Gwyneth Paltrow’s Children Caught Eating Fast Food – Hypocritical?

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Children Caught Eating Fast Food - Hypocritical?

Despite Gwyneth Paltrow‘s insistence that her children only eat healthy, organic food, it looks like her kids also enjoy their fair share of fast food. Do you think Gwyneth’s conscious uncoupling from Chris Martin has had any effect on the type of food that she’s feeding her children, i.e. she’s too distraught to focus on feeding them healthy kale all the time?

According to In Touch Weekly, Gwyneth’s kids were reportedly spotted eating French fries and drinking sodas at fast-food  joint Reddi Chick in Santa Monica. A source tells In Touch, “They were shoveling handfuls of fries into their mouths. It was like they’d never eaten anything so good in their lives! They were loving every second of it.”

Ok, I highly doubt that Gwyneth’s kids have NEVER had fast food before. I mean, Gwyneth’s not that much of a control freak, and even if she was, they are kids and they would have found a way to have fast food without their mother finding out. For kids their age, fast food is their kryptonite, and it’s not hard to succumb to the pressure of eating greasy, oily food.

Of course, it’s interesting that Gwyneth’s finally eased up on the fast food rule, especially if they actually went to a fast food restaurant and ate there, as opposed to just ordering. That means that Gwyneth doesn’t even mind that people see her kids eating fast food, which means she’s definitely loosened up over the past few months. Or maybe she just wants the public to view her as an easy-going mom after all the backlash she’s been getting recently. There’s also the possibility that Gwyneth’s trying to keep her kids happy after her divorce from Chris Martin, and fast food is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Image credit: Fame/Flynet

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  1. gigionthat says

    HAHA, that’s funny

  2. gigionthat says

    HAHA, that’s funny

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