Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 REVIEW “Mockingbird”

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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 REVIEW “Mockingbird”
Did you miss the most recent episode of Game of Thrones — Game of Thrones season 4 episode 7, “The Laws of God and Men?” If so, don’t worry! We have a great review for you here.

Jaime and Tyrion are fighting about Tyrion’s recent choice to piss his father not to mention the whole town off and then decide he wants a Trial by Duel instead of doing what Jamie had suggested and zipping it locking it and putting it in his pocket. Tyrion tries to make Jaime understand by telling him it was Shae and all her ridiculous lies the drove him to his breaking point. Tyrion wants Bronn to be his champion and he ask Jaime who Cersi has picked as hers.

Cersi has picked Ser Gregor and based on his bulk and the size if his sword no one is going to be stupid enough to fight him. So best of luck to Tyrion on finding someone.

Arya and the Hound are still roaming around on their mad cap little journey of revenge and murder. When they reach a village that has been demolished they find a man who is most definitely taking his last breaths. Arya wants to know hy he just doesn’t kill himself and be done with it. Arya informs I him that nothing could possibly be worse than the situation he is currently in. The man agrees that it’s possible that nothing is worse than this. Arya decides to drop a bit of wisdom on him and tells him that nothing isn’t better or worse nothing is just that nothing. Before her words of enlightenment can fully sink in Hound does the man the favor of ending his life by ramming his sword through him.

A bounty hunter comes rushing out if nowhere and tries to take down the Hound. The bounty hunter informs Hound that a price had been out in his head and he aims to collect. Arya remembers that this so called bounty hunter was one if the people that kept her prisoner and she kills him in short order.

Tyrion has a visit with Bronn who turns down Tyrion’s offer of him being his champion. Bronn apparently has a lot to live far and doesn’t want to take the chance if losing his life to save Tyrion’s. Bronn has met Ser Gregor no doubt.

Daario hoping for some alone time with Daenery’s shows up with some flowers for her. Daario’s plan works and he gets lucky.

Melisandre informs Stannis’s wife that when they hop their boat to leave their daughter has to be with them no ifs,and, or buts. The Lord of Light will need her for future use.

Daenery’s fresh out of bed is still all about freeing slaves and tells Jorah that she’s ordered the Second Son’s to carry out a hit on all the Masters in Yunkai. Jorah thinks that is a terrible idea and after a brief chat Jorah manages to get Daenery to change her mind.

Brienne and Pod are at a Tavern grabbing a meal when they one into one of Arya’s friends who inform them that Arya is very much alive and well.

Oberyn Martell pays a visit to Tyrion and tells him he wants to be his Champion. Oberyn has come all the to King’s Landing to avenge the death if his sister carried out by the Lannister’s. Tyrion thinks Oberyn has come to the wrong place for justice. Oberyn disagrees he is in the perfect place. Oberyn tells him he is going to kill everyone that was involved with his sisters murder starting with Ser Gregor. Tyrion is pleased as well as relieved.

Peter grabs Sansa and kisses her, her Aunt sees it all. When the Aunt gets Sansa alone she holds Sansa over the Moon Door and threatens to toss her in if she doesn’t stay away from Peter. Peter rushes in and stops her from throwing Sansa in by telling her that he has only loved one woman his entire life, her sister. Peter then grabs Sansa’s Aunt and pushes her through the door. Tell Alice I said hi.


Another great episode and if you must know what is going to happen next week our sister site Celeb Dirty Laundry has some tasty spoilers and a sneak peek video, right here.

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