Rebekah comments that she looks like her mother and maybe that means there is god after all. Klaus says she has a hint if the devil in her eyes and that’s all him. They smile at each other. Klaus tells Rebekah she needs a witch she can trust to cast a cloaking spell. Rebekah says she will get one. Rebekah says she knows what to do and perhaps she will get a white picket fence and that it would be lovely. Klaus tells his sleeping daughter that the souls of those who wish her arm will be struck down just as sure as his blood runs through her veins. Klaus tells her she will return to him. Klaus kisses her on her head and gives her to Rebekah. Klaus gives Rebekah one of their old wooden toys for her and tells Rebekah in spite of their difference their is no one else he would trust with his daughters life. Rebekah has tears in her eyes and Klaus kisses her on the top of her head. Rebekah tells him his daughter will be happy. Rebekah ask what her name is and Klaus says Hope with tears running down his face. Klaus watches Rebekah leave.

The fourth girl is back only she isn’t quite herself she is Esther.


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  1. Kia Soto says

    this seems interested my teenager daughter would like this i know

  2. Kia Soto says

    this seems interested my teenager daughter would like this i know

  3. NicolaGossips says

    I loved the episode. A strong ending for a wishy-washy first season!

  4. NicolaGossips says

    I loved the episode. A strong ending for a wishy-washy first season!

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