The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Season 10 Spoilers – Find Out Who Andi Is Engaged To!

The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Season 10 Spoilers - Find Out Who Andi Is Engaged To!

Even though Season 10 of the Bachelorette premieres tonight, we’re already getting spoilers for the season leaked on the Internet. According to Reality Steve – who has been accurate on spoilers in the past – Andi Dorfman is already engaged, and to a contestant named Josh Murray.

Reality Steve confirmed that the final two came down to Josh Murray [Andi’s fellow Georgia native] and a contestant named Nick Viall. However, the final rose reportedly went to Josh, and he and Andi are said to be happily engaged right now. Of course, being happily engaged in the Bachelor/Bachelorette world is no guarantee of lasting relationship peace, especially considering how previous relationships have crashed and burned following the shows.

Anyway, it’ll definitely be interesting to follow Andi’s quest for love, especially knowing the ending. And for those who dispute these rumors as accurate, Reality Steve claims that they have the information from an ironclad source. Apparently, Nick Viall couldn’t keep his mouth shut about his experience on the show, and he ended up revealing everything on a phone call while on a flight back home – and thus, an enterprising fan managed to pick up the whole conversation while sitting next to him. Because the fan managed to record this whole conversation, they were able to share it with Reality Steve, who confirmed the authenticity of the recording.

In the same recording, Nick Viall not only reveals the spoilers for the season’s ending, but also adds that he thinks he was the one for Andi, not Josh. He seems quite bitter towards Josh, which isn’t hard to understand considering that he just lost to him. However, it definitely hints to some exciting drama waiting for us at the end of Season 10, when Andi is deliberating between Josh and Nick. We’ll have to see what eventually tipped her favor towards Josh, but we’re guessing Nick’s big mouth didn’t help matters.

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